It's Official: Kim Kardashian Is Dating Kanye West! A Look Back At Kim's 11 Men (She Moves Fast!)

It’s Official: Kim Kardashian Is Dating Kanye West! Take A Look Back At Kim’s 11 Men (She Moves Fast!)

It seems like Kim Kardashian changes men like most of us change purses: from season to season. Six months after ending her 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries, reports are swirling that she’s now spending quality time with Kanye West. With Kim’s “love ’em and leave ’em alone” dating record, and Kanye’s emo breakup albums (808s & Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy– you see where we’re going with this) the two are an emotional pairing for the record books.

Before Kim hits the record carpet with the “Louis Vuitton Don,” we want to take a look back at Kim’s ever-changing fashion accessory: the men on her arm.


Take a look back at the way they were. If you blinked in the past two years you might have missed some.


Kanye West

Kris Humphries

Miles Austin

Nick Cannon

Reggie Bush

Nick Lachey

Gabriel Aubry

Her Former Bodyguard, Shengo Deane

Ray J

Her First Husband, Damon Thomas

  • Ped_kia82

    I wish ppl would leave her alone…she ain’t doing NOTHING different than any man/woman…she’s just in the lime light…but i think she could take a lesson from bey and keep some things in her relationship private, since being a public figure is how she makes $$…I luv Kim & ye & wish them the best

    • janebritnproud

      She is setting a bad example for the young generation who look up to artists, can’t imagine why, it is hard to find one that is an example….

      • Jayanthony503060

        Artist of what

      • Tabuphotography

        Ridiculous!  She’s not setting a bad example because she isn’t the mom or dad of all the “little generation” people that she doesn’t know nor cares about.  Grow up and get real.  Having a role model isn’t ever the role of a celebrity, but the role of parents plain and simple.

        The only thing a celeb is responsible for is making money and doing whatever they get paid to do in order to make it.  Period.

        Want a role model?  Contact your mom and dad because that is THEIR actual job in addition to provider, etc. to their kids.  No one else on the planet is obligated.

    • I know many women that haven’t gone through 11 men in 2 years.

      • Where do you get two years from? These were all the men that she has EVER dated and the list isn’t even accurate. You can’t someone she was rumored to date and make it fact. She never dated four of the guys on the list.

        • rockypocky

          And you know this because you personally spoke with her?

    • Speak for yourself, I don’t sleep around…

    • I don’t think she wants to be left alone, so I doubt you share the same wishes as her. That being said, she’s a spoiled moron who happens to be able to sell herself rather well…that’s not hard considering that she’s very attractive. Stop idolizing her and go do something worthwhile.

  • lalaland

    I’m quite sure that ALL of the single women I’m Hollywood get it in like her. The only difference is that they have sense to keep it under wraps. If Kim ever wants a real relationship she’s gonna have to stop broadcasting her intimate life.

  • Burr12

    I have no respect for her. I give there relationship a year.

  • krista

    she probably doesnt date men of her own race because men of her own race only want a ‘kim k’

  • I did not know that Nike would fall that  low

  • Livefortruth

    I give this one, I don’t know….2 weeks tops before it starts to fall apart.

  • Jennifer

    My purses actually last longer.  I’m on #4 in 15 years.

  • Nobodysbusiness

    I have never been a Kim “fan”, but I’m tired of everyone hating on her. Before I met my husband, I dated a variety of men….the only difference is that I’m not rich and famous. I probably would have been called all the names that she is being called. I couldn’t be happier that I dated all of the men that I did, because had I not dated them, I would not have appreciated the man that I found and eventually married. (I was engaged twice before and if I had had the money to have weddings without saving for over a year I probably would have had a couple failed marriages as well)

    Good Luck to you Kim, don’t listen to the jealous hate mongers that say they hate you but can’t seem to stop reading about what you are doing with your life and taking time from their day to comment 🙂

  • Nobodysbusiness

     You are an idiot!

  • Nobodysbusiness

    1. It doesn’t say how long she dated any of these men.
    2. You should treat yourself to a new purse more often!

    • Nobodysbusiness

       oops this was supposed to be in response to the woman who has only had 4 purses in the last 15 years…..sorry

  • Patriciaavila766

    I think she needs therapy. They all do ( The Kadashians)

    • The don’t seem any crazier than a lot of families I know. They seem to have a genuine love for one another despite their public fights. Their are worse families out there.

  • killeen_temple

    I think she is only using Kanye and his group/as bodyguards,because of the flour incident.

  • Ms Nassau

    do not care how she dates, never was any fan of then but will say this kim some young girls look up to u so maybe u will like to make this one last n if not SLOW down and fine YOU…… 

  • Mastermindriches

    Who on Earth CARES?

  • Christina Lindsey

    Seriously…I not a fan of her’s, I don’t watch the show or keep tabs on who’s she’s dating but I really don’t understand all the hate this woman gets!  She’s no different than any other Hollywood socialite, they’re all the same. And waiting 6 months to start dating after a 2 month marriage seems like a reasonable amount of time to me…hate on haters, but it doesn’t look like this chick is going anywhere anytime soon!

  • LMFAO are you serious?  How do you know what she is thinking?  I see you are not a happy person in the way you express yourself!

  • Ali

    She is doing something wrong. She considers herself a role model and have many young teenage girls under 18 years old. Is this example she wants to set, for her young sisters and young girls. Have you ever heard of std’s and hiv , cervial cancer. What about abstinence, that’s the message she should be giving.

  • I could be number 12. I’d love to spend the weekend in Kim…I mean with Kim…I mean within Kim…I mean…

  • Couten1

    It’s official, Kim Kardashian maybe running for office in a Armenian town . She says this will happen in 5 years, so Kanye can have or use anybody he wants, and KK will run toward any man who says Kim I think I love ya man. So If they’re together in 5 years, that’s going to be a fashionable town. At one point Kanye  wanted to  put his mark on the world, and that’s him. He’s smart.  Maybe together, they’ll conquer this town. Good Luck to all

  • WhateverNG

    They are missing Micheal Jackson’s nephew and I am sure there is more than this to add to the list. I hope Kanya uses some of his sense and uses condoms and saran wrap because she changes men like she changes her bra !

    • He’s probably been with more women than she;s been with men. Interesting why no one ever addresses that.

  • Meanin the truth

    Well I sort of agree, she isn’t doing anything wrong but I don/ t date like that. I try to give myself a break and live my life b4 I jump into another relationship. I have learned over time that some people cannot live without someone in their life. She just can’t help herself and she can’t stay away from black men. She has to have one. thats why I don’t understand her dating whitw or half black unless he has more swagger in him..(black swagger  that is) She does not like to be alone that is evident! 

    • there’s nothing wrong with being alone, while you wait for Mr. Right, instead of given it up to every man who ask for it, and by gosh i do mean EVERY, her friends exes aren’t off limits to this HO. I’m not haten on her, just hate her ways. She don’t know how to use the beautiful look’s she was blessed with, too get a good man. Instead she’ll always be known as a easy piece of as, and no GOOD man, going to make a chick like that wifey.

  • Is it me or is she starting to look as plastic as the octuplet mom? She must be using the same plastic surgeon who made a face for Kanye, after his accident.

  • You could make a connect the dots picture with all the men photos she’s been with, and they missing bout two dozen mo mens picture.

  • MLaurentRDH

    I agree with you about the grammar!  It is positively disgusting to read the way some of these people write.  I can only imagine how they communicate verbally!

  • MLaurentRDH

    People are people and they will do the things they do.  My issue isn’t with Kim.  
    My issue is with the way MOST of the people commenting on here use the English language.  Before you post something that millions of people will read, use a grammar check application.  It’s just a shame.

    • Carrie_Bear1121

      Stop being the grammar police on a gossip website.  Get OVER it.

      • rockypocky

        Seriously… go read something substantial if you want to see good grammar usage.

  • ann

    … and what does who went after who have anything to do with “racism”?  Nothing is what.  Furthermore, it’s not like he had to “go after” Kim in all likelihood, she was up for a booty call as well.  It’s not about “relationship” these days, it’s about companionship and the physical.    I’m sure they couldn’t care less how long people give their “relationship”…. mindless Americans don’t know jack about their own 401K or interest rates on their home, yet they’re all up in some celebrity’s business.


  • Stupid people

    Are you an idiot? A hoe is a garden tool. I know I would be really offended if someone called me a garden tool.

  • Stupid people

    And who ever wrote this article is an idiot as well. It’s been well past two years for over half the men on here. She was with Reggie for how many? Maybe the authors on this site should check their facts before running their mouths.

    • rockypocky

      Many of these men must have over lapped at some point.. so might as well consider it 2 years

  • joe S.

    At least she is dating. She seems like he wants to be in love, children, etc. How many people will just sit around and hope someone will come along and “save” them. Her way may or may not be the best way to get what she wants but at least she is trying.

  • Miles Who????

  • Yeah… i think we’ve seen the video confirmation….

  • Is it me or does her first husband seem like a bag of  skittles mixed in a bucket of honey and powdered sugar?

  •  I was thinking the same thing! He looks like he has tasted the rainbow on more than one occasion.

  • Sir Lickalot

    If she had as many sticking out as went in we could just call her porcupine. hahahaha

  • Trish

    speak the truth….. truth speak the truth….you hit this on the nose.

  • rraaaa

    first….the men are NOt all black(see G. Aubry)
    second…the minute she goes out with a friend all of the sudden they are “dating” in the tabloids-could it be possible that some of the men she was sighted with are friends only?
    third…there is no third celebrity gossip is meant to be shallow and fun

  • ditchsurfer

    He will tap that until he figures out how stupid she is, what a waste, now go away, far away

  • JJC

    She has more miles on her than my 1979 ford bronco ……………..

  • Marynphx

    I’m on 1 in 9 years but I don’t hate on ppl that have dated many ppl I see nothing wrong with it. Good times enough said.

  • Who’s KY?

  • Once again, this Armenian cow proves that she is the intellectual equal to any negro. She has had more pricks in her than a porcupine in heat.

  • Poignant, to the point, spot-on.

  • judy

    She sure loves the purple crayon

  • leerose

    i noticed she likes black men, because people says that black men have big kahuna.

  • Thomas

    She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • DDS

    Sow their oats. If you’re going to comment, at least know what you’re trying to say. Otherwise, you come across as a moron.

    • rockypocky

      lol get over yourself

  • Guest

    It’s sow, not sew. as in you reap what you sow, like gardening, not sewing?

  • Guest

    LOL! Now that hit the nail on the head!

  • Reality Check

    Kardashians are all gold digger fluff skanks…

  • Jerry

    Rode more times than Secretariat

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