7 Celebrity Clothing Lines that Need to Go NOW! (Kardashian Collection & Apple Bottoms Top Our List)

7 Celebrity Clothing Lines that Need to Go NOW! (Kardashian Collection & Apple Bottoms Top Our List)

It seems like a natural progression for celebrities to expand their empire. They develop perfumes, write books and many even create clothing lines. But we all know not all celeb clothing lines are created equal. For every successful, dapper Sean John collection, there’s a Fetish, Eve’s line that no one seems to even remember. We get it, A-listers think they naturally know fashion since they have access to the flyest threads, but that just isn’t the case. Some of our favorite personalities have created the tacky, laughable garments that left us scratching our heads and questioning their taste.

Peep 7 celeb clothing lines that need to cease and desist.



House of Deréon



There’s no denying Beyoncé is a musical force to be reckoned with and when she steps out, heads turn. But why, oh why, is House of Deréon every bit of underwhelming? We know you want to do it all Bey, but let this line rest in peace because we’re not buying it (literally!).




Material Girl by Madonna


When it was revealed Madonna was releasing a clothing line, 80s babies everywhere rejoiced, thinking we’d have an edgy line from the pop diva. But the collection is geared towards teeny boppers, poorly made and nothing we could ever envision a young Madonna wearing. We expected more from the classy dame who now speaks in a faux British accent.



Kardashian Kollection



Last year the Kardashian sisters debuted their line at Sears and affordability was the main selling point. But many pieces, including blazers, bodycon dresses and jumpsuits were $100. The only way you should spend $100 at Sears is if it’s on an appliance, not for a clothing line from bootleg celebrities.




6126 by Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan paid homage to her idol Marilyn Monroe with the naming of her apparel line (6126 is Marilyn’s bday). But the line of leggings would not be approved by the glamorous Monroe.



Baby Phat




Kimora Lee Simmons stepped down from Baby Phat a few years ago but it continues to be gaudy attire that straddles the line between juvenile and Friday night club attire.




Apple Bottoms



Nelly’s Vokal line for men may have disappeared but Apple Bottoms is still hanging in there with its cheap-o accessories and body hugging threads. And what’s really disturbing are the childrens pieces. Do you really want your daughter wearing clothes named after a woman’s backside?



  • PlusSizeBrittanyblogspot

    Video Girl wear!

  • yannii

    I didn’t even know half of these celebrities even had clothing lines. It’s funny, I’ve actually seen some cute piece from the Miley Cyrus line in Walmart. Go Figure!

  • Tonimari22


  • Bluekissess

    I love this answer I love me some Ross & Marshall’s I just bought a pair of Seven jeans for $16.00. I wish these celebrities can stick to the gift that God gave them except the kardashians(no talent asses).

    • Kris50

      Not sure if you’re thinking of Seven for All Mankind, but the Seven jeans are sold at Kohls for about $25-$30 and I’ve seen them at Marshalls for $16.99. Seven for All Mankind is not going for less than $75 at Marshalls because they’re $150-$200 at Nordstroms

      • Tina

        Thank you for clarifying that Seven jeans are the cheap jeans found in Ross and TJ Maxx. Seven for All Mankind are the designer jeans that are sold in high end stores.

        • ProteinFart

          Sistah you just mad your fat ghetto g0rilla a s s can’t fit in those jeans.

          U know dats right

  • spillingthetea

    I think people forget that Beyonce has two line Dereon and House of Dereon. House of Deareon is the better one but unfortunately it’s hard to purchase the clothing because they have no store that sells them… Until now Selfridges in london. I have to be honest…Beyonce stepped it up this year and last year. 

  • Ped_kia82

    I actually like some of the dash girls clothing…& Beyonce’s line is definitely WACK…I don’t even really like her personal style…I like solange

  • JD

    I concur with the author.  All of these lines are horrific.  Also J LO’s tacky line needs to die as well.

  • Kris50

    I didn’t even know they still sold Baby Phat or Apple Bottoms. Where do they sell it because they’re not at Macys anymore? Walmart or Kmart? I know nobodys paying more than $20 for that crap.

    • “City Trend” in the south has
      Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms, for a discounted price! JS.

  • Przbabidoll

    I actually love me some material girl! Affordable and the stuff is cute. Maybe it does appeal to the younger crowd but most of the stuff is great.

  • Da

    lol you can get this trash at dd’s discounts. 

  • Ginulover

    It makes sense why material girl looks teeny bopper-ish. Her little girl is behind the line. Clothes are based off of Lourdes and her personal style.

  • sean john nuff sed

  • Courtneyhilton32

    ever notice that these designers/celebs look and dress so much better than their cheap clothing lines!!

  • arty

    I knew someone who worked at Bloomingdale’s many years ago folks…and said and I quote”The CEO of Bloomingdales’ has no place for clothing that resembles lady of the evening attire” prostitute clothing! He was on a financial channnel shortly after that mentionig which lines they will no longer carry b/c of poor sales….Bloomies is a luxury spot and Beyonce’s mom is full of her own self importannce and they are waisting valuable addd space in mags for this crap! the clothes are real cheappeople…really.stop defending Beryonce b/c of who she is.some artists should stay in theine and not force everything to be successful.this isn’t her lane  or will ever be. she isn’t even a designer!!! none of them are! that’s why real fashion designers HATE when singers poach their area of expetise b/c they mis-represent their passion for a cheap buck! 

  • I agree, all tacky..

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