#BlackGirlGoddess: Rajni Jacques Just Got A Job At Racked!

#BlackGirlGoddess: Rajni Jacques Just Got A Job At Racked!

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Photo: Instagram

We’ve long held the belief that there needs to be more black editors in relevant roles in the industry. In our opinion, these editors not only will likely ensure that the women who look like them are represented appropriately but that content will be crafted that not only understands the consensus of the majority but also the nuances of minority and subcultures as well. So the news that the online fashion publication dedicated to shopping, Racked, has hired Rajni Jacques as their first editor at large, gets loads of support from us.

Do you not know Rajni? Let’s put it this way, she’s worked for Vibe, Nylon and Glamour. Think of that trajectory and demographics that she’s spoken to as everything from an accessories editor to a news director. She even worked at Christian Louboutin. Yes! Lou-Bou-Tin. And now, is headed to an online native publication.

In her new gig basically Rajni is going to oversee everything fashion at Racked. Expect her to rope in her print experience by running fashion editorials but she’ll also be working with the team at large, hopefully help to shape articles as well. The Hatian-American who studied journalism, communication and political science at Rutgers, is sure to bring amazing things to an already strong website.

As is typical for a modern editor, Rajni is a street style goddess. So while we can not wait for her work to appear on Racked, we’re already taking a trip down memory lane in her Instagram feed. Take a look at some of our favorite looks in the slides to follow.

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