It's Time To Troll The Topshop Archive

It’s Time To Troll The Topshop Archive

topshopSometimes the best pieces in fashion get away, we all know that. In fact, Moda Operandi did a video series about just that, “The One That Got Away.” Whether it be because of finances or availability, it just happens to all of us. And because of that, re-releases are our fashionable lifeblood.

One of the coolest rereleases we’ve seen was with the brand Proenza Schouler who, after a decade, re-issued their first collection. That range only ended up being 13 pieces but boy was it prized. Now a high street mass retailer is next up to bat.

Let’s just be honest: Topshop is one of our favorite stores. With pretty decent quality and amazing pricing , they strike the perfect balance to our essentials. Now, the brand is going back through all of their designs through the 1970s and have selected their best pieces and re-issued them. It’s a pretty amazing line up that includes could dresses, floral printed shorts and even a raver coat. Check it all out on their site as it launched this week but get a preview in the slides to follow!

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