The Perfect Bag For Festivals

Finishing Touch: Meet The Perfect Bag For Festival Season


Photo: VanDerWaals

The perfect festival bag should be functional, compact and adapt to your environment.

No, we are not talking about another fringe cross body bag, or a bohemian bucket bag or even a floral print backpack.

We are talking about the VanDerWaals Elena cross body satchel, a handbag that will change your life. So what makes this handbag different than all the other bags on the market? Well, everything.

Not only does it look great, but it also has charging capabilities for your smartphone, making it your saving grace during a multi-day music festival. It gets better. Along with keeping your battery bar green, the bag is also programmable through an app to match the exact color of your shoes or dress.  So essentially, you have 100 bags in one, for every color outfit you have in your closet.

That is not all. It also has the ability to flash a custom light show synchronized to your favorite song or when you are getting a phone call. No more digging through your purse to hear if your phone is ringing.

VanDerWaals Caroline Bag in LeopardPhoto: VanDerWaals

This bag is your portable light show to take along with you during festival season, making it more than just a boring handbag. This bag just screams Coachella.

The bags start at $499, and are available right now for pre-order here, and should be available this upcoming summer, along with the accompanying app you would need to download.

A combination of fashion, function and technology that can match your outfit or the mood of your environment. The bag comes in two sizes, but the smaller, cross-body satchel would be THE bag for festivals.



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