Rihanna Hair Files: Rih Rih Debuts Black Shaved Look (Do We Like Her Blonde, Red, Or Jet Black?)

Rihanna Hair Files: Rih Rih Debuts Black Shaved Look (Do We Like Her Blonde, Red, Or Jet Black?)

It’s hard to keep up with Rihanna’s ever-changing looks. And when it comes to her hair, the Bajan beauty is one true style chameleon. She debuted her fresh black locks, complete with a shaved side, during her Battleship press appearances in Tokyo over the weekend.

She helped trademark the shaved ‘do in 2009, and since then R&B divas from Cassie to Dawn Richards, and even young Willow Smith, have followed suit.

Rihanna prefaced her new Instagram photo shoot with the caption, “Cuz I’m black, b*tch.” She’s taking the Thug Life mantra quite seriously these days.


StyleBlazers, what do you think of Rih Rih’s new look? Haute or out of control?

  • juliemango

    Ravishing Red was the most effective hair Colour for Ri Ri. She may just recycle it. Ask her accountant which one he/she likes best!!!

  • Ped_kia82

    Maybe if the hair was styled different…I hate it…I liked her hair short best


    Cute Rhi Rhi……….Black is Beautiful..no matter what….

    • Pearly Diamond

      We stay fly talking about we want hair like white girls. I hate white people and  they copy black people and go and tan on the tanning bed for nice brown skin. Whey my haters at?  We look better than you people who were born with blond hair. If you aint born with it buy it. Keep on hating hater.

      • Snowspot

        “we stay fly” lol, what are you, 5? 

      • Luther

        “You people”….WOW ignorance at its finest.  Hair is not about race…but thank you for proving yourself as a ignorant loud mouthed stereotype!

    • Britt_Chanel

      Actually, women of all races wear extensions….do your research:)

  • juliemango

    I have the forest green trench to those blue n red ones!!!

  • Rubellious

    Let her keep rocking out I luv Rhi RhI
    Whatever her hair color!

  • Courtneyhilton32

    looks nice but i loved the black best….looks a lil like copycating from cassie

    • Pearly Diamond

      Rih Rih could never copy Cassie, Rhianna is an original and a trendsetter. Rhianna is the real ish. Courtney what you been smoking?

  • Mekkybrown

    I think she’s gorgeous<3

  • Lady Belle

    Identity Crisis.

  • J.L.

    She’s really pretty and I like how she reinvents herself..but she’s not a thug and she’s not about that life. She’s been real wild acting since all that mess with her and Chris..like that situation turned her into some kind of Hollywood Gangsta.

    • That mess with Chris Brown made her career.  She got more exposure  
      from the talk shows.  Most of the talk show are for main stream stay at home moms.  The problem is for me with this singer.  I do not know if the rumors are true.  How many of you will act in a manner that is fitting with main stream society if you found out.  One,  the your lover has been cheating on you and has something that Western medicine can not get  rid.

  • Dastroka

    Skin Diamond wanna be!!

  • Mpollockgr

    I love her versatility. She always changing her look. She’s rocking to her own beat.


  • jayrich2u

    She never passes up a chance to throw up those illuminati signs.

  • Sero

    stop trying to be gangsta rhi rhi you not hard you soft wannabe!

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  • witdo

    i hate white poeple black is where its at 

  • GTFO

    white girls just mad cuz we look better yall have nuthin on balck girls sorry hair in all

  • Sweet_lies

    i love rihanna but i think she looks a mess these days 🙁

  • Proudblackbeauty

    I luv the new look, if you can really call it that…RiRi has done the mohawk more then any other celeb. and black isn’t exactly a “new” look for her either. The only thing new about this style is the length, and I am in love.