7 Celebrities Who Dress Too Young for Their Age (These Styles Need to Get Put on Punishment!)

7 Celebrities Who Dress Too Young for Their Age (These Styles Need to Get Put on Punishment!)

‘With age comes wisdom,’ or so the saying goes.  But we all know that’s not true.  A lot of things don’t come with age, like a more matured sense of style.  We’re not talking about our friend’s parents either.   Some celebs seem to perpetually be in a “drop it like it’s hot” stage despite qualifying for AARP.  Wearing everything from graphic tees to copious amounts of cleavage, these adults need to grow up and into more appropriate fashion!

Here are seven celebs who need to start dressing their age.


Mariah Carey



In her defense the pop star does admit to being internally 12 years old.  Judging by her many…”youthful” outfits, she seems to be running with this idea.  Maybe now that she’s had “them babies” and dropped 30 lbs, the Butterfly singer is on her way to dressing like a bonafide 40-year-old.



Mama Combs



Likely the poster child for “mama’s Gone Wild,” Mama Combs is rarely seen without a plunging neckline or a platinum blonde wig.  Now, we’re not saying she needs to be wearing a mumu, but can we get a happy medium?

Snoop Dogg



The cornrows and oversized clothing were kinda cool—in 1992!  Now that Calvin Broadus is 40 years old, we’re over it.


Nancy Jones



Jim Jones’ mama may have the body of a teenager, but she has the face of a 70-year-old and the voice of a 90-year-old man. W e know she’s young at heart, but lay off shopping at Delia*s will ya, Nancy?



Vivica A. Fox



Now in no ways are we saying that you can’t be 47 and $exy, because—we can’t lie—if our bodies looked half as good as Vivica’s does at that age we surely wouldn’t be wearing twinset cardigans.  But Viv does have a tendency to look like she raided Keyshia Cole’s closet, circa 2005.




 Madge has the body of a well-oiled machine, but c’mon…liquid leggings and arm warmers in your 50s?  No.



Janice Dickinson



We are neither jealous of her body or impressed by that 3-year-old’s breast-stifling bandeau bikini.  We could go without seeing “the world’s first supermodel” in another get-up like this for a while.  A LONG while.


We know they’re all bad, but which celeb really takes the cake and all the icing with their junior dressing?



Danielle Gray


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  • miche

    wow!!…how sad…people really are afraid to grow up these days…and Janice?…umph

  • Lucygoosey66

    who are these folks? its like a bad internet photo

  • Lucygoosey66

    “the body of a teenager, but she has the face of a 70-year-old and the voice of a 90-year-old man.”

    lol, i’m done

  • Lucygoosey66

    ooooh:| ,janice? she’s in the “industry” why ould they released that photo?

  • Raine

    Where what you want and be happy. You only live once that we know of!

    • Boblewia0-144

      Please learn to spell before you post for the world to see.  No wonder we are ranked 13th in the world.

  • greygoose125

    Janice Dickinson is just difficult to look at, her skin looks worse than an old leather shoe.

    • Passionesquefreedom

      Ha! She looks like dinosaur carcass… shame…and she sounds like a walking talking cigarette

      • Seriously.  Just for the record: being toothpick skinny does  not equate to looking young.

    • Spucky

      I have to admit – at first I thought her breasts had sagged below the bottom line of the bandeau top, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and then I realized those are her ribs! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

      • Sissybarmama

        Thanks for clearing that up.  I think her legs look great, but that rib cage looks strange.

      • Kriegar

        Her ribs look like they do because she is, obviously, sucking in her stomach for whatever reason. Have a little logic-and if you want to know “why” she’s doing that, ask the photographer.

  • msb

    life is different now age is a state of mind if you got it flaunt it yes some outfits may be inappropriate but we only get 1 chance at this life so we need to live it

  • It`s good to be old and active but let us not get ridiculous in what we wear. Your clothes don`t match your face dearie.

  • Malaika

    you forgot Jada Pinkett

  • sunny378

    There’s a time and a place for almost everything. Some of these clothes seem to be appropriate for wearing in private only.

  • BSD

    Who are we to judge!! many of these women look fantastic to me–esp MADONNA!!!

    • Sissybarmama

      Poor Snoop Dog. No one has mentioned him.  I think he looks unremarkable.

  • TheFabulousMzM

    Most of those outfits are just plain hideous, regardless of the age of the person wearing them.

    • I agree with you.  But Madonna?  She’s an entertainer, I expect these crazy clothes from her.  Snoop Dog, too.  That’s his style, what should he be wearing?  I don’t know one piece of clothing with the exception of onsies and catholic school uniforms that have age stamps on them.  Why are some people so concerned about how grown ass people choose to dress themselves? As long as the clothes fit and cover up the appropriate body parts, who cares.  Vivica Fox looks fine.  She’s not wearing anything too revealing, too tight or too trashy.  So what if some 20 year old could wear it too?  Doesn’t mean she can’t. If a woman her age can’t wear an outfit like this, you basically are saying she needs to wear a twinset, skirt and pearls.  Co’mon!

  • Thebunnie

    Gee, how nice that the author thought to include two token non black people.  Let’s see how she dresses if she lives to get older; not everyone is cut out for Talbots.

  • PNK

    Madonna looks great.  The others are just stuck in a fashion time warp.

  • Gorgeous old chick

    Why should she look old just because someone htinks she should? She looks great and carries off the look so leave her be!

  • 9jaAmericanWoman

    I actually mistaken Madonna for for someone in their 20’s! She looks fantastic! I think they are exceptions to the “dress your age” rule. C’mon…..take a second look “Style Blazer”! 

  • NewInRiVerbANA

    She is just keeping it real — there is nothing wrong with looking fresh and beautiful.

  • Christilynnrodgers

    Its all in how u carry it…some of these like Mariah and Madonna still look awesome for their age, and can rock the more youthful look…now if your saggn from every direction, and orange and wrinkly…that another story..but if ya got it flaunt it 🙂

  • Aurealous

    I thought  this article was about celebrities.  Who the hell are Mama Combs and Nancy Jones????????  

    • Nvideos1

      Really?????? Nancy is married to George Jones.

    • pinkdogavenger

      Mama Combs is Sean (Puffy) Combs Mom!  

      • Omsbudman

        BFD….so she’s Sean (puff daddy) Combs’ mother? AND? how does that make her a celebrity? a celeb wannabe perhaps…

      • Thx, I was wondering too.

    • Marty Sayahh

      Uhh, only P. Diddy’s mother and Jim Jones’ mother duhhh

      • Susan

        P. Diddy is famous, why – I don’t know – his mother show go home. Jim Jones is a mass-murderer that killed almost a 1,000 people at the People’s Temple way back in the the late 70’s.  I’m pretty sure that’s not his mom.

        •  Obviously, you’re not into rap. He’s a rapper, he has his own show, Love & Hip Hop, on VH1 show!

      • Omsbudman

        WTF is jim jones much less his mama?

        • Lil78baby

          Jim jones is a prodicer and an artist his mother is only popular because she is on the show love and hip hop

      • Lori

         Duh? What have those women done in order to “be” a celebrity? They’re not entertainers, they’re not actors/actresses…they haven’t done anything other than birth a celebrity. But then again, as someone else said, one doesn’t have to do anything in order to become a celebrity. Irritating. And this isn’t about having to cover up as u get older…just have some CLASS! You can flaunt it (if u got it) without looking like a 2-cent hooker.

        • Lil78baby

          They are both on reality shows but I do not like either show hahaha

          • That explains everything….of ocurse they are celebrities…they are on reality tv.  JOKE!

    • Mama Combs = Sean “Diddy” Combs’ mother.
      Nancy Jones = Jim Jones’ mother (“Love & Hip Hop” on VH1 <<i think)

  • Mizljay

    Actually I think Vivica and Madonna look great… Mariah too for that matter. But please, pretty please do not put another picture of Janice Dickinson up…just plan scary…I’d rather see Rick Ross in a speedo 0_o

  • Ettyboo69

    What are women over 40 supposed to wear?  Depends and support hose?  Several years ago I saw Ursula Andress in a magazine lying by a pool in a bikini.  She was 70 at the time and she still looked great.  A lot better than some–no, than most, teenagers and 20 yr olds.  Whats disgusting is when someone–no matter what their age–tries to stuff their size 16 body into a size 8 outfit and we have to see all those rolls hanging out…gross.  I say forget age…if you got the body///flaunt it ….if  you dont then please cover it up!

    • Yes, be body appropriate.  How about a post for fat 20-somethings who dress like prostitutes.

      • Jyokiemokie3

        if you aren’t happy with yourself-give it up -stop parent people who fell young and want to dress it-there bodies are in nice shape and they feel good about it—

      • Chrigid

        I worry about those 20-somethings, but the garment industry would lose money without them,

        • kohla


          • Chrigid

            Kohla–why fu? I don’t get it. Explain

      • That would be more interesting

      • I concur! Just because you are, in your 20’s does not mean, you are in shape! I see plenty overweight people in their 20’s, 30’s etc!! I see them and think you, have more rolls than the bakery!

    • freecheese

      Yup, I see them at Wal Mart all the time.

    • Fallmoments6

      the saggy pants showing your buttocks was never cool ( jmo). it never should have been made into a fashion. That “style” and the one pant leg up is utterly stupid.

    • Cal Warren Akers

      By far, this is the best comment yet. But if I may add just a little, memories are impossible to get rid of. Sometimes moving on is the ‘true’ impossibility!

    • LA


    • Lethe

      “What are women over 40 supposed to wear?” So are you saying that any or all of the above outfits are the only alternatives to Depends and support hose? Honey, here’s a hint. If the name of the store is Forever 21, it’s NOT FOR YOU.

      • Actually, the name “Forever 21” implies its for anyone..

    • Lethe

      Hah, plumber chic! (Or plumber cheeks?)

  • Maggkev

    Janice Dickinson looks outrageously bad!!!!! MADONNA looks fabulous , who are you kidding , she is rocking it sweetie!

  • Petty police

    Why can’t others just let people alone.  You can wear anything at any age, there are no laws.  Chill

  • deprogrammed

    Mike Jones’ mama.  Jim Jones had the kool-aid.

  • John L. Schindel

     How come Jennifer Tilly didn’t make the list?

    • That’s my girl.  You know what, we need a looking f*cking awesome at any age list.  Put every woman on it from 20 – 90 who looks hot, healthy and stylish.

  • Iblobar

    I totally agree with Ettyboo69 when she says, stuffing bodyparts into 2 sizes smaller jeans or tops. The look totally sucks and is offensive to the eye!!!  lol

  • Rook

    The only ones I see that needs to change clothing is Nancy Jones and Janice Dickerson. The others looks great and hot. I think the author is too age phobia.

  • Jael

    Wow, how catty is this article!? All these women look great for their age! A little jealous, are we?

    • Susan

      Janice Dickinson does not look good, even for her age.

      • Sam

        Agreed. I almost went blind looking at that pic.

      • Bluhouse299

        What are those things hanging below the bandeau? 

        • Her ribs.

        • Mtiani2001

          whats hanging below the bandeau? anorexia, thats whats hanging below it.

      • Kriegar

        Keep dreaming Susan-and remain envious.

      • Ultra thin does not look good; it looks undead. Curvy is beautiful!

    • Kriegar

      Crybaby. Can’t have it, throw temper tantrum. Rock it, it looks good on you.

  • Katydid52

    As long as there are People of Wal-mart, it’s completely nobody’s business what anyone wears.

  • Mofon’ FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.  This chick got em.

  • Bullddog

    snoop dogg been like that before 92 lmao wtf

  • AfterMe_TheDeluge

    Hey Danielle Gray, jealous much?  Almost all of these women look great for their age, especially Madonna.  Let’s see the outfits YOU wear, then we’ll talk!

    • Lori

       Why does someone ALWAYS have to be jealous? Jealous of WHAT? Dressing like garbage or looking like a tramp? Saying someone is jealous is so tired…a cop-out. It’s obvious from most of these pictures (MOST…not ALL) that money can buy you expensive clothing…but it DEFINITELY cannot buy CLASS.

      • Kriegar

        In reality, Lori, YOUR defense is the cop out. If you can’t do it, complain about it. If you’re insecure, criticize. Mind someone elses’ business, instead of your own-I mean, after all, it is not as though you-or the author-have much of a life, anyway. So just live vicariously through theirs, and complain about it. Go ahead, it’s good for you.

  • old hippie

    SERIOUSLY !?!  They look great ! . I grew up with the blue jean-ed tye dye generation, so now that I’m over 50 I have to dress like Mrs Beaver Cleaver? The fashion industry seems to think I need to buy new clothes ? I have clothes I bought in the 70’s and am still wearing , with this economy I probably don’t need to buy any more clothes for the rest of my life  ….really don’t care about fashion or people who judge people by their clothes . Lucky to live Hawaii where we wear what we want

    • Ohno1

      I wanna move to Hawaii!! I like your attitude.

  • Gmb1951

    Yep, people get so threatened. I think the person who made up the “dress you age ” rule was a 25 year old who was so fearful that they 59 yea rold hottie was looking better, even younger than her! Let us not be so shallow by making up rules for other people. There is this worship of the body, which makes us all lesser human beings. If we develop our spirituality where ego is not the ruler of our attitudes, but compassion, kindness, and generosity, yes LOVE to one another, we will have a better world that supports all of us. CHILL! you guys!


  • Jyokiemokie3

    you can dress anyway you want-if you dont like –dont look—don’t be jealous—just saying —

  • May

    um, picture of madonna- with arm warmers. i’m nearing just 60 and just bought some for the first time along with ankle warmers (not skin tights). why? Practicality- layering without vest shirt jacket, -I can wear short sleeve top use warmers if my arms get chilled.. etc. shorts and ankle warmers you can remove when the day warms up. I think they are accessories that are useful for any age in fact I might get my 84 yr old mother some arm warmers too. 

  • totally fed up with trolls

    They forgot Jennifer Aniston

  • Oh my gods, Janice, EAT SOMETHING!

  • Chiluvr

    I must be getting old – I only know who four of these people are.

  • stellamira

    Madonna looks amazing omg. For her age, for any age she is Fierce and Gorgeous! Love Her!

    • JC

      I don’t mind her at all as well.  I thought she (Madonna) looks really HOTT, and I’m not even close to her age, but I guess I love older women ^_^

  • Kneehigh1950

    at some point when a person reaches a sense of fashion maturity,hopefully they focus on classy not trashy!!!!!

  • Karen Austin

    Mama Combs needs to cover those boobs.  It looks gross at her age.
    Janice D. looks anorexic.  Has she seen how she looks with her ribs sticking out?  Somebody please tell her to get help.

  • Because she’s high.

  • I would love to see what these haters think these women should be wearing.  I bet it’s some stereotype old lady uniform. Bet you.

    • Omsbudman

      call me a hater if you choose….don’t see why any of the people listed here should be considered celebrities

    • Lori

       For Godsakes…you can look good and show off without looking like absolute trash. And TRASH is what most of these people look like. One doesn’t have to look like a ‘Golden Girl’ in order to dress more appropriately. There IS a happy medium. Look at Charlize Theron or Jennifer Aniston for example. They rock their bodies, look hot, put-together AND stylish…without looking like hookers.

  • naoma

    Just because “you have ’em” is no reason to show them to the public.  “Mama”  (actually, I do not know WHO she is) should cover them up.  They may “escape” at any moment.  Janice’s rib cage is a “bit much.”  Madonna always looks good!!!!

  • Gr82bacherry

    I dnt see the problem, what a person wears does not define them I was always told as long as its clean and it fits it doesnt have to match or look good

    • Kriegar

      People who actually HAVE class, do not generally inquire as to to where it has “gone”,

  • Karie

    Who wrote this stupid article? How shallow and ridiculous can you be? Why did I waste time clicking here in the first place…  

  • Guest

     IDK, a grown 40-50 year old man still busting a sag and corn rolls looks ridiculous to me.  Other than Snoop, any 40 year old man dressed like a teen most likely still has the mentality and bankroll of a teen.

    • Kriegar

      I understand your dislike of “the sag”, but what is your issue with corn rolls, and exactly why would they be inappropriate.?

    • They are called corn ROWS not rolls. The braid is in a row, that looks like a corn field…geeze.

      • LOL, LOL!!!!  was thinking the same thing.

    • Coalheart696

      Other than Snoop, enough said.

    • Corn Rolls with honey and butter… mmmmm good at any age!

    • But he’s SNOOP. He’s gonna wear a suit or something?

  • Ohno1

    I can’t see 1 single reason for Madonna NOT wearing this. I only wish I looked this good because I will still wear my hippy stuff because that is what I grew up being comfortable in. If you don’t like the spelling go volunteer as a tutor for texting.  You might have a heart attack at my over run sentances, sorry.

    • Middlegirl1

      You  need a tutor.  You don’t even know how to spell sentences.

  • Corinecookie

    Janice,please don’t wear that again. Some things should remain a secret shhhhhh.

    • Simplyspoilme

      you are so right. not a hater but please look in the mirror before you go out like that again !!!

  • te7221`

    well get over it you are as young as you feel you dont have to look at him you are judging someone and black men and women have been wearing plats braids and corn rolls since the 70s its part of our culture especially the ones with long hair it looks neat and it keeps your hair from breaking off white people copying our culture and dont know why black people is never to old to where braids and cornroll its a black thang 

    • Susanlee

      Do you guys know it’s corn ROWS, not corn ROLLS!!  Sheesh…

  • te7221`

    wrong picture of vivca fox she has on pink pants that color doesnt look good on her but not to old to wear it madonna has socks or cut off sleeves they did back in the 80s snoop is alright vivica everybody else got to go

  • Jupiter

    ^ This.

  • Jupiter

    Would somebody please explain to me why a graphic tee would not be appropriate for someone who is older?  At what age does it become inappropriate to want to express yourself?  Does one fade into the background past the age of thirty-five?  Forty?  Fifty?  I am forty-two and do still wear comic superhero-themed t-shirts, as well as those with cartoon/storybook/movie images, musicial acts I love, and witty sayings, comic images, and wordplays.  I choose them carefully to suit my personality and tastes.  Some of them I find funny, some remind me of something I love, and nobody yet has given me so much as a glance suggesting I should grow up.  As an example, my Wonder Woman t-shirt inspired a great conversation on feminism with strangers on the bus a couple of weeks ago.  I still love comics.  I still love Wonder Woman and always feel a little stronger and more powerful wearing all my superhero shirts.  Expressing yourself.  Isn’t that what fashion is all about?  Would I wear what Nancy Jones is wearing?  No, because the sentiment on the shirt doesn’t match my manner and I was done with stonewashed jeans back when I gave up teased bangs.  Just because I wouldn’t dress like Nancy Jones, or any of the other people here, would I ever dream of telling them how to dress or what parts of their personalities are “acceptable” to express, and which they should suppress because you’re not supposed to be noticed or find anything fun anymore?  No, not as long as they’re not actually killing anybody or dressing inappropriately for an occasion or workplace (we all have our uniforms).  This does not mean I like most of these outfits, or that I don’t think they could wear something more flattering, it just means that I think we need to be more accepting.

    • Elle & the Pea

      I don’t think graphic tees are the right way to express one’s self, and they show a lack of imagination for other ways to show personality through personal style. It’s quick and too easy to just buy the tees. I don’t dislike people who wear them, but I think it’s far from the best way to express one’s self.

      • Jupiter

        It’s fair enough that you don’t believe graphic tees are effective, but that’s a personal opinoin about the effectiveness of the expression, not the age issue.  I do agree that there are better ways of telling people who you are, but non-plain t-shirts do make great conversation starters sometimes.  I am not one who lives in t-shirts, but sometimes they’re the best thing if I just want to slip something on and be comfortable, or if I know I’m going to get all hot and sweaty, for exercise and warm-weather errands, for example.  Even in my super-casual moments, I still want what I wear to be an expression of something I like, though I don’t tend to go around wearing slogans anymore; that really was a couple of decades ago for me.  This is a personal decision, too.  I’m just not much of a plain t-shirt person.  I find them bland and unimaginative.  If I’m going to wear a plain top, it won’t be in the shape of a t-shirt, and then it is no longer the totally casual thing I want it to be when I am in the mood to wear a tee.  Whether or not wearing graphic tees effectively serves any purpose, based upon a person’s own opinion, does not explain why I repeatedly see articles that say people shouldn’t wear them when they’re over twenty-five.  I don’t understand why the age restrictions would be imposed, and nobody will explain it.  It seems arbitrary.

        • donalda goncalves

          There is a societal rule that older women are supposed to be dignified and sophisticated. Dressing in clothes meant for younger people is seen as the opposite of that, chasing your youth and making a fool of yourself. That’s why there are “age rules.” Older women are supposed to be setting a good example, they are supposed to be done with trying on different identities with clothing. There’s also this belief that you will look older than your age or that you’ll call attention to it by dressing younger and in so doing you are seen as pathetic for chasing your younger days. Not entirely arbitrary, but definitely restrictive and running counter to self expression. Apparently being over 40 is too old to be expressing yourself. You’re part of a system now an supposed to be done with dreaming and settle into convention and aging gracefully, blah, blah, blah, blah…

        • I agree it comes across as ageist . If the wearer is happy, even if some think it’s ridiculous, that’s all that counts.

    • Black_Pearle

      agreed to a degree.  many of the celebs actually are classy women and revered.  i wear graphic tees often.  i love a lot of the sayings and it is a great way to express.  BUT… it’s all in how you wear them [i think].  i am a curvy/thick 34 year old woman.  i don’t wear skinny jeans with mine b/c i am not skinny.  i will rock it fashionably with slacks and heels [blazer on at work]. it’s tasteful and comfortable for the office and quite chic in the streets!  no right or wrong, but thinking before you leave home can help avoid the fashion police [maybe].  🙂

    • jaki

      yea i wanna know too i dont know what to put on anymore

      • Jupiter

        You wear whatever you darned well please, Jaki (as long as you’re not breaking any laws)!  🙂

        • True dat. I’m a woman of a certain age and I’ll be damned if I’m  gonna dress like my mother.  I may not wear what Nancy’s wearing or Diddy’s mom but I’m wearing things that are hip, young and look good for my body type.

    • TESHA

      hahaha Jupiter snapped..please tell it like it is..

    • Marea

      I think your wonderful. thank you

    • SmartThinker

      Jupiter…while I firmly believe that women can dress as they please, you should know this: you are making yourself look OLDER with those comic-themed tee shirts.  Count me as those who think they look silly on anyone over 30. Maybe your friends don’t want to hurt your feelings, and so aren’t leveling with you. But I will: you are obviously an intelligent woman and I would suggest you give those away.

      • Guestie

         Could not disagree more but to each his/her own.

      • donalda goncalves

        You’re presuming that Jupiter cares about “looking older” or what anyone thinks about her wearing the t-shirts.

      • Jennifer_Woods

        Hi there. It’s been a few years since I’ve visited this thread. I will be 46 next week, and I still wear these t-shirts. My hair is grey, yet I am repeatedly told, with surprise, that I look a decade younger. Looking younger is not my concern.
        Comfort is. As for my friends, they are also intelligent, well-educated people, with strong sense of their own style, and they laugh at stupid articles like this. I still maintain that these “rules” are arbitrary and unnecessary. I refuse to fade into the woodwork just because I’m no longer firm, hot, and young. I am certainly not trying to look young, nor does my style age me or look ridiculous. Not one person has ever given me so much as a sideways, snidey glance.

        So you continue dressing to suit your style and lifestyle, and I shall continue dressing to suit mine. I have no burning need to spend all my time in dressy clothes outside of a work environment or suitable social event. My comfort is most important to me as I age, as is my sense of personal style.

    • JustgivingUtheWord4-2day

      Amen, well spoken by someone who is very diverse and not so quick to be judgemental of others. The only input I have concerning this is very “Simple”! Just remember the difference between an opinion, and being opinionated. For the ones who need the reminder: 1. Opinion is a “Belief” held by another without any “Facts”. There is nothing wrong with having one; actually, it is good to be “Open Minded” but just remember it is just a “Belief not based on Facts”!  2. Opinionated person think their “Beliefs” are “Facts”; instead of just their opinion!
      Jupiter to me you came across as being a very “Opinionated Person”; this is America, and you have a right to express your opinion but just remember; your opinion is not factual, or the “Law of the Land”! How boring would things be,” If we all thought alike! To be honest, you sound like a “Hater”!

      • Are u absolutely certain u were responding to “Jupiter”? Jupiter doesn’t seem to be a “hater” as much as a “live and let live” sort of person. It seems that she’s saying: “I will wear what feels good to me (and what I deem appropriate to my circumstances), so leave me alone.” She doesn’t seem to be trying to dictate fashion for ANYone else…but then, that’s MY “opinion,” isn’t it? (Jupiter, if I’m wrong in my assessments, please feel free to correct me!) LoL

      • I did not get ‘hater’ from reading Jupiter’s post.  What I got was someone who was fairly balanced and willing to accept people as they are even if “they’ll agree to disagree”.

      • Cee

        In reference to Jupiter:  Did you read the post from Jupiter before you posted a reply? If your post was truly meant for her you need to brush up on your reading comprehension. There is nothing in her post that even slightly resembles “hate.” She asked several questions, gave examples of  what she likes to wear, and then suggested we be more accepting of each other. Where’s the hate?

      • Deborah Watson

        I totally disagree with your “opinionated opinion” of Jupiter!!!  She was simply giving her (in my opinion) very good take on tee shirts.  You my dear are the hater!!!

      • Pamela Eady

        What?? What article did you read??

    • LMCCL3


    • spiderchick

      I’m 43, & I enjoy wearing my Speed Racer tee! I’ve read that Generation X is the ‘generation that refuses to grow up’. But back to the topic of this article, I say just because u can get into it (mini-dress, swimsuit, etc.) DOESN’T MEAN IT FITS.

    • Vodevil

      I agree with you, I found this whole thing very judgmental and it seems that people should really just stop caring what others are doing if its not hurting and/or hindering them from doing their own thing in life. Then again I’m on a website that deals with celebrity articles and gossip, so I guess that’s the norm here. Good on ya for doing exactly what I plan on doing in my 40’s, wearing band shirts/slogans/etc that express my interests, unless at work. (I’m currently 25 :-P)

  • luvroxx

    jim jones mama please stop janice no more tinnie winnie bikini’s for the love of skittles, other than that wear what you want as long as it compilments your body.

  • skyehawk1

    Janice  , Janice …….Do your shopping in Afghanistan , they have cover -ups that will suit you to a tee…..and what ever psycological purging that prompted  you to wear an outfit like the one  your sporting , well , there must be a cure for it ..contact a Priest and ask for an exorsism  ,  quite frankly you look like something that crawled out of the ocean during the dawn of civilization…and never left the beach ……Please , your scaring the other beach goers ….Don’t they have mirrors in your changing room ?……..no offense ….. 

  • miss_msry

    She wasn’t the first world’s “supermodel.” I think that title goes to either Jean Shrimpton or Twiggie.

  • Alex

    I don’t think saying “dress your age” is really fair… sometimes age is just a number… for example: Madonna!  I think she can wear anything she wants… she puts most 20 year olds to shame. She is so hot!  And Snoop Dogg totally pulls off that look.  But also, its not a matter of dressing your age, its more about dressing with class.  I don’t think its appropriate for anyone, be it 60 year olds or 20 year olds to have a dress that plunges as low as the one on one of those rap star’s mommas. 

  • Omsbudman

    Guess it doesn’t take much to be called a celebrity. I didn’t recognize half the goobers you have listed….if the media wouldn’t publish the wankin’ losers’ photos, perhaps they’d just go away!

  • Omsbudman

    Celebrities? Please….do tell…which of the 7 would YOU consider a celebrity?

    • Kriegar

      Another person who wishes he were someone is heard from…again…

  • Omsbudman

    Losers….not just the celebrity wannabes but the author, the website and the moderators!

  • Rubyredjewel

    Madonna looked smokin hott.That’s coming from a straight female who’s also a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon. There is nothing wrong with Vivica Fox’s outfit. On the other hand Janice Dickinson scared me. Mariah is Mariah. Calling the others celebrities is a stretch even in the reality climate we live in.

  • Dangiegem

    Madonna is hot! the rest need a lil tune up.  What do you want from Madonna? Do you want her to dress  like my granny?  She is a hot 50 yr old woman and carries herself well! Poo on you!

  • Don’t dress your age. Dress how you want. Screw this “you’re old, so you have to look like it” crap.

    • Guestie

       Exactly…I’ve said this for years. Just dress body and occasion appropriate. Screw age appropriate. Unless you sixty with ‘Thug Life’ or some other silly sh!t on a t-shirt then age shouldn’t matter. Your size (weight) and where you are wearing certain outfits or colors does matter.
      For example, don’t wear white, red or neon green to a funeral, don’t wear high heels to a sporting event, don’t wear halter tops when you’ve got a gut and don’t wear blue or red anywhere in L.A.

      • Thecrazybetty

        you’re obviously a black person to be espousing these fashion choices do’s and don’ts.  what a hoot!

        • klemmy

          wow really?!?! inbred much

        • Troll much? Quit making white folk look bad AGAIN.

        • Por Favor!

          Yes…I was wondering why there wasn’t diversity in your article?
          Whaz up with that????
          Whether Black or White, Red or Purple???
          Who Cares???
          Women get to wear what they want in this country?
          Good thing we aren’t in IRAN where they can’t show anything but their EYES…Good God WRITER!!!
          Give us Women a BREAK!
          First time in our generation we have Women who have their own MONEY Thoughts and HOW TO DO!!! With out men or stupid columinist telling them how to dress…
          I thought the PURITAN ERA was OVER???

          Aye Por Favor Gente!

      • You get taken more seriously if you dress appropriate to your age, but you may not know that.

      • Por Favor!

        I agree…Love it!

      • Dressing age-appropriate is….pretty much doing what you just suggested. lol

        But yeah…a 60-year-old woman wearing a sarcastic t-shirt meant for a 12-year-old is just bizarre. (At least it is out here in the real world.)

        Are we going to make her take it off and wear something better? Noooope!

        Are we going to give her weird looks and tell her it looks weird and awful? Yuuuuuuup!

        • LA Lara

          my 12 year old ever wore that she’d be wearing turtle necks to school for the next 4 months. So i dont know what you or the person writing this article allow your children to wear, but if i ever saw a 12 year old dressed like that i’d blame the parents. control your children.

          • Swing and a miss. XD I think you missed the entire point of what I was saying. Arm warmers, bright yellow plastic jackets and snarky T-shirts are fine and even expected (in a worldly sense) for teenagers, but not so much for older women in their 60s..

            I don’t have kids, but I also don’t think it would be the end of the world if I suddenly saw my teenager wearing a snarky T-shirt. Would I make her change? Probably. Would I go nuts on her? Naaah. She’s a teenager. If the worst thing she does is wear that T-shirt, then I’d consider myself a very lucky parent! 😀 (Ever tried to parent a very strong-willed and independently-minded teenager? It’s not as easy as it sounds..)

      • kohla

        Dont were a bikini if your bones are popping out.

    • If you look good in any clothes all the power to them, but one must recognize when it fails then laught at as most of these ladies are suffering from!

    • Tracey C

      Yeah I don’t think that it’s a problem for them to dress younger but they need to dress better. Those outfits were either ill fitting, terrible or both and that is the real problem.

    • meli

      yeah…now that I think about it you are right.

  • Owenrebel72

    Why is Snoop Dogg dressed like Sue Sylvester?

  • By who laws does one has/have to dress according to what someone else wants them to dress? You are as young as you feel! I’m forty-seven years old and I will not be dressing like an old maid. I dress the way I feel comfortable with.

  • letpeoplebefree

    People should dress the way they feel comfortable. Who has the right to tell people how to dress or even more…that they are too old to dress a certain way.  Even if they were to look horrible, it is there business and not yours. Stop writing these types of articles and find somethig better to do with your time, pen and/or key pad.

  • Justsaying

    Please dress your age.  Dressing and acting like you’re 16 or 21 when you’re 35 or older makes you look foolish….really

    • Barb

      As long as they don’t care if they look foolish, it isn’t anyone else’s business.

  • Dress however your inner Spirit directs you! I’ll wear white in the Fall and Winter, I’ll wear cut off shorts and tees at the age of 50 and into the 60’s if I want. Stop telling women how to dress. True, there are times we’re outrageous for our age, but if our youthful, vibrant, energetic Spirit wants to dress fresh and young, then so be it!!!!!!!!!

  • Mama Combs always look a little interesting, but I applaud her for dressing the way she wants! She could care less about what some people think of how she dresses…or so it seems…I like that. I may not like the outfit, but I love the sense of freedom and independence she exudes

  • Love you Snoop, keep doing what you’re doing, dress however you please, some of us LOVE it

  • Do you Nancy. 

  • If Janice is comfortable in her skin and showing it like that, go girl! Personally, I don’t think her body looks that hot, but I definitely love the fact that she does and she doesn’t give a care about what we think. Love that kind of thinking on a woman. There are so many don’t do’s for women that I’m happy when women ignore that insanity and do what they want….

  • Bomengl

    Janice Dickinson?  Oh, my.

  • Sandeet1us

    that last chick was just plain freaky looking…  yuk..

  • realistic

    Janice Dickenson could scare a bulldog off a meat truck!

  • Dissident Fairy

    She looks cute and she doesn’t look 70, not even close. You guys are being way too critical…..

  • Mimasbaby927

    My sentiments exactly!!! Well said my friend!!!

  • Bluhouse299

    I wondered the same thing.

  • Priced1114

    Too young for your age, how riduculous, I dress for me, what make me feel good, look good
    and is stylish, if you got it flaunt it.  I rather look youthful than be old, looking old is not my cup of tea. 

    • The point is they don’t look good OR youthful. They look old and pitiful.  They are trying to dress like they did in their youth and it doesn’t look good on them anymore. The real message here is embrace your age with grace. They haven’t gotten the message. 

      • You have nailed it! If it were flattering, then they would not look like old fools when wearing it. I am older and know I can’t wear what a 16 year old does.Ii am not ashamed to be older and am comfortable in my own skin. People who dress desperately make others feel uncomfortable around them.

  • Conniewaller

    Why is it that the worst dressers are always the riches.

  • Veraschild27

    Janice Dickinson should put her body away permanently.  I don’t care what you wear at any age but please look in a mirror before you go outside.  Skinny does not mean you look good in a bikini.

  • DAPPA King

    Dress how you feel! If you still have it, flaunt it until the wheels fall off! You only live once!!!!!

  • Kriegar

    And any of this is your business why? I’m nt at all worried about suggesting that the fashion police could give you a tip or three, let me tell ya.

  • cnnIndyGirl

    I would like to know who wrote this article.  Someone in their 20’s?  Who makes the rules about what you are supposed to wear at what age???  Wear what you want!  Especially if you look good in it.  Who cares if someone over the age of 25 is wearing a graphic t.  This article is just stupid.

  • just askin’

    Keep wearing what you want to wear, but DON’T go out with those ashy feet!!!!!!!!

  • I’m fairly certain they’re her ribs.  But still… it’s just not flattering for her.

  • Elle & the Pea

    Please take that YouTube video off the “sidebar” (it’s below the post to me)! It plays automatically and at first I couldn’t figure out why there was an Iams ad, as I am not surfing pet-related content. It took me 10 minutes to find, mostly because I have a few tabs and, like I said, no doggy pages.

    I hate where the web has gone recently. Grr.

  • Dalia

    No not that Jim Jones, of the People’s Temple. She is the mother of a New York Rapper called Jim Jones. He along with his mother was on a TV reality show called “Love and Hip Hop”. That is how she became a “celebrity” as they say.

    • Fallmoments6

      hollering at “NO, NOT THAT JIM JONES”! Still hollering

      • Fallmoments6

        I meant hollering as in LMBO.

  • Black_pearle

    janice dickerson and keisha cole’s mother… in my opinion.

  • Hendog96

    This is a stupid article… No sense in not dressing however you want or feel… and by the way, madonna looks amazing, and what she’s wearing looks way better on her than a lot of people half her age…

  • freecheese

    Why’fo day all beez black. Duz it beez a cultural ting ?

  • Sara

    To heck with what anyone says:  It’s your life for god’s sake dress like you want to!  I don’t live my life for other people!

  • Bevans1217

    Madonna can wear whateva she wants ’cause she has clearly earned the territory!

  • Kris

    I think she looks great!  

  • Why are the first 4 women pictured here black or part black? The first woman in the champagne colored dress, it just fits poorly. Who cares if she wants to show too much boob, but she has some money, do it in a dress that fits! 
    The woman on the right with the bat and the patched jeans just screams ‘stereotype’… and other than her jeans looking juvenile…whatever.
    Mariah Carey dresses like she is a smaller person. I don’t mean thinner, I mean SMALLER. She is very tall and some of those cutesy looks and ruffles she likes just don’t flatter…

    I don’t really think there are solid rules about at what age to do this or that, but I think some looks, like hair down to the waist and ripped jeans, look better on younger women, maybe those that look younger than mid 30’s?

    Oh and YES most Disney character shirts, cartoon t-shirts and concert tees look better on younger or fit people. A guy in his 50’s is going to look weird, out of shape in a Eminem tee or Superman tee and I don’t mean a tee with the clean ‘S’ logo, I mean a scenario with Superman.

    • I plan on wearing my hair down to my waist and Disney character shirts until the day they lower me into my grave.

  • Windwater2002

    who made these rules?   women always get slammed.   dress how you want!    I did not realize every age group has a specific rule for dressing.  How silly is that!

  • Madonna I can live with.  The last one with a sunken chest and 3 year old clothing on and the “70 year woman’s face with 90 year old mans voice” blinded me!

  • Sadab

    However beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we all live and let live we would all be happier. Quit appointing ourselves as the fashion cops. Just because someone dresses like a train wreck does not mean we have to look or make judgement calls on their choices. 

  • Jennifer Coleman

    This isn’t a celebs who dress too young article, it’s a celebs who dress tacky article. Even 25 year olds who wear these getups would be getting the side-eye.

  • Lyndamae

    Has Janice seen this pic of herself………….whoa…!

  • Marea

    who cares-Let them be themselves, its called self expression and being individual-your just jealous because you dont have their figures.

  • Garris Taylor

    Ok this is not to say that people can’t dress however they want but there is difference when a 40 year old wears something a 20 year old would wear! If you have an awesome body yes, I agree flaunt it, but a 40 year old should not be wearing jean mini skirts, Aeropostale t-shirts or acid wash jeans with flower designs on the side! (these are several outfits I’ve seen women wearing) Dressing your age doesn’t mean giving up style it just means, hey, maybe I should put away the skin tight leather mini skirts or the crazy low rise jeans! I’m not saying you shouldn’t dress however you want though, graphic tees can be fine, that pair of jeans that make your butt look awesome are still okay, and going to the beach and having a two piece(not a skimpy as hell bikini like you are in some sports illustrated photo shoot) is fine! But when you start to dress like you are still 20, it comes off as immature, it comes off as a person who doesn’t know when to grow up and a person who obviously doesn’t know what decade she’s in! this is what people see when you dress like this! You can’t tell me that if you saw a women, a 40 year old women, dressed in short-shorts and a pink glittery butterfly t-shirt that was too tight you wouldn’t think in your head, hmm she should maybe change that up a bit. 
    This is the same for men too!

  • me

    I think that Janice Dickinson is trying to suck in her stomach and that is why her ribs are more prominent. 

  • Lightrenegade

    I think Madonna looks great.  That’s really the determining factor. 

  • Lightrenegade

    Now Janice Dickenson is a whole other issue.  Her body is so horrid that she should be in a one piece.  

  • aliendreams

    Janice? Well, at first glance, I thought her ribs were her saggy boobs that had slid down below her bra. eww My eyes!!

  • Sosay

    If we are suppose to dress our age, where are the affordable clothes of us over 40 that are age appropriate? Sorry, I’m not wearing golf shorts and a polo shirt at 44 years of age.

    • donalda goncalves

      That’s what you’re supposed to be wearing, that’s the point. That’s what they sell to people your age and that’s what you’re expected to wear. Never heard of Cold Water Creek, Talbots, J. Jill and Eileen Fisher? Those are the older lady clothes.

  • anonymous

    I say, let the mutton dress as lamb!   If a 60 year old woman shopes at Wet Seal and she can squeeze herself into the ripped jeans and little tank tops – go for it!  It’s other people’s right to laugh at them, however.  There’s a whole website called People of Walmart, but again, to each her own….”At a certain age, there are things a woman CAN wear, but really SHOULDN’T” – Marie Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond…There are helpful hints for women of a certain age I read every so often on the interwebs, and they all involve A Nice Blouse, knee-length skirt, knee high boots, and PINK LIP GLOSS.  The magic potion that is going to take 20 years off her looks.  How boring is that?  I picture a nation of pink lipped Diane Keatons…and finally, what is that Janice Dickinson creature?  She looks deformed, poor thing.

  • Capri16

    I think people should wear what they want, what style they develop, or what they can afford, what they feel, what is appropriate for the occasion.  I used to fit in plus size girls girls and would save money and thought the clothes was much cuter.  I was much happier when I shopped for clothes and the way I dressed.  I have hopes and a motivation to lose weight after my surgery. 

    • Capri16

      I meant to say plus size little girls

  • Koinonia1950

    Madonna is a #1 though Janice D. is a tie…This is awful.

  • Thank goodness I’m not famous. I am in my early 50’s and have embraced Grunge wear ever since the late 1970’s. I was grunge before Nirvana, but after Neil Young. This is the way I feel comfortable. I don’t want to change, and I don’t want anyone to be looking at me through a microscope. 

    All the money in the world isn’t enough to make me change who I am, fame has such an ugly side. 

    •  The whole Pacific Northwest wore grunge before Nivana…it came from berry picking clothes in the summer

  • Suerosenorn

    Old men dress in jogging clothes.

  • Is everyone else getting the noise in the background too?
    If it’s an ad, what possible purpose could it serve? You can hardly hear it.

  • Delvalle Michele

    Awww no not the D.O.Double G! He’s classic no mater what.

  • Kenyak30

    She has the body of a 20 yr old athlete. Get it Mama Jones

  • Can someone please tell me who makes the “rules” when it comes to dressing? It’s absolutely ridiculous that people cannot dress the way they want to in this day and age without being subjected to criticism. All the so-called critics should shut their mouths and mind their own business. SO sick of it.

  • FAAQ2

    wow – that’s a thousand miles of bad road !

  • FAAQ2

    Snoop dog – I really want to know do you have any talent at all – except for looking like a moron ? get a job !

  • chrisjIII

    Mariah has always looked like she just go out of the back seat of someone’s car. That’s not a good look.

  • chrisjIII

    Puffy should really sit his mother down and give her some tough love and a big dose of reality.

    • Then he can eat some carrots with his big ol rabbit teeth. The man is hard to look at.

  • Tdel

    Mama Combs looks ghetto fabulous!

  • Chrigid

    Something kinda rancid about this criticism. Most of these women look terrific in these clothes, so who cares what’s on their birth certificates? 
    That choice of photo for Janice Dickinson, with her ribcage looking like fallen breasts, is just plain mean of you, and has nothing to do with age.Nancy Jones, now: a good night’s sleep? makeup? a little face work? different hair style? I can’t imagine what style a person would wear to match a tired face, but again, it’s not about age. I am 71 and you, young critic, remind me of the women who told me I was a disgrace for wearing jeans while pushing a baby carriage (but couldn’t explain why). 

  • S-woman198

    Everyone else dresses fine except Nancy Jones and Janice Dickinson in photos.

  • Mdesah

    Who are we to tell people how to dress?  It is none of our business.  If some people want to flaunt their cleavage, it’s their business and not ours to judge.  How would you that judge like to be judged.  Do you all think you are perfect.

  • Pat

    This one was a little harsh

  • If you’ve got the body for it, WEAR it. This “too old to wear this” or “too young to wear that (except for children!)” is ridiculous. The idea that a person can judge what’s age-appropriate for another adult makes NO sense. I’ve heard ppl say that “grown folks” shouldn’t 1. watch ‘toons/anime; 2. play video games; 3. go to dance clubs; and other craziness. Aging doesn’t mean ur DEAD. If that was the case, our population age ceiling would end at 12 (years old), according to these “mavens”! #idiocy

    • I think you’re right. Did you know that as people get older they are more different from one another than younger people? That is a fact. So one person who is 40 may totally look “too old” to wear something where another 40 year old might not. Everyone is an individual and you should always remain youthful at heart. Being grown means being able to make your own decisions and live your life the way you see fit. As long as you’re taking care of grown folk’s business what you do or how you dress is nobody’s business.

  • summerlove05

    YIKES! Janice Dickinson what’s going on girl…I hear yah, as long as you like it that’s all that matters.

  • I just think that no matter what the age, wear something that flatters you !  Heck, dress to have fun you only have one life, but don’t make yourself look like a fool !

  • Un-named author of this crap asks: 

    We know they’re all bad, but which celeb really takes the cake and all the icing with their junior dressing?

    Actually, none of them are bad, I suspect the author of this inane slideshow has some issues of their own…

  • Let folks dress whatever way makes them happy.  That is part of folks problem is always minding some one else’s business.  If they are comfortable with it…then why do you care?

  • Mama Jones can kill the tee shirt because of the graphics on it, but the jeans is cool and if she can walk in them heels without falling..GO FOR IT

  • FYI most of the so called stars and parents of stars, if you wipe all that bullshyt off their faces…they all LOOK MUCH OLDER.

  • Vivica need not ever come out in public without makeup…she has a double friggin chin, her body is still AIRIGHT..so let her do her and keep the cosmetics coming.  Yeah I said it…I am 59 and I do not put that ish on my face…Photo taken about February 2012

  • Stop hating on Madonna…she is a piece of work…but face it…she do not give a flying fish what you think

  • her body is kickin’ ….she’s just a bit thicker but very shapely!!!

  • Mama Combs…YUCK!!!

  • Snoop dresses for comfort…no problem with him

  • Nancy Jones…….DOUBLE YUCK!!!!

  • Viv is kinda in the tweener stage….too old for cute but too young for distinguished….she should look into this small window as far as designing clothes for ppl of her age….she still FINE!!

  • If bones were in then Jan would be a hit….me personally , I like less sag and more bag(gage), a little mo’ junk in da’ trunk.

  • Who made the Combs lady a celebrity…I wouldn’t know her if she walked and slapped me in the face!!!

  • Who made the Combs woman a celebrity???

  • Snoop is just ignorant…that knows no age!!

  • HaHaHaHa

    snoop has always looked like somebody’s malnourished grandma and the only people that think he’s cool are old geezers,my kids laugh every time they see him and want to know whats wrong with him,as for the rest of them,grow up,the 80’s and 90’s have been gone for a long time.

  • poop dog

    snoopy snoopy poop dog……….lolololololol

  • doodoo

    snoopy snoopy p00p dog,what a joke!!!!

  • crippleblood

    There’s nothing more pathetic than some old geezer trying to look young.

  • Couldn’t agree more.

  • Thecrazybetty

    Nancy is looking like a spitting image of Nova the chimpanzee from planet of the apes.  and that wig is certainly not helping the case.  egads.

  • Coronalu

    Mama is looking like a dog.

  • Coronalu

    this one looks like a dead dog.

  • Coronalu

    still looking good after all these years, hey, I’m beginning to sound like paul simon here.

  • Coronalu

    she is all that AND a bag of chips, little girl, as long as you look this way, which I know comes from the inside out, you keep doing what you’re doing cause babe, you look good.

  • Coronalu

    holy crappola, what the heck happened here??  Airbrush but in a very, very bad way!

  • dixie68

    So glad that you informed me that these seven clowns are celebrities, and I am even more thankful that with the exception of Mariah Carey, I have never heard of a single one of them.

  • Chocotai_00

    Technically…yes.  She’s hot!

  • Shecat1976

    I dont care what AGE people dress like but have a little class  and knock it off w/the see-through outfits & theT&A hangin out all over the place!  Come on ladies….we ARE beautiful and can dress with class & still look HOT!   As for age,  whats that got to do with it….women r lookin great whatever their age…u go ladies!  U can look great even though ur not 20 anymore.    I believe the celebs r sending the wrong ideas to the young girls & have them thinkin u have to look like a stick to look good…..thats bad!  Too many girls, & woman r killin themselves dieting as a result of todays fashions, & having to fit a certain sick thin boney look that personally, I think is gross & unhealthy looking.  We r woman and we have curves….be proud of that!   who wants to be 5ft.?, & weigh 80 pounds? 

  • Linda915091

    never heard of her.

  • Linda915091

    Vivica looks great.

  • Linda915091

    ooooh Janice looks scary.

  • Third_sis50

    Add Wendy Williams to the list.

  • Janice needs to get off the beach, put some clothes on and stay indoors!  Ugh!

  • Nmatt99

    Age doesn’t have a dress code. Sounds like someones jealous that mom (or dad) looks better than they do. 

  • We still live in an ageist society.

    Dress the way you want.  In fact, it may be shown that if you are doing what you really want it might be good for your health

  • Madonna looks great.  Sorry but you lose.

  • Maybe the author -Danielle Gray has an investment in polyester and smocks.

  • Janice a hot mess!! ugh!!! .

  • Janice a hot mess

  • janice…. wow!!!!

  • GirlyGal

    Sorry Jim and Chrissy, but “Momma Jones” need to quit smoking, it makes her sound like a man, Diddy’s mom need to have a seat, and NE-YO’s mom (whom was not on the list) is “Tore up from the Floor Up” I digress…. 

  • i luv what madonna is wearing!

  • Paula

    Why can’t she dress like this-she looks great!!!!

  • TX2Hi


  • a classy gal

    I say, “If you’ve got it – flaunt it!”  She looks good!

  • The BUM

    Fashion is going to hades in a handbag.  People are so self obcessed with looking/staying young they’ll do anything from younger fashions to face lifts.  Dont think you see too many guys past 30 running around in baggies with their undies hanging out.  And ladies, please have the same respect in displaying your thongs.  Some bodies are wonderfully beautiful, but most are not made for spandex and speedo’s.   Dress your age, not your want to be age.  Thank you.

  • Gloriousgloglo

    I know that’s right Funtime840….MF’s better leave Snoop’s name out of their mouths if it’s not something good.

  • DarthKitsune

    Leave Madge alone, she needs some way to trap her body heat ever since she shed her exoskeleton.

  • Thechurchladyfans

    Janice Dickerson LOOKS LIKE CRRRRRAAAPPP!!! Really bad

  • Mtiani2001

    I’m more concerned about Janice Dickerson looking anorexic? 

  • Matt Evans

    Mama who?

  • Matt Evans

    Go play in traffic.

  • LHENDR6281


  • Grow up, my arse! Age should NEVER have anything to do with how people dress. Ever heard of freedom of expression? These people exude youth, and articles like these do nothing but show how jealous the writers are. I’m an actress who wears rompers and pigtails and will still be doing so at 98. As Michael Jackson said, “I’m four.”
    This is me, aka Plutogirl, a kid forever! https://www.facebook.com/plutosavior/photos#!/photo.php?fbid=10150254109428189&set=a.10150254102433189.347094.587983188&type=3&theater


    she looks a mess and always does….

  • Lady Ife

    i think they are under the impression of dress your body type not your age..

  • Lucky

    What do you mean cornrows went out of style in 1992? Cornrows came from the Motherland and they will ALWAYS be in style…are you kidding us???

  • Sassie313

    welp, the psychotic woman is just that, so what’s wrong with her attire?  NOTHING…Vivica looks great and colorful,  the lady in the beige evening gown and mink  has great attire, but looks like she needs re-hab…Mirah looks great, if you got it, show it with taste and class….whomever created this blog, must be a celeb hater…

  • Lord…Ms. Combs…never ceases to amaze me with her wardrobe choices…..but again to each is own…..she’s not hurting me in the least….at least I get a laugh once in a while.

  • who cares what snoop wears???? look at james brown before he died…….still wore the same outfits from the 60’s up until he left this earth.

  • Maryann P1227

    There’s an old adage….”Just because they sell it in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it.”  That goes for age, too.  You can look great at any age but dress appropriately.  You shouldn’t be 80 years old and wearing stilletos and a mini dress….you just look ridiculous. 

    • That old adage is the best I’ve heard. In the large women catalogs, they have short-shorts and halter tops up to 6X. As a bigger woman, just because it looks cute in the catalog on a small model, DON’T BUY IT. Designers are really missing the boat for plus-sized women. I look in the catalog and just think, “Really?” Not in my lifetime. Excellent advice, Maryanne.

  • Cbelle2008

    I agree Sassie, but Janet Dickerson just looks sick,yuck! I am 53 and will always dress to impress. If someone thinks I’m gonna wear an old frock or what ever, they’ve got another thing coming. 

  • Vanillazkyz32

    I always say dont dress yur age dress how u feel! An f#@k whoeva dont like it! I say du u an wat makes u happy!

  • Queenmainetiger

    You should be able to dress however u want to at any age. It seems like society is always trying to box someone in; It’s either by race, age, or gender. Just do you and stop being so concerned with how others are doing them!!

  • ban63

    I have to say most of them looked fine. Janice Dickinson needs to gain some weight she looks horrible! Other than that what makes a person happy and feel good about themselves should just be left alone.

  • jon smith

    who is Nancy Jones and Mama Combs? Are these old bags celebrities?

  • Lisa

    THANK YOU!!! Puffy’s mamma need to be ashamed of herself.  I am embarassed every time I see her.  That platinum blonde wig w/all those granny-boobs hanging out, no one wants to see that crap!  Please, you don’t have to “dress your age” but please, dress appropriately!

  • Why do we even care about “celebrities”? I could care less how they dress. Where age is concerned, I do believe that there is age appropriate and inappropriate attire. For example, I hate to see little kids in clothing that is too mature for them and, in that same right, find it tasteless for older (i.e. 50+) individuals dressing like they’re 12 year olds. Appearance matters because there’s this thing called maturity. The mind, body, and soul matures so along with that maturity one’s decision making and wisdom should be reflected. It makes no sense that 50 and 60 year old men are walking around sagging their pants or that the same age women are running around with their breasts and butts hanging out. Yes, people can wear whatever they choose. However, the choice to do so and whether one is fashion offensive and/or downright tacky are different issues. In societies where everyone wants to be young and where youth is validated over aging, there are increased incidences of age discrimination and violence against the elderly. Our aging and elderly should be celebrated, not marginalized and stigmatized as having no value. Enjoy youth AND enjoy the mature years. However, the two are psychologically and otherwise not the same.

  • rerebooboo


  • sky

    I’m 18 and would love to be able to rock that outfit as well as Madonna. More power to her!



  • Mama Combs is a strong buy Uugly woman. There are times when we should recognize that there are things that just cannot be changes!

  • Of these photos, I fell Fox and Madona can carry it off!

  • If you’ve got the body, flaunt—-not that I myself feel comfortable with short shorts.

  • BBDee

    Bad taste has no age limits! These outfits would be grosss on anybody, at any age!

  • wlknluv

    i agree no matter how good you look as you get older you should dress age appropriate or going to look silly. they should talk to stacy and clinton, lol

  • but if you look good why does it matter? Its not like she has rolls hanging out.

  • itbelee

    If women only realized that if they’d dress their age, that in and of itself makes them look younger. Has anyone ever been fooled into thinking a 50 year old was 20 because she’s wearing a mini skirt? NOT.

    • donalda goncalves

      What makes you think a 50-year–old is trying to fool anyone into thinking she’s 20? Maybe she just likes miniskirts. I can assure you that no one who has lived through 20 wants to be 20 again.

  • crazymomma

    Nancy Jones a celebrity baaaahahahahaha

  • cc

    dress how you feel – but OMG, when the ribs stick out further than the boobs, you may have a problem

  • She looks like a old man. Gross

  • She looks stupid.

  • Vivica messed up when she got that bad plastic surgery. She looks bad now and she really needs to dress like a woman who is almost 50.

  • Janice is the worst. I dont care if she is skinny she still looks wrinkled and old. There is nothing wrong with getting older but these women need to let it go because your youth is gone so embrace your real age.

    • donalda goncalves

      And what would that mean, to “embrace your real age?” put on a burqua and wait for death to claim you?

  • Gmd

    Leave Snoop Dogg out of this..

  • I have no idea who these women are. They are gross, though!

  • kashlab

    Ya know, who are we to tell anybody how to dress?? Anyone posting pay any of the bills for the people being critized? I’d bet my life earnings the answer is NO. You fools allow the media to think for you and tell how to live your life. WAKE UP there are alot more important things going on in the US than this crap. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter, a food bank something that will make you feel better about yourself.

  • Jessa

    What is wrong with that Vivica’s outfit, bright colors via the 80’s are in, and I think someone needs to get the last person a few cheese burgers, she is disgustingly thin, and isn’t she some “fashion” stylist person?

  • Zimminger

    This isn’t dressing too young; it’s simply poor taste.

  • Me_Too

    Uh oh, I’m 45. Guess it’s time to break out the stash of Alfred Dunner pant suits, Easy Spirits and hand crochet berets. Remember, it’s unseemly to wear a cardigan without your eye glasses attached to a chain. One last thing…the 2 most important accessories for your patchwork everything bag is a zip top baggie filled with butterscotch discs and a tube of neon pink lipstick.

    • tom

      ha ha. . great post!

  • I kinda like the plunging neckline… I’m just saying.

  • SLN1981

    Madonna clearly cannot handle aging.

  • donna

    If you can afford it, wear it. Age ain’t nothing but a number. I’m fit, fine and 51 and I wear whatever I want. Your opinion is your problem!

  • mimi

    janice that is a very strange ribcage you got going there

  • Dessi

    Pft I gave up on letting anyone tell me what to wear ages ago. I still wear slogan or cartoon character tees. They are my happy shirts, besides which I believe you should wear what looks good on you at any age, but that is just my own opinion. I wear shorter skirts and dresses too and will continue to wear them as long as I have great legs, and I do. You know it’s all good if you decide to wear different trends in the name of fashion, but if it doesn’t look good on you it’s better to find clothing that looks and fits, instead of wearing something that looks horrible just because it is in style. This is jmo too.

  • who care this are their own free will to wear too many people are jelous, seen them wear better clothes and want to look young that’s their bussiness.

  • John

    Mariah Carey should have covered up years ago.

  • Joe

    Madonna should start dressing like the Grandma she is.

    • donalda goncalves

      Madonna isn’t anyone’s grandmother. She has a teenager and a school age son, to my knowledge neither of them have children. Calling older women grandmothers when they are not is ageist.

  • G Perkins

    I prefer to wear what’s comfortable. If my clothes are not comfortable, I’m certainly not going to feel comfortable mentally or physsically. If it’s not up to today’s fashion standards, I really don’t care. I hate having to buy new clothes, and I’m going to wear what I want and what I have. Don’t change for anyone else.

  • Oh my how we love ourselves.

  • Janice Dickinson need to consider a one piece. Some of the things I’ve seen Viv fox in was too tight and ugly.

  • Barbie Doll

    You forgot to add Heather Locklear to the list because sometimes she dresses like a teenager.

  • Tell It Like It Is

    All I want to know is who hired this Journalist and who made him/her a fashion expert? How old are you and what do you wear? To me, if it looks appropriate on you, wear what you want. Why should you dress in a moo-moo, just because you are over 40? Those who work out and take good care of themselves, should be able to wear clothing that expresses who they are as an individual. Secondly, these individuals are celebrities and they have to compete with those who are age 35 and below because that’s what the industry caters too! That’s just the way it is. I don’t believe one should wear something that does not compliment their body shape, but I certainly believe that if your body is still in good shape and you still look good, you should do you! It’s easy for someone who sits behind a desk to talk about what a person should and should not wear because they are not trying to be in front of a camera. But those who are entertainers and strive to remain as such, live a life of competition every day of their lives…If you don’t look good, young, hip and fun, you get no job, camera-action, or invites to be on the red carpet! So, until you walk in a celebrities shoes, keep your wardrobe “put-downs” to yourself! Afterall, who has to pay their bills? They have to do what they have to do to keep their jobs. Their wardrobe is appropriate for their line of work. Your wardrobe is appropriate for your line of work. If you are not helping them pay their bills, then your opinion of what they wear most-likely doesn’t matter to them or most any way!!! I’m jus’ sayin’!

  • suz q

    Agreed. Whose job is it to determine at what age a person must stop wearing cutoffs, get a short conservative haircut, and never to to the beach.

  • shag11

    Come on, can’t just be black women dressing wrong?

  • First thought that came to my mind was Gynneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Heidi Klum. Then Catherine Zeta Jones dresses too old for her age, but look who she’s married to.

  • ccsummer

    I am just so over cleavage being everywhere even on TV newscasters/readers. And side boobs. Age, race– doesn’t matter. And wearing fur should just be illegal. This may be fake fur so I’m not judging.

  • ccsummer

    Oh honestly. He’s in a creative field. He’s rich. He can dress however he wants. Not a look for a lot of people in the workplace, but I think cornrows are always fine, no matter the age of the person.

  • ccsummer

    She looks terrific. I hope I look that good when I’m her age. Again, creative field, creative dress. Just fine. You want her in a suit?? Seriously? Ageism!

  • Mark

    Have you been by any pool frequented by teenagers lately? Most of them are disqusting fat ugly swamp pigs, black, white, or latino it dont matter most are ugly, fat, lard carrying, flabby sag butts. I would rather have to look at an old hag like Madonna than one of those sad fat ugly 15 to 25yr old pigs.

  • RedRobin

    Of course, women can wear whatever they want, but there is such a thing as style, dignity and class, not to mention taste. Case closed.

  • RedRobin

    Those pigtails Snoop Dogg wears have always looked ridiculous, in my opinion. Why he ever thought they looked good is a mystery to me.

  • RedRobin

    Regarding Nancy Jones, refer to my comment regarding style, class, dignity and taste.

  • RedRobin

    Madonna looks very good in those pants, putting girls in their 20s to shame sometimes, but I’ve seen her in outfits that are totally inappropriate for her age, particularly when she’s on stage. She looks great for her age, though. All her years of working out so hard have paid off.

  • gross and @naya gross.

  • Plasko

    I was wondering the opposite for a long time. Why do people wear shirts to work? What is the purpose of a tie? What point does it actually have, this shirt+tie combo that was invented several HUNDRED years ago, yet people still “buy-in” to the bull that this somehow is more formal attire. People should really be designing and creating their own clothing, but most are too lazy. Then they have the cheek to criticize what others are wearing, when they can offer no explanation as to why they wear what they wear, themselves! World gone mad.

  • Lethe

    ‘Celebs’ dress for attention. And in the opinion of many of them, ANY attention is better than nothing. The women pictured above are just doing their jobs – generating publicity. They are professionals. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

  • Poppy

    Such arrogance! I’m 70 years old and I am a free woman who has earned the right to wear whatever the he$$ I want!!! You’ll probably gasp when I tell you I’m FAT too!

  • Question? what does age have to do with style? I mean really this article is a mute point because the people they stuntin on are still doin them…..NEXT!

  • carleyrow

    hmm not shocking that 5 out of the 7 were ummm. ethnic…

  • I honestly don’t think this look is so bad. The only thing I wish she’d change is her hairstyle. Straight hair with heavy bangs…it’s a severe look few women of any age could wear without looking old. I think with a more unstructured style, she could look great in this outfit.

  • lainecarol

    I agree- enough with the fashion police. Wear whatever makes you feel good. I think the key is to wear stuff that compliments your figure- that means not wearing a string bikini if you’re grossly overweight etc., and yes, dress occasion- appropriate. They’re just clothes-not tattoos or serial numbers. We don’t all have to dress the way some “experts” think we do.

  • Roxy

    First celb I thought of when I saw the heading.. Madonna!

  • The most disturbing thing about Janice Dickinson’s outfit is the way her ribs are sticking WAY out.
    Mariah looks just fine the way she’s dressed; however, some of those outfits wouldn’t even look very good on a young woman.

  • TinaM

    Well the bottom line, it would seem is to wear what you like, as long as it fits you and looks good on you and does not embarrass you. Your not your child, your not your parents, you are you, so find a style that suits you and fits you and keep on stepping.

  • LOL, here we go with this stuff. So can anyone tell me who made the age limits? I get so tried of this stuff. Women use to not to be able to wear pants and it was really looked down when women wore red lipstick, even wearing the red color was a big taboo. The greatest thing about being who you are…Is the fact that you are YOU. If it something that you wouldn’t wear then you don’t wear it and leave people alone…You don’t want to see it close your eyes. Life is too short to be this judgmental.

  • So basically what your saying is that throughout EVERY stage of our life, we will be slaves to what twenty-something fashion editors think were supposed to look like? Bad taste is OK. Who gives a s**t?

  • Guwah, that poor woman in the bathing suit! x_x;;;; I don’t want to see any ribs on anyone, honestly!!

    I feel okay about Snoop Dogg. I don’t think I’d recognize him NOT sporting the ’90s look! 😀 But yeah, I think a lot of these celebs could benefit from learning how to age gracefully..

    (I *hate* how Dolly Pardon looks now. :/ She would have been a really beautiful older woman if she’d just left herself alone..)

    Edit: BTW, what is holding Madonna together?! I’m guessing wires and metal, at this point. Meaning she’s an android. And that the real Madonna disappeared several years ago.

  • Big Pimpin’

    I’d hit it!

  • dtrsmith

    They should thou the last one in jail for showing that body and wearing that swimsuit.why didnt someone tell her how bad she looked before she came out SAD.

  • kohla

    OMG! I thought Janice Dickinsons ribs were an extra pair of boobs. EAT A SANDWICH. or at the very least an apple.

  • First I thought such nonsense then I saw madge and angie you are rigth!

  • If you dress old, you feel old!!

  • Gx

    As for “dressing too young” the demographics have changed these days… mamas, grandmas & even great-grandma’s are younger… If they paid for their clothes.. then whose to say what they can & cannot wear? They do.
    If ya got it flaunt it! … That’s why I don’t tell my age.:D

  • ch

    This article is insulting.
    People can look silly and inappropriate at any age. Some of these celebs dress to suit an image based on their job i.e Snoop. It’s about “personA” not the person.
    Some women fear aging and exhibit this by trying to be 20-forever through their clothes and that is truly pathetic.
    But it’s a reaction to a culture which condemns, devalues and discards women just because they get older as we all must do. It reflects the immaturity and lmited mentality of such a culture.

  • too old to be commenting

    I’m on board with most the other celebs being too old for their outfit but this photo of madonna is awesome. She’s choosing something that is in style but looks good on her. You can’t just stop paying attention to fashion if you have always been on the cutting edge. Madonna set the trends in the 80’s and she’s rockin’ the arm warmers in 2012.

  • …that face need work…

  • i really don’t car how anyone dresses.

  • I agree with most of the suggestions here. But I have to say that Madonna still has MAD style! Rock on Madonna!

  • I agree with all the comments on all the other stars except the ones for Madonna… she looks stunning, who gives a crap what she is wearing. She pulls it off with class. Great job Madonna!!!


    Miss Hurts…..YOU MADE ME ROLL…more or less I was thinking the same exact thing….I’m with you, “Hater?” Really? If anything Jupiter was encouraging us to not be “haters”…But anyway…i just had to comment on this (9 MONTHS LATER)

  • sexylatina

    damn that body guard yummy his hott

  • RealTalk202

    so Disrespectful….Madonna looks good plus she’s an icon who can get away with this. Vivica normally looks her age and good as well but that one pic I dont know what happend…is it that serious though? the rest like jim jones mama and mama combs need therapy

  • Sabrina Whiting-Fowler

    Kinda lost, are the young people dressing older? You can walk down the street and see a 17 and 40 year old wearing the same clothes. I think what ever age you are if it looks nice on you it is ok to wear. Key is look nice. Now for the Young people their clothes are way to out there.

  • Karissa Kane

    Janice Dickinson looks the worst in these pictures. That top…it confuses me to look at her wearing that. Like, what? She’s not a bad looking woman but that swimsuit should be thrown out

  • Lidia Guzman

    O.G. he can wear whatever he wants. I would laugh if I saw him in a sweater vest.

  • Kendra

    So … who decided all of this? If you’re 85 and you feel like wearing a studded tank top, pink tutu and army boots. It’s your body and your right what to wear. DO IT. If you think older people look silly wearing something that expresses their creativity, all I can say is wait until you’re older and try wearing plain or boring clothes. It’s not much fun.

  • Jessica Copeland

    yall are just jealous of Mariah she looks good for 40.

  • Grits.N.Jowls

    You do have a Constitutional right to make a fool out of yourself and your neighbors have the same right to tell you.

  • Tern

    The list’s entire basis is bigotry. For that is what the entire idea of age specific clothes is.
    Especially an assault on bodily wellbeing is the age related bigotry over shorts. It is known from “sensory issues”, a sensitivity to fabrics and skin pressure, active metabolism and strong body heat, that features in autism and adhd, that the personal comfort liberty to bare legs is part of some folks’ biological wellbeing. This doe not cease to be with age. Quite the reverse, if a person suffered oppression of shorts in their youth and then gets to know about this when they are older, then older shorts wearing is what thsy need to have any of their life unabused at all.
    The British school culture of both formal uniform rules and peer group ribaldry not allowing shorts for older schoolboys, and the hate crime episode 2/6 of TV comedy Blackadder that publicly incited and endorsed bullying for it, are proved a gender discriminatory mass child abuse.

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