Will Lamar Hurd Become ABC's First Black "Bachelor?" (No, Your Eyes Aren't Deceiving You!)

Will Lamar Hurd Become ABC’s First Black “Bachelor?” (No, Your Eyes Aren’t Deceiving You!)

ABC’s The Bachelor has been a primetime hit for years now. But in the show’s 16 season history, there has never been an African-American bachelor wooing ladies on romantic excursions from Italy to Monaco. Well, that’s all about to change. The adorable Lamar Hurd, a sportscaster from Portland, Oregon, is a frontrunner to star in season 17 of The Bachelor. He’s a former pro baller, and works with a youth group in his spare time. What’s not to love?

In addition to Hurd, the female love interests might finally get a much-needed dose of diversity, too! There’s hardly ever any women of color standing in ball gowns awaiting their rose during those dramatic elimination ceremonies.

Styleblazers, will you tune in to ABC to watch an African-American Bachelor? Check Hurd’s audition interview, and let us know if he has what it takes.


StyleBlazers, if Lamar becomes the 1st black bachelor, are you auditioning?!



-Jada Lacayo-Gomez

  • TekM

    It is really amazing to see how long it took for this show, which is geared toward a young audience to diversify.

    I think the producers are opening the gates to blacks because their ratings are declining not because they care about diversity. Regardless, minorities, particulary blacks will mindlessly watch like it’s no big deal that they’ve been ignored all these years. Well, have at it because Hurd will probably choose a white, Latina, or Asian contestant in the end, anyways.