Ashley Everett Shares How Beyoncé Influenced Her Signature Red Hair

Ashley Everett Talks Beyoncé, Fashion And (Red) Hair!

If you’ve been to a Beyoncé concert in the last five years, chances are you’ve spotted her right hand woman with the fiery red hair. That’s Ashley Everett, lead dancer and natural hair maven, who’s had a hand in some of her most iconic videos to date (“Single Ladies,” “Run The World”).

Although she’s known for backing the musical force that is Mrs. Carter, life on the stage has lead to a plethora of other opportunities, including a role on the VH1’s Hit The Floor. More than anything, her tens of thousands of social media followers have fallen in love with that signature mane and want to know how they can achieve the same naturalista curls.

When Everett stopped by for a chat, we quickly learned that having healthy hair isn’t as unattainable as it seems. Press play for all of her beauty must haves as well as the scoop on how Beyoncé convinced her to go red!