8 Celebrity Men That Look Great With Beards (Who’s Your #1 Pick?)

Honey, honey, honeeey! Settle in for a moment and get all the way into this. We all have our preferences—to each her own (we won’t judge)—but this one’s for those of us who love a man who can take his fineness to new levels with some facial hair.

Lined up or let go to grow wild and free, the right beard can promote him from “worthy of a double take” to “makes our legs shake”. We can’t list them all but, we’ve got eight bearded blessings who make us rock and hum old negro spirituals.


Brad Pitt

Brad’s always gotten a pass from the sistas. And when he let’s that beard rock (without taking it to cave-man status) we love him even more.



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  1. says:

    Rick Ross is my boo! lol I’m a small girl so i like a big man. He always keeps his beard nice & trimmed. 

  2. says:

    Ryan and Idris are so so handsome.

  3. says:

    Mmm Mos Def

  4. says:

    Rick Ross is gross.  He looks like syphilis.

    Common is such a piece.  I’d raise babies with him and we’d teach them about their history.  

  5. says:

    all of the above (minus Rick Ross)

  6. says:

    Rick Ross’ beard is the only thing on him that looks nice because it’s neatly groomed.  Otherwise, YIKES!!

    I had never seen Idris Elba with a beard…couldn’t stop staring.

  7. says:

    Seriously- Idris all day long.
    Not a fan of Rick Ross but the beard is nice.

  8. says:


  9. says:

    This man is the definition of BEAUTY! I will love him for life…

  10. says:

    Brad Pitt- better with out
    Yasin Bey (Mos Def) either way looks good to me
    Rick Ross-not getting a look either way
    Andre 3000- yes better with hair
    Ryan–no look either way
    Idris Elba—number 1 pick- don’t care still would stare 
    Usher–shave that ish off
    divaclubchic on etsydotcom:)

  11. says:

    James Harden  of Oklahoma City Thunder makes beards look good.

  12. says:

    Y’all gotta add my dad to this list!

  13. says:

    I have to agree. I can’t believe they put Rick Ross on the list and left off Shermar Moore or even Stephen Lang both of whom rock the bread AND the bod (still can’t believe that Lang is 60 years old)

  14. says:

    oh idrissa akuna elba my man. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM-MM-MMMMM!!

  15. says:

    Nota fn of Rick Ross but I must agree that his beard is always well groomed. I would have added Sean Connery to the list…although he is a hundred years old he still delicious and only gets better with time. Idris could get it upsdie down inside out turned backwards if he wanted to…IJS

  16. says:

    I don’t even know how Rick Ross made this list. I have dated big men and this man just looks (if you can’t say anything nice) Money sure makes people blind. There is something about that man….smh

  17. says:

    Please include 5-Time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion JIMMIE JOHNSON! :D

  18. says:

    OMG You missed so many! My top pick is not there, Remember William Petersen on CSI years ago?

  19. says:

    welllll—hmmmm idris, andre, ryan, brad, common…..WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!! & EXACTLY how much do you have to smoke Mr. Ross toget that perfectly purple lip??? just wondering :-)

  20. says:

    Adam Baldwin and Robert Downey Jnr both look great with beards

  21. says:

    why all the racism? Just write the article “sista”

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