StyleBlazer Beauty: Obama's Re-Election Campaign Releases Patriotic Nail Polish Set

StyleBlazer Beauty: Obama’s Re-Election Campaign Releases Patriotic Nail Polish Set

Nail art + patriotic support all in one?  Who would have thought?  You’ve heard about the tees and totes from “Runway To Win,” well now the Obama campaign is targeting beautyistas too!   In a collaboration with nail guru Richard Blanch of cosmetics company Le Metier de Beaute, the Obama Campaign has created a $40 red, white, and blue mini nail polish set that comes in a cool beauty bag, all bearing the Obama horizon logo from 2008.  The set is part of Anna Wintour’s fashion-concentered “Runway To Win” effort founded to support Obama’s re-election.

Despite the naysayers, we think this a great idea to get younger people involved.  According to blog site  Politico—”A living diary of the Obama presidency”—campaign merchandise is one way of “keeping low dollar supporters engaged with the campaign and driving up overall contribution numbers.”  It’s apart of the reason the Obama campaign can truthfully say that 97.7 percent of February’s contributions were small donors.  The collection is available at Obama’s online store.



Beauty Blazers, would you buy this patriotic $40 nail set to support Obama?



-Tunisia Z. Wilson