Top 8 Fashion Mistakes Women Make: Don’t Get Caught Out There in These Style No No’s

Here at StyleBlazer, we don’t just give you the tips on what to wear, but we dish out what not to wear as well. We only do this because we love you. And because our love for you is so strong, we have to tell you we’ve seen some serious fashion offenses. Some of these fashion crimes are fairly new, but others have been going on way too long. Either way, we need to put a stop to them ASAP.

Click more to see the top eight fashion mistakes women make.


Visible Panty Lines

You know what sucks? When you see a beautiful woman in a beautiful outfit and then she walks away…and you see her panty lines. There are too many nude thongs and seamless undies on the market for this to be a problem in 2012.


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  • Jen

    I’d say the biggest fashion mistake is the lady behind Lil Kim! That scene really didn’t have to be there, yuck!!!

    • Ron Johnson

      You call her a *lady*?

      • Morgan Hudson

        a lady getting paid :)

  • Karmaqueen

    i was thinking the same thing

    • Trixie Bushmuffin

      People still wear slips?? I thought that went away with shoulder pads in the 80’s.

      • Tickle

        Alright wearing thong under flimsy outfit and showing your entire butt off is absolutely fashionable? Its rather pathetic.

  • alliemay

    The picture on the right appeared in a magazine like “In Touch” or “Star” years and years ago.  Nice example, but most people would not know that picture of MK is years old.


    How about 

  • Mkraeski

    How’s about you wear a FREAKIN’ SLIP!!! 

  • Morningstar

    Don’t wear a black or colored bra under anything sheer!!  Tacky…

  • Lepidopteryx

    Meh. I wear what I like, not what I think other people will like. If you don’t like it, there are 359 other directions in which you can point your eyes.

  • Christine Rice

    Style on a budget or style on no-budget, celebs and “regular” people can and often are fashionably challenged.  SMH.  I  do thank them for adding to my sideshow amusements though … Talk about cheap entertainment!   What ever happened to dressing UP????

  • Blondikoz

    that’s the worst look ans soooo many do it!

  • guest

    Good gosh, it looks like she’s doing a handstand in high heels.

  • Tess Schnabel

    I pity the woman with toes hanging off the end of her sandals. She’s wearing too-small shoes because her feet are too narrow to fit the proper size. I have this choice: wear only flat sandals or have your toes hang off the end. If you wear too-wide high heels, your feet slide down to the bottom and off the end of the sandal just the same. Come on, shoe makers, not every foot is a D, C or even B width!

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  • lalala

    Daaaawwww I like the messy/sloppy comfy clothes look lol