Currently Trending: Bright Blazin' White Shoes (Shop the Trend Loved by LaLa & Kerry!)

Currently Trending: Bright Blazin’ White Shoes (Shop the Trend Loved by LaLa & Kerry!)

White is about as unexpected for spring and summer as florals.  One thing you don’t see done in white very often in an ensemble, however, is the shoe.   White shoes, more than any other hue, are the easiest to come off cheap and tacky.   But leave it to celebrities like LaLa Anthony and Kerry Washington to challenge this Everest of a style statement, come out on top, and bring it down to size with a ‘see, it can and will be donned’ kind of attitude.  Needless to say, we liked what we saw and now we want to show it off to you.

Check out 8 bright blazin’ white shoes that are currently trending for this spring and summer.



Pencey Carmin Pump

  • Jolie

    I depise white shoes. No matter how cute the silhouette is, I can never get past the color. Le sigh

    • Trina

      i feel the same way