Dylan Lauren On Candy, Fashion & Her 'Brother' Kanye West

SB Exclusive: Dylan Lauren Talks Fashion, Candy & Her ‘Brother’ Kanye West



Photo: Courtesy AllisonBrod PR

It should not come as a surprise that Dylan Lauren found a way to merge her passion for candy and fashion.

She is the daughter of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, and an entrepreneur in her own right, as the face of her eponymous candy bar.

Dylan has always partnered with brands and companies that appeal to people of all ages and aren’t afraid of bright colors. Through her candy store, she has collaborated with LeSportsac, Juicy Couture and Harajuku Lovers, as well as pop culture favorites like Hello Kitty and “The Wizard of Oz.”

Her most recent collaboration is with Havaianas flip flops, creating a line of rainbow-bright sandals that are perfect for summer, and reflect the whirly pop that Dylan’s Candy Bar is known for. While promoting her newest fusion of sugary sweets and style, we talked to Dylan Lauren about her love of candy, her ‘brother’ Kanye West and the best fashion advice she has ever gotten from her mom, because everyone always asks about dad.

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On opening Dylan’s Candy Bar: “I love candy, and I really love candy for the colors, for the shapes and the textures. I went shopping a lot for candies, but I never saw all the designs and candies I’ve seen from my travels so I felt it was needed in this world.”

On her Havaianas x Dylan’s Candy Bar collaboration: “I love the idea of merging fashion and pop culture with candy, and Havaianas was interesting to us because they like that as well. And they take color really well with the shoes they make and we are all about color and fun. The other thing is we’re both companies that a lot of age groups like, so shoes can range old and young, and so can candy. It’s sort of an international thing the lollipops that we chose to put on the shoes, so it is recognized by their Brazilian customers and people all over.”

On her Memorial Day weekend plans: “I’ve been wearing these already, any warm weather I love putting on these shoes. I will be going down to the beach and I will be wearing my newly embellished sandals.”

On the best style advice she’s gotten from her mom: “She gives my dad style advice, (laughs). I think she is sort of a muse for him. She is really about good posture so it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it and how you carry yourself that gives off beauty and confidence.”

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