7 Reasons Why Rihanna SHOULD Play Whitney Houston In A Biopic (They Have More In Common Than You Think!)

7 Reasons Why Rihanna SHOULD Play Whitney Houston In A Biopic (They Have More In Common Than You Think!)

I know, I know…  the idea of Rihanna playing Whitney Houston in a film might seem as outlandish as Britney Spears playing Hillary Clinton.  But pop music’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” has expressed interest in playing the late icon, if a film was ever made about Whitney’s life.

We can think of a million reasons why it isn’t a good idea for Rihanna to take on such an ambitious role, and why she should stay far away from the role. And the only person who could ever come close to the privilege of portraying our beloved Whitney is the Academy Award winning Jennifer Hudson.  But if you think about it, after all, Jennifer Lopez’s  vocal ability of the late Tejano singer, Selena, did wonders in the film adaptation of the slain singer’s life.  And at a closer look, it looks like Rih Rih and Whitney have more in common than we thought: they love bad boys, they started out modeling, became music stars who took their massive appeal to the big screen. Maybe Rihanna wouldn’t be a bad option after all.

StyleBlazers, do you think Rihanna has what it takes to play Whitney in a movie?

Here’s 7 Reason’s why Rih has our vote…


One thing’s for certain: they are both stunningly beautiful.


Although Rihanna doesn’t have the octaves that “The Voice” had, she is an incredible performer and lights up every stage she sets foot on.


They both love bad boys. ‘Nuff said.


Whitney was known for her sass, and Rihanna is also young, fearless, and a bit out of control.



They both got into the music business at a young age.


Like Whitney, Rih Rih is venturing into acting roles. She’ll make her screen debut this summer in Battleship.

  • Guest

    Rihanna is not the only female celebrity out now that has these things in common with Whitney Houston.  Rihanna would be a terrible Whitney.  Whitney lit up the stage not because she was simply beautiful and a star, but she had an amazing voice.  You know.. talent, not just shock value.

  • Ecu_grrl

    Rihanna was in one of those Bring It On movies… Battleship will not be her screen debut

    • CortniSmith

      Rihanna played herself in the Bring It On film…. Battleship WILL be her movie debut!

  • Karla_w2000

    These are terrible reasons plus how many other singers have these traits?

    • Www Aaliyah25houston

      Paula patton would be great for the role,appearance wise,not vocally

  • LeandraSmith

    Rihanna did NOT start as a model! That’s for the birds cough :::karueche::cough & two thiare that’s right about this whole post are both love bad boys and dey both gorgeous

  • Courtneyhilton32

    i totally disagree whitney started of wholesome fresh and fun…idk if thats the same for ms. rhi

  • I thinks they are soo much different, Riri will not be able to ever sing like Whitney, so she wouldn’t be able to sing herself in the movie if it ever occurs!! divacluchic on etsydotcom.:)

  • RockNDork

    JENNIFER LOPEZ DID NOT SING ON SELENA!!! WTF?! JLO CANT SING, SHE TALKS SMOOVE…Rihanna is beautiful and sorta has the same facial structure like whitney JHud still has a FAT UGLY FACE no matter how skinny she gets.

    • chaka1

       J-lo can act, J-lo can dance, J-lo has stage presence, J-lo can speak Spanish.

  • Jackie

    She can’t sing or speak english or act. Also I almost for got she a ho

    • Trisha_B

      Then what language does she speak? French? lmao

      Her accent will get in the way of her doing a biopic of Whitney. & Idk if her acting is that great to play such a strong role of Whitney. They do have similar characteristics, & facially Rihanna will make a good Whitney. But acting & singing wise Rihanna can’t do it. Even if she was to lipsync for the movie during the singing parts like JLO did in Selina, the acting & accent wouldn’t work. 
      & Rihanna was never a model

    • iReezy

      LOL she in fact does speak English!  She just does it with an accent.  Silly people…

  • Guest

    No.  Whitney Houston had a sassy attitude and a voice to match.  She was edgy but classy and I think Rihanna is waaaay to over the top to play her in a movie.  An up north girl with a sassy attitude raised in church needs to play this role.  The comparisons are very lame might I add and give no credibility as to why she should portray her.  This was not a well thought out article.

    • Marcandrew

      so true! love the classy part with a little edge, sooo true!!!

  • Sapphire

    If she can act, then she can act like she has a little class, she’ll be able to act like a lady, she’ll be able to act like she can sing, she’ll be able to act, well,  like she can act.  Its all about professional foolery. If she can act, she may be able to fool everybody.

  • Faithz

    She could pull this off in a big way.

    • Trisha

      NO SHE CAN’T!!!

  • Whitney was an icon and a entertainer Rhianna is just thing that is popular because these youngins dont no what real singing or entertainment or class is. Please don’t play Whitney like that. They would be better going with an unknown actress.

  • Hamptone

    Rhiana does not have Whitney’s grace, spritiuality and presence…wouldn’t work!

  • chaka1

    Here are 7 reasons she should not:
    1. She can’t sing
    2. She can’t act
    3. She can’t perform
    4. She has too many tats
    5. She has a bad attitude
    6. She can’t speak American English
    7. She has no depth or range

    • Trisha

      Yes PLEEEASE DON’T cast Rihanna she’s not a good candidate at all!

  • A R Goodness

    I love Rihanna, but Uh NO.  Its cute that you highlighted everything they have in common but the fact is she aint no Whitney.  Go’on give that role to J Hud and call it a day.lmao

  • lu.donley


  • NegRican24

    It doesn’t matter what they have in common, it’s not a good fit. It would be another case of Diana Ross playing Billie Holiday, it’s just not the right person. She doesn’t even favor her a little. 

  • Trisha

    I knew this would be coming up next about who will play Whitney in a movie!  The perfect person that resembles her is the young lady in the group EnVogue she resembles Whitney and she can sing!  Rihanna ***do you hear the sound of crickets***

  • Jeromebatiste

    i think beyonce should play the part!

    • Just saying!

      One problem: her acting is horrible.

  • Kenya

    No Way!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Rihanna is talented, but vocally, she isn’t on the same level as Whitney.  She is prettier than Whitney though, but they need more than just a pretty face to play an icon, and whether people like it or not, Rihanna is an icon (in music, fashion, and pop culture) in her own right.  Get some talented unknown to play Whitney.  Not to mention Rihanna’s accent is too strong.


    JUST AN OUTRIGHT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diva

    Please do not disgrace whitney houston rih cannot play whitney houston i say monica, brandy or bobbi kris these people were closer to whitney rih can’t sing like whitney j hud would even do well they better keep looking i would even do good playing the role of whitney houston.

  • iReezy

    I agree with the majority of the comments here, Rihanna in no way can portray WH.  However, neither can Jennifer Hudson.  I think the best thing to do (if this biopic really happens) would be to hold auditions, find an undoubtedly talented UNKNOWN actress and give her the chance of a lifetime.  This role does not need to be filled by a celebrity.

  • NegRican24

    It doesn’t matter what they do have in common, it’s what they don’t. Those are the things that are needed to make it a good and believable biopic. If not it’s just gonna turn out to be another Lady Sings The Blues or Cadillac Records. They either need to use Kelly Rowland lip synching or find an unknown church “sanger” that favors her. 

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