Summer Workout Plan: 7 of The Most Motivating Celebrity Beach Bodies (BONUS: Helpful Weight Loss Tips!)

Summer Workout Plan: 7 of The Most Motivating Celebrity Beach Bodies (BONUS: Helpful Weight Loss Tips!)

Now that it is officially spring, there are approximately three more months until summer which means it will be full-on beach weather in the blink of an eye.  Not to pile on the pressure, but if you haven’t already started working on getting that body toned up, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.  If you start now, you can beat the need to do a crash diet later and actually keep the weight off long-term.  Here are 4 tips and 7 celebrity beach bodies sure to get you on the right track.


Tip #1: Weigh Yourself

Don’t be scared of seeing those numbers on the scale.  Weigh yourself everyday at the same time of day (morning is best) so you can set a goal, and know how good or bad you’re doing each day.  This can guide you on what to eat for the day.


Amber Rose

Tip #2: Eat Big At The Height Of The Sun

When the sun is at its highest (11am-2pm), that is when you should be taking in the most calories so you can burn them off during the rest of the day.


Kelly Rowland

Tip #3: Commit To A Workout Regimen

Commit 30 minutes to an hour to working out at least 3 times a week.  Whether you go to a gym, workout at home, or simply jog, working out is essential to weight loss, as well as personal confidence.  Exercising your heart, boosting your metabolism, and building muscle all have long-term advantages far beyond just loosing weight.

Jennifer Lopez

Mel B.

Tip #4: Drink Water! (Lots of it)

This is a no-brainer, but we still want to highlight the importance of drinking water.  While it’s a given that your body needs to stay hydrated, with or without working out, keeping it hydrated with water is the healthiest option and also helps to protect and moisturize your joints; regulate your body temperature; and clean your system of toxins among a host of other things!

  • Yolo

    pilar sanders. but u dont have to weigh ur self everyday. u wont see much of a difference

  • Misinfo is dangerous

    It is so obvious that no Drs of Medicine, Nutrition or Physical Therapy were consulted in printing this article. There is no need to weigh yourself everyday as MUSCLE weighs more than FAT…so inches could be lost but the scale may not move.

    Also the biggest meal of the day should BE BREAKFAST then snacks should be eaten every 2 hours until the next meal LUNCH which should be medium sized..then again snacks every 2 hours then Dinner which should be small.

    • Paige

      A pound is a pound, it doesn’t matter what the substance or material is.

      • bgolfguy

         Sorry Paige, you are wrong.  A pound is not a pound and it does matter what the substance or material is.  You could have two women whom both weigh 130 lbs.  One could have a very low body fat percentage and the other could have a very high body fat percentage even though they are the same height.  Women with high body fat percentages even though they do not weigh very much are extremely unhealthy.  Please feel free to educate yourself.

        • Luxarazzi

          A pound is a pound. 1lbs of fat weighs 1lbs just like 1lbs of muscle weighs 1lbs. The difference is that 1lbs of fat takes up about 10 times the amount of space as 1lbs of muscle BUT they both weigh the same. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that 5lbs of ANY material weighs 5lbs. Weight isn’t the issue. Weight is a fixed scientific fact. 5lbs of packing peanuts will take up a lot more space than a 5lbs kettlebell. Ya dig?

          • Trisha

            I think we can all agree that 1 pound equals 1 pound. That, however, is not what the original commenter was trying to say. They were meaning that if you have been eating right and exercising, but check your weight EVERY DAY then you are going to be disappointed. Muscle builds up and fat gets burned so you will be losing inches, but the scale might not reflect that right away because muscle weighs more than fat. Not literally, one pound of muscle doesn’t weigh more than one pound of fat, but the same proportion of muscle weighs a lot more than the same amount of fat. So if you weigh yourself everyday instead of maybe 3 or 4 days then you are just getting frustrated because you don’t see any results. Weigh yourself every 3 or 4 days, or even once a week, but also tape yourself to see how many inches you have lost, that’s all that really counts, right. I mean someone looking at you is gonna see the inches lost, not the number on the scale hidden on your bathroom floor!!

      • luci

        this is not true

        • Icul

          This is true.

  • Dev

    Wow! You could only find one darker skinned chick!? Everyone was so light I’m surprised you didn’t advise using skin lightening cream as part of the improvements. KMT

    • Mahala2000ca

      Maybe the dark skinned girls don’t hang out on the beach as much. Did you stop to consider?? And therefore, there weren’t many pics to post to this article. Just saying!!

    • bob

      there are like 3 dark skinned chicks….

  • Beach bodies……more like plastic bodies. Beyonce and jlo have the worst liposuctioned stomachs I have ever seen. 

    • Mahala2000ca

      When I think plastic…I think Nicki Minaj not Beyonce or JLo. Having lipo is actually a procedure where fat is nothing really plastic about it. Now if they had breasts and booty put in…I would agree with you.

      • Catherine Denis

        Well, Jlo did.

  • Now Mel B had the best beach body in my opinion n it looks like she actually got it through hard word 

  • JD

    Cassie and JLO didn’t belong on this list!!!

  • Trisha_B

    I like Amber’s body. She has meat on her body but she’s fit. I need to go to the beach!

  • Tony Sloany

    I agree with the poster that says Mel B. is tops and also Pilar Sanders belongs on this list.

  • Mahala2000ca

    Mel B…this woman is a mother of 3 and you would never know by looking at here that she has had even one. What motivation!!!!! I feel like hitting the gym tomorrow.

  • Hallie

    Melanie B. has a great body. When I’m her age I want my body like that. 

  • Secure in, my own skin

    Best tip of all is to check with your doctor and then set goals. Stay strong and positive while you make healthy changes and know that at the end of the road is a better body for you. It may not look like these, but keep on keepin’ on to a better YOU!! ♥

  • Banana

    I’ll keep working out but these don’t motivate me because I know how much money they can pay a personal trainer and dietitian.

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