StyleBlazer NYC Street Fashion Snapshots 03.30.12: Winter Fur Flashback Edition


We’re less than two weeks into spring, but as far as anyone is concerned winter is long gone.  However, given the east coast’s recent bout of cold weather, the coats are coming back out.  And we can’t help but reminisce on fashions of the season past.  Except, we couldn’t remember much beyond all that fur!  Fur coats, fur collars, fur hats, fur details, as fur as the eye can see.  It’s always been the go-to texture in winter for its warm and lavish appeal, but did we over do it this winter?

Check out the featured fur looks in this week’s StyleBlazer NYC Street Fashion Snapshots, the Winter Fur Flashback Edition.



Editor’s Notes:  We appreciated the brights trend, and general anything-goes fashion, this past winter.  But even with warm colors and florals, there was still fur.

  • Mannequin007

    I love the floral part of the outfits but I definitely hate the fur, I really don’t think it’s justifiable to kill those precious animals just to make one self beautiful..

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