Nicki Minaj's 7 Best Freaky Faces: Real Weirdo or Really Just Acting To Get Paid?

Nicki Minaj’s 7 Best Freaky Faces: Real Weirdo or Really Just Acting To Get Paid?

Nicki Minaj covers Seventeen Magazine South Africa’s April 2012 issue telling readers she doesn’t mind being a weirdo.  But is Nicki really a weirdo?  Yea the multiple personalities, colorful hairstyles and outrageous outfits are clearly out of the box, but does that make her a true weirdo?  Because in a day and age of pop stars competing with each other for press time, most of our favorite celebrities go to extreme lengths to be famous and stay famous.

Knowing that, Nicki Minaj, in our opinion has been weird to make a name for herself, rather than vice versa.  Whenever she’s dressed down or does a rare interview, she actually comes across pretty normal.  Either way, we still love Ms. Minaj  for who she is and for putting female rappers back on the map!

Check out Nicki on the cover of  Seventeen South Africa and six of our favorite face-time freak-outs of hers.


  • My_Mind_Speaks

    She’s a clown…

  • I wish super bass hadn’t gone to her head. now all she wants to do it appeal to white people so she can get higher up on the charts :/

  • Veronica M


  • chaka1

    She is not stylish or talented. She is an actress seeking attention.

    • Vanessa

      I Agree

  • Pebbles

    She’s not a weirdo… She is acting to get paid, Come on…Wouldn’t you!?  But, She is just having fun also! I hate when people talk down on celebrities, There just like me and you, They just happen to have the balls to get out there and do stuff that half of us want to do but are scared. I agree, Some do let the fame go to their head and become out of controle but, Alot of them are just having fun and living their life.

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