Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada On Reality Shows & Summer Beauty

SB Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada On Her Summer Beauty Essentials



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Evelyn Lozada has a new show on OWN, and she is set on losing her bad girl reputation.

The reality star gained fame on “Basketball Wives,” but after a very public domestic violence incident and divorce, Lozada is focused on doing something positive with her life.

“I think a lot of times, when you are in a toxic and abusive relationship, you think life is over, you’re never going to find anybody, you’re so torn down it’s hard to see clearly,” Lozada said to StyleBlazer at a press luncheon. “I want to uplift women and show that there’s something good that can happen when you leave those type of relationships.”

For Lozada, her new reality series, “Livin’ Lozada” does just that. Instead of focusing on a sometimes catty group of women, it focuses solely on Lozada and her family, especially her daughter Shaniece and her 1-year-old son Leo.

“Being a mom after 21 years of not having a baby it was a little rough, especially since my son didn’t sleep, and I was very vocal about that on Twitter,” Lozada said between laughs. “Just trying to balance everything, but I just really feel that this is my purpose, doing this reality show. I had other offers to do reality shows, like three, and it just didn’t feel right. This feels good, for me to be able to have more control and do something positive. It was perfect.”

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Any show with Lozada is guaranteed to be jam packed with drama, and in its inaugural season, the show will focus on helping her mother find her father, her daughter’s upcoming bikini line and getting her career back on track.

However, while her on-screen persona might be getting a makeover on her new reality show, Lozada is just as stylish as ever. Be sure to tune in for the series premiere on Saturday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

We spoke exclusively with Lozada, and she dished on her go-to summer beauty products, how she keeps her hair flawless, and just what we can expect on ‘Livin’ Lozada’: 

On approaching ‘Livin’ Lozada’ differently than ‘Basketball Wives’: “I never felt like I had to bring the drama. That’s the great thing about being on OWN, I really get to be myself. And although you see me a little upset at times, I think that was what was refreshing. Yeah, it’s very different when I first walked into the OWN offices… it’s like ‘God is in here.’ You just feel so good. It was so empowering and uplifting. I would never knock VH1 because that worked for me at the time. Life has changed, life has evolved so I am in a different place. It’s just different, it’s just totally different.”

On her go-to hair products: “Nioxin, for thinning and sometimes when your scalp starts flaking, the Nioxin is really helpful. You know what else works for my hair, having a dryer. I call it the Dominican hair dryer. I bought it on Amazon for $120 and it doesn’t take up that much space in your house. I am under that dryer with conditioning treatments or with a roller set, but it really, really helps my hair. Especially because I have a lot of color in my hair. That is my greatest investment when it comes to my hair, that dryer. I lug it with me wherever I move to. I found one girl in LA that knows how to curl my hair exactly how the Dominican stylists do, and she is fantastic. That is why I bought the dryer, because she was like, ‘We can do them at home,’ and it’s been a lifesaver. And Biosilk Silk Therapy. I don’t put too much of it, just a little bit on the ends.”

On her go-to beauty products:Youth H2O. I don’t really endorse a lot of things, but this is something I truly believe in. It’s been great for my hair and skin. If you look at video of me on “Basketball Wives” my skin was struggling a little bit. It’s just an all natural product and it’s amazing. It’s good to work from the inside out. If you are eating greasy food all day, it’s going to affect your skin. That is why I drink the Youth H2O everyday. The Dr. Lancer products have also been amazing for me. I’m 39, there’s certain things I need to do like exfoliate, and those products have been great for me.”

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