Entitlement And Everything That Is Wrong With Dov Charney

Entitlement And Everything That Is Wrong With Dov Charney

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Lawsuits are a way of life in America. From this 66-year-old woman suing all members of the homosexual community to class action suits against companies that were cyber-attacked over the past few years, Americans are quick to take a matter to court. In the case of American Apparel v. ousted CEO Dov Charney, it seems that the legal levels have jumped way past Divorce Court status. This week the 46-year-old controversial Canadian and former founder of the American clothing manufacturer filed a lawsuit against the hedge fund, Standard General, that sits on American Apparel’s Board of Directors.

The New York-based investment firm was directly responsible for Charney’s firing, which prompted Dov to fight in court to get his company back. The move, while headline-grabbing, hasn’t been working out like he planned. Claiming broke, Charney is demanding $30 million from Standard General for “defamation and intentionally interfering with economic relations,” plus attorney’s fees, as reported by The Los Angeles Times.

In short, this old snaggletoothed, self-admitted pervert, is out of his ever-looney mind.

A man who has a full dossier of reckless behavior on file by his former employer believes that, with the help of a lawyer, he can throw a monkey wrench into his exile — and come up on some money at the same damn time! Charney, who has had former employees write in resignation letters that stated “I’m afraid to return to work,” believes that he can “vigorously dispute” the company’s assessment and charges of his character. It isn’t enough for the man to simply ignore the mass collection of e-mails, videos, and audio recordings documenting his lewd behavior, but his belief that he should be compensated for it is simply appalling.

Charney believes all the claims made by former employees, American Apparel, and Colleen Brown, who is Standard General’s chairwoman, are false hence his suing for “defamation and false light,” according to the papers filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. But how can anyone, including Dov Charney, get past and make claims for being suspended by the company for a litany of misdeeds that even include the violation of company policies and charging American Apparel for personal expenses?

Maybe it is because in Dov Charney’s miscreant, delusional mind, he believes that he is being set up by some mysterious force? Or, maybe he seriously chooses to ignore the plight of women in the fashion and industrial workplace?

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