Exclusive: Jeannie Mai Talks Steampunk Resurgence

SB Exclusive: Jeannie Mai On The Steampunk Resurgence


Photo: FayesVision/WENN

Fashion has many sub-cultures when it comes to street wear.

One of those sub-genres is called Steampunk. Described as a retro-futuristic design movement, Steampunk is making a resurgence with a new reality competition show and popular trends such as corsets and body trainers.

Jeannie Mai, who has been a fan of the movement since her teenage years, is now hosting the GSN show “STEAMPUNK’D” and very excited about the trend going more mainstream.

“Steampunk is a retro-futuristic aesthetic and lifestyle that is inspired by the Victorian era and science fiction,” Mai told StyleBlazer exclusively. “It’s one of the most sexy and alluring sub-genres, and is brought to fruition by designers called “makers” who handcraft the world that you see as Steampunk.”

Mai, who is also a co-host on “The Real,” also shared her excitement about fall trends, which have a vaguely Steampunk edge, and what to expect in season two of the talk show.

From teaching us how to incorporate Steampunk into our every day wardrobe to trends she can’t wait to shop for fall, Mai gets “real” in the interview below:

On incorporating Steampunk into everyday style: “The Steampunk “look” is defined differently to each individual, but some signature details would be corsets, bustles, grommets or rivets. Incorporating these little touches can immediately give any outfit some edge.”

Favorite Fall fashion tips: “Coincidentally, the Victorian era is coming back in in a big way for fall. McQueen is unveiling a beautiful array of long sleeved, ruffled high neck blouses, while Brunello Cucinelli is sending romantic peasant skirts down the runway. I recommend finding something Victorian that appeals to you as mixing it up with more modern pieces. You don’t want to look like you left your horse and buggy out front. Although that’s hot, too.”

On trends she can’t wait to try: “Our fashionable Steampunk couturier Kato is going to make me a really cool thigh pack. I can’t wait to wear this everywhere!”

On what to expect on the next season of ‘The Real’: “I think all women are smart, opinionated, and multi-talented. Therefore, we want to see the same on TV. The ladies are also coming back with so much awesome news. Tamar and her hot new single, Adrienne and her Paris travels, Loni and her successful acting career, and Tamera with her beautiful baby girl ! There’s certainly a lot!”

On being a “wearapist”: “Wearapy is my belief that we can control our emotions from the outside in. As a Wearapist, I teach women to let our STYLE, not our mood, control us. For me, it means I have a superhero like power to achieve anything I put “mai” style to.”

On her go-to beauty products: “I just discovered you can eat your way to beauty. Beaming juices in LA and DLrevamp Detox + OnJuice Cleanse packaged meals from NY believe just that. Beaming is delicious, colorful cold pressed juices filled with specific anti-aging ingredients that work wonders. DLrevamp Detox + OnJuice Cleanse foods are unbelievably inventive and tasty meals and snacks that make you smile with incredible energy. You’ve gotta try them!”

Tune in Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on GSN to see Jeannie Mai host ‘STEAMPUNK’D’.

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