StyleBlazer Survey: Nicki Minaj Rocks A Top Filled with REAL Popcorn in Japan (Has Her Food Fashion Gone Too Far?)

StyleBlazer Survey: Nicki Minaj Rocks A Top Filled with REAL Popcorn in Japan (Has Her Food Fashion Gone Too Far?)

There is NOTHING ordinary about Nicki Minaj.  From her multiple personalities to her range of voices to her style, the rapper is always on some next ish.  We’ve seen her in some strange get-ups, but her most recent costume may take the cake…err…or popcorn.  Ms. Minaj is currently in Japan giving fans exactly what they’ve come to expect by rocking a cotton-candy-esque corset top filled with REAL popcorn.


Take a look at some of her past food-inspired styles and tell us whether or not she’s taken this one too far.

  • StacieW

    I’ve always understood creating a character and using it to spark people’s interest but yeah she’s gone to far.  It’s actually getting annoying for shock value she should wear normal clothes and a regular weave.

  • how much botox did she get on her face? shes looking like simba from lion king with a clown  costume!!

    • Yes, I’m that Leah

      Her face is messed up . I agree. She’s such a loser.

  • Begostamper

    N oshe did get not botox its just the picture was stretched she’s getting money and she will have haters its just natrual to hate. She being diff not simple basic I like!!!

  • lady0510

    good grief

  • Browngirl3945

    Tom Foolery!

  • whitney g

    I think the popcorn dress is cute! It’s playful and really flirty. Her music sucks but her outfits are fun!

  • eyeNOmuzzzzzzikk

    No the chicken wing took it too far


    I like the out, just not on her. It would have looked better on someone like Katy Perry. FAIL!

  • Princessut


  • Brandon

    Nicki is definitely the K-Mart Lady Gaga.



  • NegRican24

    The weird, crazy fashion that she’s trying to pull of always falls short on her. That Japanese Harijuku thing that Gwen Stefani did in 2005 ain’t working for her. Those Japanese girls live that fashion and when GS did it she enlisted a few of them and that’s why it worked on her. Not to mention she just has effortless style anyway. Nikki on the other hand needs to have several seats already.  

  • SnowLady

    She look like she went to the plastic surgeon office and give him a NOW picture of Lil Kim and said “make me look like this, a CLOWN”, ROTFLMAO