Editors' Picks: Is There An Age Limit On Certain Brands?

Editors’ Picks: Is There Really An Age Limit On Shopping Certain Brands?

baddie-wPhoto: Instagram/@baddiewinkle

Last week, we reported that Forever 21 was working hard to diminish the self-inflicted limit on their brand. Most of us agree that “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” when it comes to how we dress, but it’s clear that demographics play a huge role in how
brands create their designs.

So, can “younger” labels like Forever 21 create a new wave of success with the more mature consumer? According to our very own Deputy Editor, Danielle Kwateng–a stylish twenty-something–it’s possible.

“It’s really going to be hard for Forever 21 to break the stigma of being a young company,” she says. “In addition to their previous marketing scheme, they fill their racks up with youthful styles. I’m from the school of thought that women should dress age-appropriate, but also shouldn’t be limited in their shopping experience. So I’m here for F21 changing their focus, they just need to actively supply the demand.”

Keep reading to see which F21 pieces Danielle are coveting for fall!

forever 21
Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, $29.90

“If I wear jeans, they have to be high waist at this point. I’m too grown to be showing crack. I like these in particular because they’re worn/relaxed looking and can be paired with a plethora of things in my summer and fall closet.”


forever 21
Ribbed Off-The-Shoulder Top, $19.90

“I just thought this was a beautiful top in a beautiful color. Love the off-the-shoulder style of this sweater and again, it’s multi-functional in my closet.”

forever 21
Quilted Faux Leather Jacket, $24.90

“So, one of the things I bought from F21 last fall was a leather jacket. And that $15 bad boy lasted three seasons– it’s waiting on me in the coat closet. Love this outerwear piece to instantly ‘cool’ a look. It’s also light so you can roll up and throw in your purse if the weather gets randomly hot during the day.”