8 Reasons Why Kimmy Cakes Got Battered With Baking Flour on the Red Carpet (See If You Agree!)

8 Reasons Why Kimmy Cakes Got Battered With Baking Flour on the Red Carpet (See If You Agree!)

The hatred for the woman who strikes fear of humanity’s de-evolution into the hearts of Americans, and generates genuine disgust at the thought of her being a role model for today’s young girls, recently manifested itself into flour.  On the red carpet for the launch of her new fragrance last night, March 22 2012, in West Hollywood Kim Kardashian was doused with flour.  Kim reportedly fled the red carpet leaving a trail of white dust to go clean off in a private room of the London Hotel.  But why, style gods?  So she’s a maneater.  And a bunch of other things that we can’t type. Maybe she did deserve it…

Check out our gallery of all the “possible” reasons why Kimmy Cakes might have gotten “flour bombed.”



 Her SCRIPTED “Realty” TV Series…

That’s been on longer that a lot of good scripted dramas, but who said life was fair

She Knowingly Engaged In A Televised Fake Marriage…

And broke poor stupid Chris Humphries’ heart

She’s A Greedy Attention Wh***…

Did we mention she filed for divorce at prime press time-a Monday morning?!

The World’s “Most Beautiful Woman” Got A Little Work Done…

Because there are seven whole days in the week

She’s A Homewrecker…

Cheating with Yeezy while he was booed up with Amber

She Tried To Legitimize Her Ill-Gotten Celebrity…

Speaking in rhythm in a very, very bad music video

Her Sole Claim To Fame Is Her S** Tape…

Talent not included

  • Thank u for this article ! Really !! 

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    Dont forget the lying about the pull up diaper booty!

  • Unico

    This site believes women should be assaulted because they want attention?

  • big c

    i don’t care how much you might hate this woman she did not deserve this at all next time it will be some nut job with a gun shooting her in the back.

  • Girlwonder614

    I think its a waste of some good flour really…

  • a world gone crazy

    i’m not a kim kardashian fan, but i personally hope she presses charges against the woman.  is it okay to physically attack people we don’t like now?  if a person really hates what she and her family stand for, don’t be part of the audience that watches their shows and read articles about them, spend your time doing something else. 

  • jarelljupiter

    Just hating because she makes money. 

  • Jyll02

    She so deserves it.

    • buttapecandiva

      She probably staged it herself for more attention.

      • ewalsh

        You probably hit that right on the head. People coming down on her for her fake marriage, what to do? Just hire someone to throw stuff at you and garner the sympathy vote. 

        I don’t agree at all, with anyone assaulting anyone with anything, and under normal circumstances I’d be pissed for the person that got hit. But this is one of the Kardashians. A fake show, a sham marriage, fake tears after the marriage….. Why would I believe anything any of them say or do? 


        • Yo yo Ma

          Because it’s for ENTERTAINMENT!!  If you take it seriously, you’re just allowing yourself to live in the same shallow, fake environment that you hate her (or them) for.

          Wakey, wakey, eggs and backey!!

  • Rene

    Because she has a better body, makes more money, stands up for herself; If she is not happy in a marriage she divorces. I can’t believe some of yous wanting her to be unhappy just to please your judgmental minds. Her butt is real ,just look at her brothers butt and see .

  • Trisha_B

    Ant Anti-fur activist threw the flour on her. I don’t like Kim, can’t stand to see her on my TV & hear the whiney voice. but she did NOT deserve to have anything thrown at her. Yall making it seem like its ok to throw things at people just b/c they do annoying crap. There are a few females on my campus that are annoying as hell but that doesn’t give me the right to walk up to them & throw something on them. The cops & firefighters were actually called b/c they thought the substance was actually something else more serious. What if it was, would that still be ok b/c she’s the most annoying person on television smh. Immature. These anti-fur groups & PETA go to damn far w/ throwing things on people just b/c they don’t like what they have on. I wanna see them try this w/ the wrong person, throw flour on Rihanna & see if she acts this calm. Kim better than me, b/c i would have made them put me & her in a room together & make her sit & watch me eat some popeye’s chicken, in my finest fur coat & leather pants 

  • Trisha_B

    OK, lets see someone do this “prank” to yall beloved Beyonce & see if everyone’s suppose to laugh -____-

    • Secondsaway

      Beyonce should get pelted with flour for faking her pregnancy

      • sarah

        wow your an idiot she had her baby

    • Chocolate_Star

      I am not a stan so if they did that to Beyonce, trust me I would be laughin just as much.

  • I understand the argument that they receive a lot of hate bc they’re getting money. Fine.  But they get money in dirty and greedy ways.  I can’t wait for the implosion of their media whoring… I’ll be sitting with popcorn.  


  • LadyIfe

    I really don’t see why people hate her soo much. There are people who are famous for being famous, personalities. For some reason she is hated the most.She is smart to utilise on it as much as possible. She is really pretty I think that’s where all the hate comes from.

  • Mguzman11

    This person was WRONG and what did she hope to prove?  Why are people so jealous of the Kardashians who have the ability to make money which is their right to do just like all the rest of us?  If you do not like them then ignore them because we were not put on this earth to judge others…..they are people just like you and me!!  How many of all you haters have nevermade a mistake?  Keep it real, people……

  • Karmaqueen

    lol woooooww!

  • Ferne

    Wow, as a Celiac, seeing that scares me.
    I vow to NEVER be like Kim K if it keeps people from throwing flour on me

  • Rita Haynes65

    It should’ve been permanent maker that she could’nt wash off. CAN’T STAND HER OR HER FAMILY.

  • Haven

    I don’t watch her “reality” show and don’t tune into her “public lifestyle” but I have to wonder if this incident was merely a publicity stunt.  When a similar occurance happened just DAYS before to Ryan Seacrest, a lot of public interest was garnered over it.  Being the attention seeker she is (sorry — anyone that publicizes their entire life falls in this category), it makes sense that she would stage it so that she could bring the attention to herself.  I find it really sad that she goes to the lengths that she does just to have others look at her.  It reeks of a deep seated insecurity and I wonder what will happen to her when gravity and time catches up to her and she has nothing more to contribute to the world.    

  • Yo yo Ma

    I have NO problem with Kim.  I think she’s beautiful (and the plastic surgury accusation here dosn’t even look real) no doubt she’s plastic fantastic, but that’s her business and she wouldn’t be rich and (in)famous if she was a hag!  I just like how she’s curvy and cute about it.  And Hump can piss off…he wasn’t even good-looking enough for her…she didn’t dump his lame-ass soon enough.

  • Yo yo Ma

    Yummmm…please explain “choo choo”…?

  • Yo yo Ma

    And your spelling and grammar says LOADS about yours…

  • jwoolman

    The real reason was Mama Ten Percent decided Kimmie needed some sympathy and distraction, so arranged a mutually beneficial event with an “anti-fur activist” who was willing to wait until the pics were done and only toss flour (easily brushed off) on an outfit easily cleaned in a couple of minutes (and with no fur in sight). Kimmie even wore cheap shoes for the event. We are all supposed to believe that Kimmie and Mama 10% would be calm as little cucumbers if something like this really happened without a setup … If you watch the video, you see security was just making sure the “activist” got into position without being blocked. Fake, fake, and more fake – just like the “poor me” scenes inserted into the fake fake “reality show” long after she filed for divorce, pretending that she was having “troubles” earlier.

  • William Whiley

    Why flour?

  • novusadversus

    Famous for being famous? A rather bizarre non-sequitur. She became famous for physical attractiveness, and is therefore more or less important, functional and useful to the world as a prostitute or posing for photographs. If she doesn’t need to talk or really do anything at all to rake in cash, is there any point her even having a mouth or limbs?

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