Exclusive: Diane Guerrero Talks Travel, Immigration & Eyeliner

SB Exclusive: ‘OITNB’ Star Diane Guerrero Talks Travel, Politics & Eyeliner

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Photo:  Nikki Nelson/WENN

Diane Guerrero can be described in one word: passionate.

Better known as the eyelined Maritza Ramos on “Orange Is The New Black,” Guerrero uses her platform to spread awareness about the immigration reform desperately needed in this country. Her passion poured through when she spoke of her own family’s deportation, and is fueling the writing process behind her upcoming memoir. Guerrero’s passion is also evident in #LoveTravels, a campaign launched by Marriott International, featuring Guerrero and other Latino stars sharing their cultural experiences, and what travel means to them.

“Some people travel on vacation to get away from it all, but I travel to get to it all,” said Guerrero. “I’m passionate about issues such as human rights and immigration reform and when I travel, I get to support this work, discovering new things and meeting new people.”

Guerrero travels not only to spread her message, but also for work (she currently stars in “OITNB” and “Jane The Virgin), and to visit her family in Colombia.

Now as immigration takes the spotlight for the upcoming election, and a small snafu on live television courtesy of Kelly Osbourne, which a GIF of Guerrero’s perfectly captured, the 29-year-old is ready to continue spreading her message, while simultaneously dishing on her go-to eyeliner tricks.

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On the misconceptions surrounding immigration:  “I think it’s lack of education on immigration. The Kelly Osbourne comment, I don’t have anything to say on that, but I feel like so many of us are not educated on the subject and that’s why I’m here doing the work that I’m doing so that I can bring as much knowledge and education, so we’re not so confused and scared of it. It’s such a hot button issue that we tend to go away from it, and we don’t understand and we don’t have smart things to say about it. Part of my work is educating others.”

On the 2016 campaigns: “I think people are starting to pay attention a little more. The air that we have around us now, we are coming up on elections, people are trying to get as much information on the candidates, and what’s going on. People are getting involved, people are using their voices, and people are starting to say ‘I don’t have all the information and I need to know more about this.’ I think it’s a good thing and it’s a great time to have discussion so we can all become more aware and understanding of each other.”

On diversity on television: “I don’t think it’s as much as trend, but it’s the way things are evolving. Diversity in the media and on TV should have happened whenever media started. It never should have been one-sided. It’s just a natural evolution, and I think that people are starting to open up more. There was such a demand in the real world. No one wants to watch something where they don’t see themselves in, and something that doesn’t reflect their environment or their community. We’re living in a diverse world, there’s no way we can continue to accept images and stories that don’t involve everyone. ‘Orange Is The New Black’ has definitely pushed the envelope by showing so many different stories and representing so many different people.”

On her upcoming memoir: “It’s a memoir about me growing up in this time of great adversity in my family. You’re going to learn more about me. I think so far what has been seen is been very much headlines, or one or two sentence answers of what I am about. That’s never the whole story. People are going to get a chance to see the full picture, and either appreciate or at least understand what I went through.  Its going to be helpful to a lot of people going through the same thing, or even immigration in this country.”

On her signature ‘OITNB’ eyeliner: “When it comes to eyeliner, I would say Q-tips and remover. The Q-tips, they really help you get that wing in the perfect shape. The remover because at the end of the day you really need to remove all that makeup off. Also, you use the remover to get the wing how you want it.

On her red carpet evolution: “What I’ve learned during these last couple years, it’s just make sure you go there and feel really, really comfortable. Sometimes you wear things because you think that’s what people are wearing or this is really pretty. But if the idea is there, and you’re not comfortable, then that is going to reflect. So above everything, I have to feel very, very comfortable.”

On fashion advice she would give her younger self:  “If I could back in time, I would tell myself to be more of myself and take more risks. I think my younger self was more afraid to take a fashion risk. Now, I wake up and I wear what I feel, not how I feel people are dressing. So take a risk girl, and if you want to wear it, wear it.”