Kelly Rowland Talks Motherhood And Her No Sweatpants Rule

SB Exclusive: Kelly Rowland On Feeling Like A ‘Goddess’ And Avoiding Sweatpants At Home

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Kelly Rowland is ready to take on the world since becoming a mother.

The new mom to son Titan Jewell is embracing motherhood with open arms, and has been feeling like a “goddess” ever since she came home from the hospital. Rowland has partnered with Claritin to ensure that her allergies don’t get in the way of that ‘goddess’ feeling, or being the best mom for baby Titan.

“I was actually a late bloomer when it came to suffering from allergies,” she said in an exclusive interview with StyleBlazer. “My allergies kicked in when I was 30, and a close friend of mine swore by Claritin. I started using it as soon as the symptoms came about and  I’m just not feeling like myself. One of the reasons I love it so much is because once I take it, I feel like I have my life, and I can see clear. I also don’t want to be drowsy, which is another reason I love Claritin. I want to be alert and ready for [Titan].”

The “Motivation” singer also opened up about motherhood, her post-baby workout routine and agreeing with Eva Mendes when it comes to that no sweatpants rule at home.

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SB: Was motherhood everything you expected? Any surprises? 

KR:  “And then some. It’s the best feeling in the world. I love being my son’s mother. He’s a pretty awesome kid. Since he’s a boy, I remember first changing his diapers and I didn’t know I would get showered. I didn’t know I would get showered at least every other time I change his diapers. That was a surprise. ”

SB: You recently revealed you’ve lost 70 pounds post-baby. Has your workout routine changed? Are you still working out with Jeanette Jenkins? 

KR: “I’m still working out with Jeanette. It is still a process. I still haven’t gotten all the weight off, but I’m doing it in moderation. Just making sure I am pacing myself and not rushing myself. I want to feel good. It’s not so much about looking good, as long as I know how my body should feel. It’s definitely more cardio because I have to start burning everything off so it’s definitely more cardio. But more than anything it’s my eating. A lot of people get so into the workout, but it’s just as much your nutrition as it is the workout.”

SB: Has your style changed since becoming a mom?

KR: “I just heard someone say a woman should never wear sweatpants around the house, so I went to get me a cute pair of these really cool pants that I can wear. I still want to be cute around the house. I remember coming home from the hospital wanting the cutest pair of pajamas. I bought three pairs because I wanted to feel like I was floating around the house because I felt like a goddess after having my baby.”

SB: What is your go-to outfit? 

KR: “Tank tops and jeans. I can put on a really cute shirt, a really great pair of jeans and a really high pair of heels and still feel like a million bucks.”

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