The 7 Best Shoes For Men This Spring: From Colorful Soles To Bold Boat Shoes, We Got You Covered!

For all you fellas who like to stand out,  give your sneakers a rest and get your grown man. This season men’s shoes are all about colorful soles, neon leather and laid back loafers with a little something extra. We hand-picked seven of the most stylish men shoes out on the market,  that won’t  hurt your pockets and are sure to have the ladies checking out your shoe game.

A man’s shoes is the most important piece of his outfit. So during the warmer seasons don’t be afraid of a little color. Feast your eyes on some of the freshest mens shoes for spring in the gallery below.


Cole Haan Air Colton Casual Wing Tip Oxford


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  • Chuck Cloninger

    There isn’t a single pair of shoes that I would even put on my feet.  These are horrible.  Who in the world picks this crud out?

  • lol

    can u say… clown.. accessorize with a red nose..!

  • redranger

    The companies that pay for these Advertisements disguised as ‘News’ pick out these shoes. This is so they can sell advertising space for a variety of shoe sellers, and make extra money by pushing brands that they’re paid to push. The sad part is that women will buy these god-awful uncomfortable looking shoes for their husbands and boyfriends, and they will wear them out to be nice. That is Truly Sad! =(