Hoody Love: 7 Fresh Hoodies to Rock in Memory of Trayvon Martin (Let Your Style Be Heard)

From protest at the White House to Chaka Khan, Kelly Price and Eric Benet recording a tribute song in memory of Trayvon Martin, the slain Florida teen's death has captivated the nation.  The Martin family wants justice and StyleBlazer, so do we!  The killing of the innocent 17-year-old has ignited a widespread fashion movement with hoodies being the culprit. The wardrobe staple has recently become a symbol of racial injustice. So if you have one, rock it, in memory of young Trayvon and if not, we've selected a few fresh picks for you. Support the movement. 



Brooklyn Sky Comic Logo Contrast Hoodie


SUPERDRY Sweatshirt in Mint

Rebel Yell Ciao Pullover Hoodie in Gold

POLO RALPH LAUREN Black and dark heather striped hooded Sweatshirt

Mitchell & Ness The New York Knicks Victory Sweatshirt

Forever 21 Rainbow Heart Crop Hoodie

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  • My_Mind_Speaks

    In memory of Trayvon Martin?

    Mmm hmmm…


  • Guest

    In memory of Trayvon Martin?

    Mmmm hmmm…

  • NikaPooh

    Let’s remember Trayvon but not let his memory be used as a fad. Fads play out and fade away. Advertising hoodies as summer approaches is feeding into a fad. There are many ways to support this young man besides depicting what he wore the night he lost his young life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1425675218 Denise Darcel

    this is TOTALLY not necessary, summer is coming nobody will be wearing hoodies. STOP trying to make a profit from a tragedy

  • Whittwhat

    I don’t like how this is turning to ah fad..& people are doing this to look “cool” & not for him anymore. Do it for him not to look cool.

  • MrsDOITnice

    Are you all DUMB or IDIOTIC?! The hoodie represents racial injustice, how y’all mad cus the site picked out some for us to rock. Go sit down somewhere and figure ya lives out. i like forever 21 one, if i might say

  • http://twitter.com/CozmikSlop THE Phaedra

    When I’m fighting for a worthy cause, I don’t care about style or labels. The hoodie can be some wally world special. Not about to head into some “trendy store” to buy a hoodie when this kids’ parents aren’t getting anything from it, nor are these brands raising awareness for this new “symbol of racial injustice.”