Is That a Wig or a Weave? Who Can Tell? 8 Celebs Who’ve Got Us Fooled!

Wigs and weaves have come a LONG way, haven't they? Remember when you'd walk into your grandmother's dressing room and to your horror you discovered her patchy scalp and a big ole piece sitting on top a wig head? Or the super shiny hair extensions that never even tried to match the wearer's own color and texture?

For the most part those days are far behind us. So much so that it's hard to tell if someone is wearing a wig or a weave. So we're putting YOU to the test, StyleBlazers! Scroll through the gallery and tell us: WEAVE or WIG! 



1. Nicki Minaj


Roman sure is reloaded. In fact it looks like he's taking an all out assault on Nicki's face by draping shrubbery about her forehead. This one's pretty easy, but is this



2. Ciara



To get color this blond, it usually takes 1, 2 steps (that was our lame attempt at a joke). This could easily be weave, but could also easily be a wig. Tough call. You tell it:




3. Brandy


The actress and singer is no stranger to hair additions. In fact, the last time we might have seen her real hair was back on 90s sitcom "Thea". But is this banged bob



4. Jennifer Hudson



Even we're stumped here. While J. Hud is certainly no stranger to the lace front (evidenced by the obvious glue lines we see in pic after pic of the singer), but either this is a good one or it's a weave. What do you think?



5. Serena Williams



 Ohhh...this is another tough one. There's no denying this style looks good on the tennis pro, but what is it?



6. Kelly Rowland



The curly girls almost always have us guessing, right? Kelly Rowland could rock just about any hairstyle with that gorgeous mug of hers. She's had this look for quite some time now, but we're not so sure of its origin.




7. Beyoncé



We can never tell with Bey. She obviously has a great head of her own hair, but of course there's some sort of attachment that goes down for performances. Here it's really hard to tell what's going on.



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  • blah

    ugh i wish nicki would give up the crazy wigs

  • Patricia Williams

    vivica- in this pic: half wig
    beyonce- changes up a lot so kinda hard to tell; mostly wigs, but i think she also wears tracks for fullness
    kelly rowland- i think that is a half-wig she has on
    serena- that particular hairstyle…idk…but i think its a wig
    brandy- changes up, but this pic i think is a weave
    ciara- lace wig
    jennifer hudson- a lace wig
    nicki minaj- lace wig (synthethic??)

  • KM320

    Dang!  I thought you were going to reveal the real answers to us?  I’m black and have naturally long hair, so I’m not familiar with weaves, and I usually get fooled.  (I could have sworn that that was Chrissy’s hair on Love and Hip Hop!) Plus, I feel like it’s impolite to ask a woman, but man!!  I was hoping for a way to finally pinpoint what’s real and what’s not.  

    By the way, didn’t “Good Hair” front out Vivica for her Indonesian hair tracks demands?  I usually can’t guess, but I’m pretty sure that’s a weave.

  • Babiegurl26

    Who cares if its a wig or weave…I wish they would just wear their natural hair…Especially females in my neighborhood. It’s like a “weave”idemic! I am have naturally long hair and I get tired of people grouping me in with the fake hair crew….Ugh…

    • choclate

      Wow, what happened to people wearing whatever they want.  We cant all be alike…

  • Rmdavis45

    I agree who cares wheather it is a weave or wig the bottom line is it is not theirs.I am so tired of Women black, white, brown who choose to wear Wigs,Weaves and Exstenions as opposed to their own hair what would these women do if their was not anymore fake hair??they would look ridiculous.Beauticians are not going to tell these women, that they are ruining their hair, and damanging their hair follicles they are just in for the money I think most guys would love the woman they want to be with regardless if they had long or short hair loving her for who she is and not her hair why can’t we just love ourselves for who we are and not put on a forsod..

    • Steven

      I agree

  • Pretti Ariel

    All of them are wigs except for Serina, Vivica, and Kelly Rowland. Everything else is a lace. 

  • Rita Haynes65

    It does’nt matter if it is a wig or weave, she looks stupid in everything she wears. Her & Lil Kim are running a race to see who can look the dumbest.


    I believe all should be free to wear what they want, natural, weave, wig or all of them to just change up their look. This aforementioned without negative remarks, rude comments or judgement. If a new look makes you feel good then go for it. It’s your life, your choice, enjoy freedoms to spend to improve or change. Love you however you feel appropriate. Do You women of the world and still be happy with what God blessed you with… a canvas you are to create and reinvent ! Happy YOU!

  • Kimmy J

    COme on really?? Look at all that glue around the edges…

  • Kimmy J

    Ciara, nikki, brandy and jennifer all rock front laces on the regular. I wish Bran and Jen would let them go!

  • Bonita Abakah

    to all the comments before me…nothing is wrong with a wig or a weave as long as you care for your real hair as well. Nowadays companies are making very nice wigs, and half-wigs but people don’t know how to make them look nice or blend their real hair into it. Let people so  what they want with their hair!  You can be relaxed, natural, or wear weaves, whatever you do with your hair is your business. Some people just dont like their hair texture, or current length and opt for a weave. nothing is wrong with that!

  • KikiCanDoIt

    How you give a quiz with no answers… smdh…

  • choclate

    Women are so critical of other women..  It’s really sad.  We need upliftment not put downs….

  • shayla hudnell

    yooo who is nicki’s stylist

  • Trish Bishop Montgomery

    I have long hair and I wear wigs for a different look. I dont understand whats the big deal. Now my husband hates wigs, but its my head and I wear them from time to time. Long hair is very hard to keep up. Its easy to throw on a wig.

  • Jessofhearts


  • Jessofhearts


  • Jessofhearts


  • Jessofhearts


  • Jessofhearts


  • Jessofhearts


  • Jessofhearts


  • NASH

    does nicki minaj have ears? lol i’ve never seen them 

  • TheDark Child

    Don’t care. It’s all apart of the “persona non -grata”. i.e. entertainment.

  • ellzzebabe

    I see everyone has you fooled because you forgot: Katy Perry, Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton, Renee Zellwegger, Ashley Tisdale, Nicole Ritchie, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Simpson, etc

  • Alexis Williams

    Nicki Minaj wears indian remy human hair full lace wigs