What Viola Davis Will Never Wear ON 'HTGAWM'

SB Exclusive: What Viola Davis Will Never Wear On ‘HTGAWM’

htgawm-abc Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

On the importance of accessories: “I always think accessories are like a flower arrangement on a beautifully set table. It depends on the neckline, but I always want accessories to enhance what [Keating] is wearing.”

On Bonnie, Laurel and Michaela’s distinct wardrobes: “Bonnie is in Annalise’s shadow so she dresses fairly sweet, a little sophisticated but everything Bonnie wears will never detract from Annalise. So where Annalise is wearing a perfectly bejeweled, fabulous neckline Bonnie wears pearls.

Michaela comes from a poor family and is climbing her way to the top in life. My prototype for her is, if Princess Katherine will wear it, Michaela will wear.

Laurel is the exact opposite. Laurel comes from a really wealthy background and in a way she dresses much more casually, she’s more eclectic. She’ll wear five different necklaces, she mixes silver and gold. She’s very irreverent in that way, which is completely different from how her mother would want her to dress.

htgawm-abc2 Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

On what Annalise Keating will never wear: “Annalise doesn’t wear pants, and she is never going to wear pants. It’s just not a character thing. I think her clothes are part of her sexuality and for her a dress is just sexier.”

On saying goodbye to Wes’ signature plaid shirts: “He will not be wearing plaid shirts anymore. The plaid shirts were young and hopeful, and he probably had them since he was a junior in highschool. Now he is much more stoic and knowledgeable, in a dark way. Plaid shirts are a little too hopeful for Wes this season.