News Flash: Diversity In Fashion Still Non-Existent

News Flash: Fall 2015 Fashion Ads Still Shockingly White

versace-fall-campaign-1 Photo: Versace
Are fashion ads as white as we think?

Yes, according to the most recent report by The Fashion Spot. In its latest diversity report, 460 fashion ads from Fall 2015 were analyzed and it was “business as usual” for the biggest designers. According to the report, 84.7 percent of the models cast were white, followed by 6.2 percent Asian, 4.4 percent black and 1.7 percent Latina. Even more shocking was the fact that even less black and Latina models were cast compared to Spring 2015, while Asian models saw a small jump from 5.7 percent.

The report also called out the biggest offenders, such as Chloé, finding that the French brand has not cast a single model of color since 2001. Gucci, Burberry, Versace and Valentino also failed to cast any models of color, despite the fact that their campaigns featured four or more women.

balmain campaign 2015 Photo: Balmain
Fall 2015 fashion ads also failed to include plus size models, who were only featured 11 times, or 1.7 percent, and were mostly cast for plus-size labels. Baby boomers also saw an increase in appearances, appearing 22 times in ad campaigns, from Dolce & Gabbana to Kate Spade New York.

The least represented group were transgender models, with only three models making the cut, including Andreja Pejic for Kenneth Cole.

The report continues to shine light on the glaring disparity of women of color in the fashion industry, and despite brands such as Balmain who encourage diversity in fashion, there seems to be no hurry to change the status quo.

In the words of Iman, “I don’t understand [when designers say], ‘I love Beyonce! I love Rihanna! But I don’t use black models. What the hell is that.”