Beyoncé's Obsession With The Color Blue: Overkill or Adorable? (You be the Judge!)

Beyoncé’s Obsession With The Color Blue: Overkill or Adorable? (You be the Judge!)

We heart Beyoncé, we truly do. And after weeks of deliberation on whether or not it’s ok to question the proud new mom’s fly blue swag, we chucked up the courage to put it out there. So here goes: is Beyoncé’s recent obsession with the color blue overkill or absolutely adorable?

Yes, we know she wears the color to pay respect to her and hubby Jay-Z’s 3-month-old baby. Yes, the rich hue, in every variation, looks great against her flawless complexion. Yes, stylistically, blue is just as universal as black and easy to incorporate into a myriad of looks.  But is it ok to constantly rerun the same cobalt nail polish? Wear every single piece of blue jewelry you own at the same time?

StyleBlazers, we rounded up a few snapshots of Bey spotted in one of many variations of Blue, take a browse and let us know how you feel. 


Mrs.Carter steps out with Blue Ivy for a fun day of furniture shopping at DDC on April 2, 2012 in NYC. Spotted: Powder Blue Tee

Beyoncé and Jay-Z leave an Obama fundraiser in NYC on March 19, 2012 where Bey was spotted in a Blue Victoria Beckham Sheath and Cobalt Nails. 


Mama Bey was all smiles as she carried baby Blue in a leopard print Alice Baby Bjorn and a voluminous Blue Anorak.


Back in September 2011, a pregnant Beyoncé wore a short Blue Sequined Number at the launch for her perfume Pulse. Of course Blue Orchids decorated the backdrop.

 Bey turned a few heads in these Blue Aztec Patterned Leggings ($22 at ASOS) she wore strolling the streets of NYC in November 2011.

The entertainer rocked a Monique Lhuillier dress, Chanel purse, and Sapphire Lorraine Schwartz jewelry to Jay-Z’s Carnegie Hall performance back in February. Of course her infamous Cobalt Tips were in tow.

The expecting mom parades her baby bump in a Blue Leather Jacket with a matching Blue Polka Dot Scarf, in NYC back in October 2011.

  • well

    Overkill, its a way to have people talking about her and her baby. She demands a private life but throws it in everybody’s face every chance she gets.

  • Triston for Dummies

    iiiWouldn’t care if she stained her skin blue like an Avatar-Smurf hybrid. How’s that? NARF!!!

  • Msderivia

    If my baby’s name was Blue, I’d wear alot of blue too for a while. Wtf is wrong with that?

  • Truly Golden

    Bawsip has to find a reason to write about Bey everyday. Bawsip you are Bey’s biggest STAN.

  • Fe Clerk

    in the last pic, what is that on her finger above her knuckle??

    • IvyLeagueBlur


  • Trisha_B

    She can wear whatever she wants. So what? I don’t even like the woman but come on. Some people wear black all the time, or Lisa Raye wears white 24/7. Let Bey where her blue!

    (I’ve been looking for that cobalt blue nail polish everywhere & i can’t find it! I love that color)

    • We are making them richer

      Try Finger Paints: Cerulean Seascape

    • Preciousbyrd83

      opai has a beautiful shade of colbat…i love it too i wear it for my hubby

  • OneOfAKind

    She’s a proud mommy; Just let her be!

  • If my husband had a relationship with Singer Blu Cantrell, do you think I would have named by daughter Blue.  Not on your life.  Poor thing, stay out of the color blue.

    • jayrich2u

      GIIIIRRL…THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!  I thought I had read that they had a fling but wasn’t sure, so I researched it. Sure enough they did. And my baby woulda NEVER been named no Blue…even with the ‘E’!

  • We are making them richer

    Here comes another “Bey must have created this” saga. Beyonce is NOT the first person to love the color blue and wear it often. She is happy and it will wear off anyhow. She is not going to keep it up forever. She is just in love with her life and her family. The only problem I have is that now anyone wearing blue is only doing so because of her. I know of a 14 year old whose fav color has been blue since the first grade and now she has to have something blue on everyday. She has been doing that for 3 years now. Nothing to do with Bey. I wear blue nail polish and I look good in blue so I wear it a lot, it is my fav color. But other than that I just do not care what color she is wearing. Her fans may, but I think this is a cute gesture towards her daughter and love for her husband. Yes Bey gets corny and weird here and there, but this is just a color geesh!

  • Mandylynn_13

    OVERKILL of a marketing stunt. It’s SO OBVIOUS why she’s OVER-DOING this
    childish blue stunt, so she can PER USUAL take something familiar and
    attach her name to it. This time the color blue is her VICTIM. Beyonce
    stay attaching her tired name to familiar items and concepts so she can
    profit off of it. All she does is find something already familiar to the public then she
    leaches on to it so that she is forever associated with it. Whenever her stans see Blue they will think of her, like she wants them to. Mind control and publicity is all that mess is. It has nothing to do
    with being a proud or new mother, that’s actually stupid. A grown women
    stocking up on blue clothes and accessories and wearing blue hair
    extensions because she’s a proud new mom, WTF, that sound like something
    someone 14 and pregnant would do. What if the kid’s name was gravy? Just dumb to think naming your kid
    a color and wearing that  color everyday isn’t an intentional crazy
    person publicity stunt

    • Precious

      u sound like a hater whn i had my daughter i obsessed wit pink , my hubby loves blue, and i wear blue everychance i gt . u sound ridiclous … n if u werent a lil concerened you wouldnt have taken the time to look through all the pics…n if u look at the dates there not even all in the same timeframe…….haters never prosper

      • Lissybsmith

        Shut up! He had a point, she does take things and try to market them as her own just like she did with the term bootylicious or however you spell that mess. That term been out because I heard it in a song from the 70’s then she had to take it and turn it into a song.

  • How is this different from when people get tattoos of their kids’ names/faces? We honor the people we cherish the most however we choose to!

  • Lis

    It’s not like she’s wearing blue from head to toe everyday. It’s jus a lil bit. Gosh I always have a bit of black in my outfit. Shoot me

  • Courtneyhilton32

    great to be a proud mother! even more great to want to advertise her name but please please please dont overdue it we all know her name is blue you dont have to tell us thru your leggings dresses and nails ok!

  • Preciousbyrd83

    i agree she does to show all the hater


    This post nailed my sentiments EXACTLY.  When I heard about her & Jay wanting to trademark their childs name I thought, who is stupid enough to think they can trademark a color…and a PLANT?  These ignorant people are so self absorbed it’s ridiculous.  I wish they would go and sit down somewhere, SMH.

    • Christine Edmond

      they weren’t gonna trademark her name for pure vanity. there was a company that was trying to use the name for a line of baby clothes. they werent copyrighting the name to profit from that, they just ddnt want their child to be a marketing scheme.

  • Cscott37

    she is a new mom and IN LOVE with her baby. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • mochaaa

    i think it’s cute. they’re proud of their creation. i have yet to see more pics of blue’s face but somehow i don’t care lol her little feet will suffice. theyre so cute 

  • jayrich2u

    Definitely OVERKILL!

  • Febjul2629

    I myself like the color blue but not because beyonce shes making me want to go throw away everything that i have that is blue i mean you can only think that something like that was cute if you were immature cause thats something that a lil teenager would do. Like right now its an overkill because shes starting to look like a smurff with all this blue mess ijs

  • Febjul2629

    i’m sorry its smurf

  • Tjlynne

    Wow you really are a hater aren’t you? Did you ever think that Bey being attatched to something made that very thing more profitable? Get a life

  • Christine Edmond

    you seem extremely well-versed in everything Beyonce for someone who doesnt really like her.
    she doesnt attach her name to stuff to profit from it, she merely just popularizes ideas that she likes. she’s not tryna profit from the color blue, it just has significant meaning for her in her life. its not like she has an album, perfume, special line of clothing all called “blue”. shes not now calling herself “blue diamond” or something. shes not making money by wearing blue. 
    i’m a fan of beyonce and i honestly didnt realize shes been wearing a lot of blue except for her nail polish. people have done stranger things to honor their children. 

  • Yes the blue can be overkill but not as much as her videos. Even if it’s a trend statement to the birth of her daughter it does appear to be kind of kiddish BUT the blue dress did look nice; I just think she should have some other colors in there as well to make it look more fashionable. Like Janet does with black.

  • oh leave her alone.  that woman is so pretty she could wear anything and look better than the rest of us.  its wonderful that she loves her baby so much.  more women should show such love for their babies.  

  • Lissybsmith

    Overkill. Blue is my favorite color but I don’t rock it every day.

  • Really?

    Oh come on now, just because she wears blue and representin’ her baby, doesn’t mean she wants people to talk about her. She’s just like “Hey, I’m wearing blue because that’s my baby’s name.” You can’t tell me that little red riding hood did not wear a red riding hood. If you’re named after a color, you’re more likely to wear it because…well it’s YOU. In this case, baby is too young to show off herself in blue, so let the mama do it. No big deal.

  • Tamarind Lemur

    September’s birthstone is blue sapphire. Just sayin’.

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