Top 8 Fashion Mistakes Women Make: Don’t Get Caught Out There in These Style No No’s

  • Jen

    I’d say the biggest fashion mistake is the lady behind Lil Kim! That scene really didn’t have to be there, yuck!!!

    • Ron Johnson

      You call her a *lady*?

      • Morgan Hudson

        a lady getting paid :)

  • Karmaqueen

    i was thinking the same thing

    • Trixie Bushmuffin

      People still wear slips?? I thought that went away with shoulder pads in the 80’s.

      • Tickle

        Alright wearing thong under flimsy outfit and showing your entire butt off is absolutely fashionable? Its rather pathetic.

  • alliemay

    The picture on the right appeared in a magazine like “In Touch” or “Star” years and years ago.  Nice example, but most people would not know that picture of MK is years old.


    How about 

  • Mkraeski

    How’s about you wear a FREAKIN’ SLIP!!! 

  • Morningstar

    Don’t wear a black or colored bra under anything sheer!!  Tacky…

  • Lepidopteryx

    Meh. I wear what I like, not what I think other people will like. If you don’t like it, there are 359 other directions in which you can point your eyes.

  • Christine Rice

    Style on a budget or style on no-budget, celebs and “regular” people can and often are fashionably challenged.  SMH.  I  do thank them for adding to my sideshow amusements though … Talk about cheap entertainment!   What ever happened to dressing UP????

  • Blondikoz

    that’s the worst look ans soooo many do it!

  • guest

    Good gosh, it looks like she’s doing a handstand in high heels.

  • Tess Schnabel

    I pity the woman with toes hanging off the end of her sandals. She’s wearing too-small shoes because her feet are too narrow to fit the proper size. I have this choice: wear only flat sandals or have your toes hang off the end. If you wear too-wide high heels, your feet slide down to the bottom and off the end of the sandal just the same. Come on, shoe makers, not every foot is a D, C or even B width!

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  • lalala

    Daaaawwww I like the messy/sloppy comfy clothes look lol

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