Why The Half Bun Trend Is Completely Overrated

Why The Half-Bun Is Completely Overrated

'The X Factor' London auditions Photo: Lia Toby/WENN
If there is one hairstyle to define the first half of 2015, it would be the half bun.

Also known as the “hun,” it seems every celebrity has tried their version of the half-up, half down hairstyle, from the street to the red carpet. YouTube is full of how-to tutorials on perfecting the casual look, and #halfbun, #hun and #halfbunhalfdown have been tagged thousands of times on Instagram.

Our question is why?

While we love a new hair trend just like the next girl, this female version of the man bun is not something we can endorse. The half bun is an ode to your gym hairstyle, something you do in the middle of a cycling class to keep your hair out of your face. It is also a throwback to ’90s style, when you were unsure about who you were. Are you a ponytail girl? Or do you love you hair long and flowing? You need to make a decision.

Honestly, it just looks like you gave up halfway through the flat-ironing process.

We tried the half bun look, and it’s not easy keeping the top bun perfectly perched upon your head like Rita Ora and Lea Michele on the red carpet.

So do us a favor and keep the half bun at the gym, and rock the top knot or messy ponytail instead. Looking back, you are going to thank us.

Check out the gallery below for celebs we spotted rocking the half bun: