15 Road Trip Travel Hacks

Summer Fun: Travel Hacks For A Bump-Free Road Trip


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Late summer basically begs for a weekend road trip with your family or best friends.

Whether you hit your favorite beach a few states away or explore a new small town, summer road trips create great, long-lasting memories. We already figured out the best outfits for your road trip, but you can still hit some bumps in the road.

If you are traveling with kids, how do you keep them entertained for more than 20 minutes? How do you find a last minute room if you need to make an unscheduled stop? Where can you get a get good grub? How much is gas around here anyway?

So many things to consider, but don’t fret because there is a travel hack for all of that!

We rounded up all the road trip travel hacks to make sure your ride is bump-free:

Get A Split Car Charger

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Stop fighting over who’s phone is going to get charged and buy a split charger.

Get A Portable Charger

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You’ll be out all day Instagramming and snapchatting away from a plug, so you’ll be thankful for this extra charge.

Hotel Tonight App

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If you get a bit off schedule and need to rest for a night, this app will help you find a last-minute hotel room.

Gas Buddy App

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If you are not familiar with the gas stations in your area, this app will find the lowest price.

Have An Emergency Kit

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Include car emergency items like jumper cables, a jack, and your AAA card and also a first aid kit with bandages, antibiotic ointment, and medication.

Dryer Sheets


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Keep weird smells at bay by keeping a few dryer sheets handy.

Keep Smalls Bills For Tolls

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Depending on where you are going, your EZ-pass might not be accepted. So don’t end up with big fines due to your empty pockets.


best food for sun protection
Healthy snacks are important for long road trips. So keep your passengers from getting “hangry” and prep snack bags ahead of time.

Create A Long Spotify Playlist

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Let the co-pilot actually enjoy the trip instead of playing the DJ the entire trip by creating a playlist.

Create A Kids Survival Kit

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It’s hard to keep kids from killing each other in the back seat, even during a short ride. Create a survival guide including coloring books, toys, games and snacks.

Keep Copies Of Important Documents On Hand


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If you are taking a trip across the border, scan important documents and email them to yourself in case you lose them or need them replaced.

Bring A Spare Key

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You don’t want to be 529 miles away from home and can’t get into your car. Get a small magnetic key box and stick it inconspicuously under your car.

Drop A Pin

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Don’t be those travelers who can’t remember where they parked in a strange city. Drop a pin before you leave.

Sit or Squat

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Yes, public restrooms are kinda gross, but when nature calls, you have to answer. This app helps you find the least gross one.

Enjoy Yourself!

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Even if some things go wrong, just roll with the punches and enjoy your trip. Most importantly, experience the world for yourself and not only through the camera screen.

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