Ombre Hair, Is It For Everyone? Tell Us Which Celebs Got It Right & Who Got It Wrong!

Ombre hair seems to be all the rage for many celebs including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Ciara and Keke Palmer. But we have one question for you StyleBlazers, is the look for everyone?

First things first, the correct way to pull off  ombre hair is to have the roots at the crown of your head a darker, more natural shade. Second, your hair at the bottom should gradually blend into a lighter tone. You can play up the look with  shades of vibrant reds, bombshell blondes and chocolaty browns.

Now that we all know the rules, lets dive into some celebs who’ve done it the right and wrong way…


Keke Palmer 


Miley Cyrus


Raven Symone 




Khloe Kardashian

Chanel Iman

Selita Ebanks


Teyana Taylor




Jessie J


  • SMH

    I like the look but I’m not dyeing my hair and weave is a no no.

  • Reginastokes Rs

    Rhianna’s hair looked more smoother with it being dyed and less complicated to maintenance.Sum of the celebs hair needed brushing up by the roots.

    • Smh

      So you can’t read or don’t know what an “ombre” is … The roots are supposed to be different Simon -___-

  • Williamsvivian



    keke: yes –  ciara:  no, as usual – selita:  no, looks better with short hair –

  • beautifulperson1

    whats wrong with Keke her hair is pretty on her

  • beautifulperson1

    Keke hair is pretty

  • beautifulperson1

    Palmer hair is cute, Cyrus its alright, Symone to much hair, Rihanna the black on top got to go, Khole look cute, Iman look cute, EBanks too much hair, Tayler what was she thinking, Ciara don’t look bad just need to brush it in the back a lil more I like the color, Jesse J the purple got to go, Nicki we all know is a joke and she just having fun, she cant honestly say that look good

  • seaki ache’

    i have been doing this for years, especially with locs that frame my face,………somebody biting off my style,….lol,..

  • Rah Truth

    Looks messy….like they were too lazy to dye their roots.

  • Renee Durden Hair Lifestylist

    Ravyn Simmone looks a HHHOOOTTT mess!!!!!!!!

  • Renee Durden Hair Lifestylist

    Khole K hair is done correctly.The way the hair is put in looks better if the person has a little length then its added in.

  • Renee Durden Hair Lifestylist

    Chanel the Diva Model looks beautiful. Her hair is done correctly!!!!

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