Burberry's Nylon Backpack Wins London Fashion Week

The Most Talked About Backpack From #LFW For Less

burberry-backpack-lfw Photo: Instagram/@britishvogue

London Fashion Week had a clear winner and it was Burberry’s nylon backpack.

Following in the success of its monogrammed poncho from last season, the British brand unleashed its latest street style bait in the form of a nylon backpack with leather straps and of course, your initials stitched on the outside pocket.

The backpack has been compared to the Prada nylon backpacks that were all the rave in the ’90s, been dubbed the “bag of the Instagram Age” and even “viral.” It is obvious that Burberry is targeting millennials with their khaki and black floppy backpack. From their Snapchat reveal the night before the runway show to the Apple playlist curated for the event to Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn front row, the brand is hoping for an injection of youth serum, and these backpacks are just the cure.

However, with a price tag of $1,295, and the inevitable waitlist, getting your hands on one will probably cost more than your budget allows.

That is where we come in. Thanks to our eagle eye, we have scoured the interwebs for nylon backpacks that are similar to the #LFW breakout star, but with a smaller price tag. While the monogramming will be up to you to figure out, these backpacks fit the bill. From the gold zippers to the large pockets, there are plenty of nylon backpacks to choose from.

If you want to order the Burberry backpack for the holidays, you have until October 5, so you better place your order now!

Check out the gallery below for the nylon backpacks giving Burberry a run for its money: