Think Like A Man: The 10 Hottest Musicians We Would Love To Put A Ring On It! (Brace Yourself Ladies…)

We’ve read the book, are anxious to see the movie and StyleBlazers we must admit, all the hoopla surrounding Steve Harvey’s relationship comedy starring the best brown faces in Hollywood, got us to thinking… If, we repeat, if, we had the chance to score any of the following musicians, we’d lock them down in a heartbeat and have them suckers put a ring on it.

Yes, Nas, Lenny and Andre 3000 have kids and Ice Cube is happily married but the objective of this ordeal is to dream. Big.  So go on, drift away to la la land and browse through our succulent gallery of 10 hot musicians. Brace yourself ladies, these men are fine! 




He’s an ill lyricist, intelligent, handsome and most importantly, SINGLE. We’ll take a ring Nasir Jones!


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  1. says:

    Lmao I only married my husband cause he resembles Nas without the cute mole. Nah really I married for love and because he resembles Nas without the mole.. Lol tee hee

  2. says:

    Tyrese needs to wipe that Bigen mustache away…my hubby is a barber, tell told me about that “fill in the blank” color they use.

  3. says:

    50Cent all day baby 

  4. says:

    He’s not listed but KyMani Marley could bust up shut me roti.

  5. says:

    I’d marry Maxwell so fast, I’d proposed to him!!!  Love him, love his spirit and his intelligence.  He’s the thinking woman’s fantasy man.

  6. says:

    I want them all!!!

  7. says:


  8. says:


  9. says:

    Ok I’d take Nas, Andre 3000, Common, Maxwell, and Adam Levine…Nas would be my #1…the rest ummm no…

  10. says:

    Common, Lenny and  Prince….most defaintly

  11. says:

    I don’t think Nas is looking to get remarried anytime soon, Tyrese definitely not and Prince… well that’s an interesting choice.

  12. says:

    only COMMON. He make an educated woman look good beside him lol

  13. says:

    Nas, Tyrese and  MAXWELL. He’s already my husband in my head. And Andre 3000 for good measure.

  14. says:

    Man whenI was a teenager I wanted to marry Prince and have his babies. NOw that Ive gotten older I still do!

  15. says:

    Maxwell. I pass

  16. says:

    This list is hot, but I want to add Trey Songz. He’s in his prime right now, so his focus is on his career but when he does decide to settle down the woman he chooses to be his wife will be blessed with good husband.

  17. says:

    For some reason, Common just don’t do it for me. IDK

  18. says:

    Lenny all day and twice at night!

  19. says:

    Prince has straight lady pumps on in that second picture. Ummmm….I think you guys could have done better with the pic selection!

  20. says:

    Something cheesy about Tyrese. Whiteboy is ordinary. Maxwell thought us how to be slick, but nowadays, dunno.

  21. says:

    ANDRE!!!!!!!…………LAWDY LAWD LAWD……..That smile gets me everytime…he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable………

  22. says:

    What ya’ll know about Ice Cube, that boi fine, I heard he was even finer in person. Love me some him… Lenny, Nas, but of course.. Common repping Chi-Town we’d have lots to discuss.. A better White Chocolate woulda been Mark Wahlberg or A. Kutch..

  23. says:

    These men are married already/coupled up and I PRAY that all remains well in their unions but I think they are F I N E (wives please forgive me)
    1. Jason Momoa
    2. Ice Cube
    3. Will Smith
    4. Blair Underwood

  24. says:

    Those aren’t straight ladies Pumps, Prince is wearing… you dummy! Prince has been rocking custom made heels for himself since the 70’s #PAY ATTENTION and Prince is 5ft 2. which is part of the reason why he wears them and is the only dude who can rock em’ better than any broad I know!

  25. says:

    Mos Def!!!

  26. says:

    ANDRE…in any language. Xhosa, Zulu, Swahili, you name it… Andre…oh wait, you forgot Pharrell Williams. Michael Ealy too. How could you? But oh my, Andre’s eyes alone will make the toughest broad sign on the dotted line.

  27. says:

    Teheee…that just made me laugh Belizelovely. Truly though, I’m stuck betwen Tyrese and Andre..the darkest chocolate on this list. I don’t know about dippin’ it in white, but I agree, a well-educated good, self-respecting black woman deserves a treat. 

  28. says:

    Maxwell…Simply beautiful!

  29. says:

    I would have added Jon B instead of Adam Levine (The old Jon B!)

  30. says:

     Sorry, but there is just nothing hot about Adam Levine !

  31. says:

    50 cent – “a flawless body” ??????? You’ve GOT to be kidding.  Hardly.

  32. says:

    I’m guessing you’re over 40 and fairly lonely,

    Pathetic list.

  33. says:

    Yes! Lenny could get it!! ALL DAY!!

  34. says:

    I’ll take Lenny Kravitz, Ice Cube, Prince, Andre 3000 and Nas…in that order with at least a week in between. Thanks!

  35. says:

    Remove Tyrese and Prince and add Idris Elba and Paul Walker. Then this list would be perfect!

  36. says:

    what about Raphael SaddiQ

  37. says:

    OOOh man.. Adam Levine… would love to kiss him til I had to ice my lips…lmao!!!

  38. says:

    Actually you obviously CANNOT THINK LIKE a man ! But for Lenny Kravitz , they all do not fit the man minded hotness. Try again.

  39. says:

    Except for Adam Levine and maybe Lenny Kravitz or 50 Cent, these guys are butt UGLY.

  40. says:

    Prince for sure, Lenny…. maybe… the rest are /mieh.

  41. says:

    Prince and Ice Cube!? Maybe 20 years ago.

  42. says:

    Adam and Lenny is everything!

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