Forever 21 Grows Up

Forever 21 Trying To Remove Self-Inflicted Age Limit

Forever 21

Photo: Shutterstock

For many, Forever 21’s age limit is in the name.

However, the fast fashion retailer is trying to target an older demographic by designing more sophisticated clothing. No longer aiming to be a mecca solely for teen shoppers, the Wall Street Journal detailed F21’s journey to changing its youthful image.

“We’ve been working hard to break down that barrier of age with our brand,” Forever 21’s vice president of merchandising Linda Chang told WSJ. “Part of it has to do with overcoming the stigma of our name — Forever 21.”

So how is the company doing this?

Along with adding more mature styles in their stores, the company has also begun reaching out to more “older” celebrities such as Diane Kruger, Mila Kunis and the Kardashians, to wear their adult-approved designs.

Kruger proves there are definitely pieces that women of all ages can rock from F21’s racks. However, as a 25-year-old, I know that shopping at Forever 21 means searching through the crop tops and cut-off shorts for more age appropriate pieces.

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