15 Stress-Relief Beauty Products To Unwind

National Stress Awareness Month: 15 Calming Tips & Products To Try


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Between all those long days spent at the office, life can get pretty crazy, with little or no time to relax. However, with all those tiring hours comes higher stress levels found throughout our body.

Stress can take a serious toll on our health, especially since the American Institute of Stress links stress to many serious conditions such as neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Although it might seem hopeless, stress is easier to manage than you think. By adopting simple steps into your everyday routine, you might find that hectic workload a whole lot easier to deal with. To start, one of the easiest ways to de-stress is through some calming meditation.

“Mediation always works great on stress. To easily meditate, simply concentrate on your breath, the rise and fall of your chest. On the inhale you think, ‘I am’. And repeat,” said natural health speaker, author, educator and practitioner Dr. Kathy Gruver. “On the exhale you think, ‘At peace’. And repeat. Do this repeatedly for as long or short as you have time for. It helps lowers the heart and respiratory rate, lowers your blood pressure, helps with cognitive function, memory and boosts the immune system.”

Another quick and easy calming fix comes positive affirmations, which can help turnaround stress levels in the body over time.

“With every negative thought we create a stress response in our bodies. It’s hard to stop thinking things. So change your thinking by using affirmations,” explains Dr. Kathy Gruver. “Rather than thinking I don’t have enough money think, I am prosperous and abundant. Rather than dreading that you are getting ill and telling everyone you think you are feeling sick tell yourself instead I am healthy and well, my immune system is strong and resilient.”

Ready to live stress-free? Here are 15 stress relief beauty products to unwind:

Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Lotion

Image: Bath & Body Works

In between meetings, slap on this relaxing cream, ($13) filled with mind-clearing Eucalyptus oil.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Stress Cream

Image: La Prairie

When stress hits your skin, fight back with this firming and hydrating skincare ($225)  find.

 BLACKBIRD Incense Pyres


Create your own relaxing space with this must-have incense, ($28) available in many euphoric scents.

 Paddywax Lavender and Thyme Mini Jar Candle

Image: Paddywax

Enjoy a blissful calm with this zenful candle  ($16).

Philip Stein Watches

Image:  Phillip Stein

Sleep better with this innovative watch, ($75-$595, check store availability at Philipstein.com) using natural frequencies to keep you in perfect harmony and balance.

Kusmi Tea

Image: Kusmi Teas

Destress easily with any of these Wellness Blend teas ($25.50) you’ll truly enjoy.

Zeel App

Image: Zeel

Allowing licensed massage therapists to come to your home, treat your nerves to a well deserved massage (free download) anytime you want it.

Oxygen Plus

Image: Oxygen Plus

Giving you some extra air fast, this natural oxygen canister ($23.97-$287.95) helps you lower your stress levels, while increasing your oxygen intake.

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon

Image: Whole Foods Market

Helping your muscles relax, this magnesium supplement ($24.50, available at drugstore.com) gives you natural stress relief with every sip.

Gaia Herbs Stress Response

Image: Whole Foods Market

Helping your body adjust to stress overtime, these daily supplements ($10.99, available at drugstore.com) help treat an over-worked nervous system.

Nature’s Way CalmAid

Image: Whole Foods Market

Helping you sleep way more effectively, try this lavender supplement ($12.50, available at amazon.com) to combat stress and tension.

Bach’s Rescue Pastilles

Image: Whole Foods Market

Warding away occasional anxiety, these lemon flavored pastilles ($5.50, available at amazon.com) fit easily inside your purse or work bag.

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Image: Lush Cosmetics

Clear your head with this relaxing bath bomb, ($17) filled with soothing lavender oil.

Essio Shower Aromatherapy Starter Kit

Image: Essio Shower

Unwind easily with this aromatherapy shower kit, ($44.69) treating your senses to three spa-worthy scents.

Zico Natural Premium Coconut Water

Image: Zico

After that intense workout, let off some steam with this hydrating coconut water ($1-$2.50, available at supermarket locations nationwide).

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