StyleBlazer Beauty: Looking for a Quick Style Update? Match your Lipstick to Your Nails Like Rihanna (It’s Inexpensive & Fab!)

Sure, matching your lip color with your nails is nothing new under the sun, but it certainly is a quick and inexpensive way to get to fab. StyleBlazer fave Rihanna knows this quite well, as the singer is often spotted rocking the matching trend all over town. Take a cue from the Bajan pop star and try these fun combos.


NYX Cosmetics Round Case Lipstick in Chic Red ($3.99) and OPI Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Nail Lacquer, “Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi” ($6.99)


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  1. says:

    I see someone has bumped their head..posting a lipstick that costs $25.00!!  Playing because any local beauty supply store has several lines of lipstick where EVERY SINGLE one of these colors can be purchased for a $1.99……

    Please stop falling for labels because these lipsticks/cosmetics are all produced in a lab and then packaged by the various companies.

                             Please do better for your financial futures!!!1

  2. says:

    Milani, Wet & Wild, Black Radiance all have a version of all of these colors in Lipstick, LipGloss and Nail Polish that can be purchased for WAY CHEAPER than these options!!! 

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