Eye Candy Fridays: Swoon Over Lenny Kravitz's 8 Hottest Looks (We Love You Lenny!)

Eye Candy Fridays: Swoon Over Lenny Kravitz’s 8 Hottest Looks (We Love You Lenny!)

There are some men who are so hot, that simply the mention of their names makes our heart go pitter patter. Lenny Kravitz has been that guy for us for decades. Lenny Kravitz appears in the anticipated blockbuster film, The Hunger Games, this weekend. He plays a stylist in the movie, but Kravitz has been killing the game with his own style for decades. Recently he went shirtless on the cover of Interview, and women have been fanning themselves ever since.

Check out some of the swoonworthy rocker’s hottest looks. Get ready to drool, ladies. 

Is there anything hotter than a man on the keys?

The Hunger Games heroine, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Doing what he does best. Rocking out at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Dayton.

Interview Magazine.

Fashion at its finest. Lenny styles for the fashion glossy, The Block.

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