Aussie Rapper Iggy Azalea Stars In "I Think She's Ready," The First-Ever Shoppable Music Video (Innovative Couture!)

Aussie Rapper Iggy Azalea Stars In “I Think She Ready,” The First-Ever Shoppable Music Video (Innovative Fashion!)

Music and fashion have gone together since Beethoven sat at the piano in his powdered wig. Now a brand new rapper also known for her coif, Iggy Azalea, whips her blonde ponytail alongside hip-hop group FKi and super-producer Diplo, (the man behind Usher’s new song, “Climax”) in “I Think She Ready,” the first-ever shoppable music video. As they swing through scene after scene, small “S” icons pop up on their fresh apparel, and you can cop the items straight from SSENSE as you rock out to the video. With lots of new gear surfacing in music videos, the innovative technology brings new meaning to the words, “Shop the look!” We can’t be more excited!


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StyleBlazers, you’ve seen it here first! What do you think of shoppable videos? 




-Jada Gomez-Lacayo



  • dddooonnnttt

    What happened to videos being art? The video is a mall now?

  • Trisha_B

    I liked it. I’m always watching music videos & wondering what the artist is wearing. Now i can just click on the video & tells me. I think its a good idea. But should only be used in certain music videos, not all.
    I love Iggy’s pony tail LOL