Exclusive: Zendaya Talks Her 'Dope' New Shoe Line

SB Exclusive: Zendaya’s New Shoe Line Is All About The Details


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On her design process: “It was lots and lots of back and forth. I am a perfectionist. I am obsessive, so there were a lot of conversations about things like the nude. I talked to the lead designer for like three hours to find the perfect nude. ‘It can’t be too pale, it can’t be too tan, it has to look good on every woman’s skin.’

Law: “It started with figuring out what the aethestic of the brand should be and once we narrowed that down, it became a little bit easier. Everything else falls into place.”

On her attention to detail:

Law: “This one, her attention to the smallest detail is beyond me.”

Zendaya: “I would refuse to wear anything I didn’t like. With anything I do, with branding, with my Instagram. You know how many people come to me with things and they want me to put my name on it or tweet about it? If it’s not real, if it doesn’t make sense and I don’t think my girls should hear it, then I’m not going to do it.”

On her new love of sandals: “That was the big thing with these shoes. If I don’t wear them on the red carpet, if I don’t feel comfortable in them… I’ve never liked flats and I never liked sandals. So I was like how am I going to make something that I like, and now I’m like, ‘I think I like sandals now.'”

Law: “She’s created a middle ground. Before she was like sneakers or heels. With these collection she’s literally created a middle ground and hopefully that will translate to other girls. We’re in an age where people can sniff out the fake shit, that she is just wearing it because her name is on it.”

On naming the shoe line “Daya”: “I didn’t want it to say Zendaya, I wanted them to stand by themselves as a shoe. I didn’t want people to like them just because I wear them or because they’re from me.”

On her favorite shoe: “These are my babies. I am in love with every different piece. Even if I didn’t like that type of shoe, when I created my own version of it, I am obsessed. I am very excited about it. Again, being edgy and being different but with classic shapes. I love the slides because they are tomboy chic with the fringe. There are some really dope sandals. I am not going to be able to pick.”