Body After Baby: 7 Hot Mamas Who Got Fit Just Weeks After Giving Birth! (Bey, Mariah, Alicia, J-Hud, & More!)

  • My_Mind_Speaks

    *scrolls down*
    *looks pass 8 page clicks*
    *reads comments*
    *post this comment*
    *hit (back) button*


  • Sardg34

    Mel B should be 1st on this list!

  • Penisjohnson1022

    Beyonce just removed a pillow, so what weight loss did she do?

  • Gh

    What about Kendra?!

  • Nat79

    Beyonce ain’t got no buisness being on that list!!

  • te7221`

    beyonce still have her gut she cant put the booty pad on now i agree mel b should have been 1st

  • te7221`

    oh sorry some of you might not know beyonce been wearing a booty pad for years click beyonce the biggest all  beyonce copies again beyonce wears booty pad beyonce beyonce admits she copies but in beyonce the biggest copycat at the begining she claims she does her own work

  • Marquis Marvon’sUncle Smith

    I love how everyone just hates on Beyonce

  • Zak

    Yes this list definitely sucks!! Mel B should have been on the list as everyone said and Kendra.  You guys already know they weren’t going to leave out Dear Bey and Angelina didn’t make the list either she did have kids….

  • Executees

    Tia Mowry

  • diva

    Beyonce should have not been up their she never had a baby she just walked around with a pillow in her stomach for 7 months and used a surrogate that is not hating that is sick, mental and pathetic  it should be nia long, mariah carey, tia mowry


    Mowry, of course – especially since she had a c-section.

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