Kim Kardashian's Biggest Maternity Style Regret

SB Exclusive: Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Maternity Style Regret

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Kim Kardashian knows there is a delicate balance when it comes to pregnancy style.

The media scrutinized her every wardrobe choice her first time dressing the bump, trying to maintain her ultra glam persona while dealing with the swollen feet and discomfort associated with pregnancy. And while she has learned her lesson when it comes to maternity wear, when we spoke to the reality star in Nashville at the launch of Hype Energy USA, she was in full Kardashian mode. Showing off the slightest of baby bumps, the reality star was wearing a tight, pink latex dress, which she has worn different variations of before, slicked back hair and sky-high heels. And of course, her makeup was flawless.

Speaking of heels, while we won’t be seeing Mrs. West in flats anytime soon, you won’t see one specific type of shoe on her feet.

Despite the morning sickness and her dress catching on fire the night before, Kardashian, who is due in December, opened up to us exclusively about her biggest maternity style regret, her maternity style inspiration and what she is going to do differently this time around.

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On balancing work and pregnancy: “I’m very tired, but I just take the time to nap when I need to. I don’t over do it. After this week, I am really going to slow it down, and you have to listen to your body.”

Her biggest maternity style regret: “I love looking at maternity style. Miro Duma dresses so cute when she’s pregnant. I am going to dress really simple. I am not going to wear a clear heel. I wore a clear heel the last time. It looked great when I was walking out of the house, but 30 minutes after my foot blew up so I won’t do that again. I’m just going to wear stuff I feel comfortable in.”

On how she is approaching her second pregnancy differently: “Well, this time around I have a nutritionist. My last pregnancy I ate a doughnut every single day, I’m not trying to do that this time, but I am also going to take it easy and enjoy myself. Pregnancy is not the most comfortable thing for me.”

On North’s reaction to being a big sister: “She knows that mommy has a baby in her belly, but she thinks everyone has a baby in their belly. I don’t think she really understands. Maybe when my belly gets bigger.”

Father’s Day plans: “It’s hard because it’s [Kanye’s] birthday, North’s birthday and Father’s Day, so Father’s Day is usually really low key for us. I got to step it up this year. I have something planned but I’m going to keep it a secret.”

On her hashtag #JustpregnantKeeks: “My sister says I am a lot feistier when I am pregnant. I can’t wait for my website to launch because I am going to do video streaming for every time I hear some stupid rumor.”

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