7 Celebs Who Dress Too Old For Their Age (In Dire Need of a Makeover or Leave Them Be?)

7 Celebs Who Dress Too Old For Their Age (In Dire Need of a Makeover or Leave Them Be?)

As of late, it seems like young starlets are in a rush to be full grown stars. These Hollywood-bound teenyboppers are donning gowns and Freakum dresses too early in the game. While most of the girls here are on the younger side, we do have some grown ladies that are heading into matron territory a little too soon. Click through the gallery and check out the seven celebs who are dressing a little too old for their age. 


Willow Smith

Whether it’s dying her hair zany colors or rocking crazy get-ups, Willow Smith’s look is a little too wise for her years.


Michelle Williams

While most of the ladies on this list are teenyboppers, Michelle Williams is a grown woman who dresses a little too matronly for her age.



Kylie Jenner

In must be in the blood, Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian Klan is a little too young to be rocking a Freakum Dress.


Kendall Jenner

Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, follow suit dressing equally mature in this leggy look.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez can’t quite pull off this gown, which seems to swallow her tiny youthful frame.


Chloe Moretz

Actress Chloe Moretz’s airport getup says soccer mom, not 15-year old movie star.


  • Smiff-N-Wesson

    Somebody feed this girl!

  • Smiff-N-Wesson

    Moderate my nuts, B o s s i p

  • Smiff-N-Wesson

    Please give this girl some food!

  • This little girl, Willow tries so hard to have her on style and ends up looking like a freakish clown.
    Her parents need to give her guidance instead of allowing her the freedom to dress as she wishes.
    Children need boundaries and her parents are so wrapped in their lives they don’t seem to concern themselves with their children so much.

    • JoF

       i just dont think it really matters, she’s expressing herself and not hurting anyone

    • ROB

      Friends with the Smiths., are you ? Know ’em well., huh ? No ? Then Shut-Up.

  • Jmcintyre1010

    “She can’t pull it off”? Sorry, she rocks that dress. If she can’t “pull it off” I’ll be happy to pull it off for her!!

    • Snowdiva

      typical man with no class.

  • RWest

    And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson . . . oh wait . . . that’s Vanessa. Mistaken identity.

  • Precious_Blaze

    They didn’t say Selena was showing too much. They said it was swallowing her frame. Which it was. She tried to pull off a grown up dress without the grown up curves for it. As for Chloe, she did look like someones mom. She is 15 so the expect her style to show her age. Jeans and a sweater sure, but it was a lot going on.

  • Free2bmicelf

    Very stylish.

  • Paler_shade_of_blue

    Too much too soon and soon too soon out of this world.

  • Paler_shade_of_blue

    Yes, well she has a sister about her age and they are but an addition to the train wreck sisters.

  • Are those NOSE BLEED high heels?

  • Why

    Wo made you judge and jury  , do you and let them do themselves, FYI I do not know any soccer Mom’s who dress that cool, usually in sweats and  t-shirts and gym shoes, As Far As Michelle Williams she is Christian woman and dresses accordingly ,thats was one of her reasons for not pursueing a R&B or pop career she choose to go gospel.

  • middledaughter

    Not only does she dress too old for her age, her parents allow her to talk to adults, as if she is one; case in point an interview I saw with her and Oprah.  Willow was referring to Oprah as ‘girlfriend,”  and making remarks not befitting a little girl. So out of place for a then 8or 9 year old child.  Her folks will regret this image and allowing these actions later.  Her facial expressionsare that of a goofy kid.  Then you look at the hair and clothes and see a teenager acting out. I am really surprised at her parents for allowing this foolishness. It’s one thing to be precocious, another to be too grown for your own good.

    • April64baby

      Thank you! I saw that show too and had to rewind it to make sure I’d heard what I thought I heard. I think she is way too grown. Star or not, child of stars or not, you’re still a child and should remember that when addressing adults. Especially someone like Oprah. How dare she say that and it was seen as okay. I’d love to know what Oprah thought of it.

  • ROB

    I saw this article and came here to say three things… 1. How lucky you are to have a job where you can write crap like this and earn a paycheck., 2. People have few freedoms left., if they want to look like idiots., its their business., and 3. Who gives a Flyin’ F#ck ?

  • Christine Edmond

    this list is ridiculous. 
    willow smith does not dress too old for her age. she has a mature sense of style, but you never see her in no pum-pum shorts or full of makeup or any kind of inappropriate attire. not everyone is subject to the oppression of conventional style…
    kylie and kendall look perfectly fine and age appropriate! thyre both wearing mini dresses- which isnt too much for teenage girls over 15 who know how to carry themselves- with high necklines. 
    the chloe girl looks mature, but not like a soccer mom at all. she still looks like a teenager.
    vanessa hudgens and selena gomez dont look like they dressed too old, it just looks liked they didnt dress for their body types. and generally, they have age-appropriate style.
    michelle also was not dressed matronly, she just dressed horribly for her shape. it is entirely possible to look modest and stylish at the same time, she just wasnt pulling it off there.

    this list couldve been way better

  • Snowdiva

    that gown is for a full grown woman not a girl that is still growing……

  • michelle is also into the lord last I seen and know so this maybe Y she feels no need to be provocative 

  • Dest

    I definitely disagree with Vanessa hudgens and sel Gomez. Vanessa dresses youthful and attractive and she’s like 23. Her style I admire. Selena Gomez is 19 and she’s expressing that she’s not that little girl from Disney channel anymore, she’s a woman. Plus you can’t base these people’s sense of style on just one wardrobe choice

  • diana seabra

    but selena gomez is 21..and miichelle can dress like that whenever she want’s too..u guys are juist jelous and stupids…..stop introduzind urself in other’s people’s live’s

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