#TBT: Tamera Mowry Reacts To '90s Fashion Photos

#TBT: Tamera Mowry Looks Back At Her ’90s ‘Sister Sister’ Style

If you follow Tamera Mowry-Housley on Instagram, you know she loves a good #OOTD pic.

So we thought it would be a good idea to take her down fashion memory lane, and look back at her “best” ’90s fashion choices.

From her Princess Leia gone wrong” hairstyle to a “Renaissance Fair” red carpet moment, Mowry does not hold back when it comes to breaking down what she was thinking when it came to those “cute at the time” ’90s outfits. And of course, those adorable twin outfits from ‘Sister Sister’.

While they did dress alike for a majority of their childhood, Mowry revealed it was when she was around 14 that she started dreading dressing exactly the same as her sister. “We didn’t have a problem wearing the same thing until we were 14,” Mowry said. “Once we hit 14 it was like this is getting kind of weird. So that is when we would match, but yeah.”

Watch the video above for a hilarious look at ’90s fashion with Tamera Mowry!