Chin Check: 7 Celebs Who Checked Their Fans And Each Other On Twitter (LOL!)

Let’s get ready to rumble! These celebs don’t square off in the ring to settle a score. They rather start and finish their fights on one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, Twitter. Don’t get it twisted fokes, celebs not only go after each other, fans also get caught in the line of fire. We narrowed down a list of the seven rowdiest Twitter beefs that had us all rolling on the floor laughing. Get a load of the drama below!



 Ciara vs. Rihanna 

Ciara and Rihanna got into a heated fight on Twitter. Rih wasn’t too happy with what Ciara said about her on Fashion Police, telling the hosts of the show that Rih wasn’t too friendly towards her the last time they ran into each other.

Rihanna: “My bad Ci, did I 4get to tip u?”

Ciara: “Trust me  Rihanna u dont want to see me on or off the stage.” [Source]


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  • RihannaNavy22

    Ciara did not win that. Rihanna replied something like “good luck booking that stage”. Rihanna will always be the winner in a Twitter fight. lol

    • Mstiffany88

      Lol, I remember that!

  • BritDaTruth

    Lmfao he said or Ike Turner..that sh*t was funny

  • Lis

    Whoa frank ocean was a bit defensive #noreason

  • Mushdagrt

    Lil kim looks crazy right there…lol
    michelle williams was right …since there actually cool she shouldnt have to broadcast her feelings to the world..
    Lol @ 50…

  • iking821

    Rihanna plays NO GAMES when it comes to twitter wars lol Definately bout that life…..

  • Annelli

    Why would 50 Cent be disrespectful towards Ciara? She didn’t call him out of his name? I am so glad Beyonce keeps to herself…most folks in that industry ain’t no better than your every day hood person you see walking around. 

    • Koiceloman

      Also how about for years Beyonce & Jay wouldn’t even admit to dating and when they got married no one saw pictures or anything…then her last album doesn’t do as well so suddenly they want the world to know she pregnant? really? They rent the entire floor of the hospital because they want “privacy” yea right… How many celebraties are in NYC have babies, keep it private and we don’t have to hear about how they rented an entire floor… please….

    • Christine Edmond

      wait a minute…so you actually believe someone would invest time into spreading a rumor about not being pregnant after announcing it to the whole world, just for attention? please explain to me how this makes sense to you.

    • Huuuuuuuh!~sarcasm~

       I would like to call you stupid. But I think you know that already. I would like to call you a hater, but every hater knows they hate and cant stop.

  • Erin

    Rihanna talks a big game on TWITTER. I’m sure, like Ciara said, she wouldn’t want to meet her backstage. Rihanna is not exempt when it comes to the saying “Everyone is a badass behind a computer screen.”

  • Koiceloman

    ciara vs, Rihanna… to talentless hacks… well at least Ciara can dance…

  • WIlly

    Sorry but 50 fights like a girl.

  • WWP

    stop HATING!!!

  • Kyss


  • Kyss


  • Pamela Wilson Bartlett

    That (fan) tweet  about Beyonce doesn’t even make any sense!  You better congratulate your KING ..???  What?

    • Froggage

      Welcome to the world of the Stans. Not only talking crazy but addressing a complete stranger as a “b&tch.”

  • Mmiller

    Anyone else notice that these Twitter battles aren’t between any white people. Just sayin’

    • delorb

      That’s because this site is afro-centric. White people have their wars too.

  • Rick Hunter

    Interesting how they are all black.

  • MarkLH

    Damn straight. If you don’t have an editor then employ one. Immediately. Moron.