Nicky Hilton, The Bride, Wore Valentino

Nicky Hilton, The Bride, Wore Valentino

Nicky Hilton leaves Claridge's on route to her wedding

Photo: WENN

Real recognize real just as much as the rich recognize the rich. That statement was probably most evident in the betrothal of Nicky Hilton — yes, Hilton like Hilton Hotels — to one James Rothschild — yes, like heir to the Rothschild estate. Can you talk about the confluence of wealth?!

Of course, we here at StyleBlazer were interested in one thing first and foremost: the dress. With couture week wrapping up, Hilton donned a £50,000 Valentino couture dress with a massively long veil and dress. How long you ask? So long that it could be parked on by a Bentley, unbeknownst to Hilton herself. Talk about first world problems: Bentley on my couture.


Thank you Valentino Haute Couture for designing me my dream wedding dress!

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The wedding itself was at Kensington palace because, where else would it be? Hilton with her high neck, voluminous lace gown was the picture of perfection, wearing a pair of white Christian Louboutins that really didn’t’ see the light of day. With so much dress, Hilton had a cadre of assistants in waiting fluffing and adjusting the hem all day. The Rothschild’s suit was a lot less intense, though bespoke and from Savile Row tailor Huntsman.

But Valentino always turns out amazing gowns and is known for dressing brides of a certain calibre. As the brand just showed their latest couture collection, we looked back at that after Nicky’s betrothal. See photos in the slides to follow

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