10 Products To Keep Your Curly Weave Moisturized

10 Must-Try Products To Keep Your Curly Weave Moisturized

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Photo: Author in virgin Brazilian Curly weave.

For any lady out there who loves wearing a weave of any kind, you know that proper care is necessary in order to maintain hair quality over time.

Virgin curly weaves can be extremely high maintenance, as they are more prone to matting, tangling, and knotting.  A daily moisturizing routine that helps revitalize, protect and detangle is important for weave care as virgin hair from human donors normally does not come pre-treated to keep curls bouncy indefinitely.

Weighing the hair down with  the wrong product can cause damage and ruin the overall quality and life of the hair. Using the right moisturizer or oil designed to hydrate curly weave and keep frizz away is highly recommended to get the most wear out of the hair.

Here are our picks of 10 must-try moisturizers that will  keep your virgin hair curly weaves natural-looking and fly as we head into warmer weather.

*Styleblazer Tip: Before applying product, spritz curly hair with water to maximize product penetration. We don’t recommend using these products on synthetic extensions or wigs.